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  1. Muriel Schwenck

    Woman Attacked in Saskatoon Park by Pack of Feral Children

    https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/mother-attacked-at-saskatoon-park-says-she-feared-for-daughter-s-life-1.4431311 May 21 2019 The headlines say "apparent attack". "Appears to show a group of children attacking a grown woman". No, it is crystal clear that they are clearly attacking her.
  2. Sugar Cookie

    “I Hope He Dies, I Will Kill Your Kid”; 2 Animals Beat & Kick Sick Pregnant Woman In The Stomach

  3. TheMorningStar

    Squirrel Attacks Volusia County Senior Living Facility

  4. Sejanus

    Dog Tears A Woman Apart- Guess What Breed.

    If you said Pit Bull, pat yourself on the back! The body of 55 year old Christiane Vadnais was found in the backyard of her Montreal, Quebec home. The grisly discovery of her mauled remains came Wednesday afternoon when a neighbour arrived home from work and noticed strange movement near the...
  5. amac

    Mohamed Barry, 30, Unleashes Carnage In A Machete Rampage At Nazareth Restaurant In Ohio

    I was surprised to see this story wasn't up here yet, but knowing my posting luck someone will probably beat me to it as I type this. All I can say is, wow, what an absolutely terrifying experience for these people! It sounds like several diners even had their young children with them...