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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Passion Of The Penis Causes Denise Cowan To Steal Womans Pant's & Black Her Eye

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Tara Lancuski Punched & Choked Out An Eleven Year Old Boy For Cursing

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Jamarial & Sara Crawford Are Amazing Parents “ Bust Her In Her G—d---- Mouth.”

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Jacklyn Sellers Choked Her 5 Month Old & Threw Her Against A Wall

  5. EchaSez

    Ray Simon, Curtis Wood Mix It Up At Shelter. Woods Gave Him The Finger. Simon's Condition's Critical

  6. brandi

    Judd Denley Raped Isabel Robinson While Gf Recorded Assaults For Blackmail Purposes

  7. Jaded

    Rhonda Kemp Shoffner Allegedly Assaulted, Choked Daughter For Incorrectly Reciting Bible Verses

    Middletown, PA — A 41-year-old woman was arrested after police say she choked and beat her 13-year-old daughter because she had the audacity to recite a few bible verses incorrectly. It appears as if someone is channeling Margaret White…. The child told police her mom, Rhonda Kemp Shoffner...
  8. Jaded

    Good Samaritan Joseph Molohon Beaten After Offering To Pay For Attackers' Meals

    Brooklyn, NY — A man attempting to pay it forward got his ass handed to him inside a Texas Chicken and Burgers joint earlier this month. Joseph Molohon, 37, apparently overheard a couple guys in the restaurant complaining that they were short a few bucks for their order. Molohon, who had just...
  9. Jaded

    Daycare Worker Caught On Camera Pushing Young Girl Down Flight Of Stairs

    CLIFTON HEIGHTS, PA — Police have arrested a daycare worker after she was caught on camera pushing a 4-year-old girl down a flight of stairs. The incident happened Friday afternoon at the Child Care of the Future daycare, just minutes after a new surveillance camera had been installed. A...
  10. Freyjacat

    Aaron Mills, Stephanie Mcguire Severely Assault Three-week-old Infant

  11. Jaded

    Angry Beaver Arrested After Biting His Wife’s Face For Touching His Utz Potato Chips

    Frackville, PA — George Beaver, 59, is in police custody for allegedly biting his wife’s face after she touched his bag of Utz Potato Chips. Police were called to the Beaver’s home last week after receiving a report about domestic assault between George and his wife, Michelle. When officers...
  12. Momzilla

    Teacher Kevin Pope Beat A 16yo Student & Threatened To Rape His Mom After $4k Weed Deal Goes Bad

    Bronx charter school teacher accused of beating, robbing student who pocketed his weed money allegedly threatened teen’s mom with rape ‘every day after work’ ... Charter school instructor Kevin Pope, outraged when a student robbed him of $4,000 in drug money, beat the teen senseless and...
  13. Athena

    Man-child Christopher Depolo Throws Epic Fits When Rejected

    Kind of can't believe this wasn't posted already, but nothing came up in the search... He just looks like a smug fuck. Pic at the link. Oh, and he also kicked a dude in the jewels after the fact. What kind of dude kicks another dude in the balls?!
  14. TheMorningStar

    FRONT PAGE Kimberly Hammond Did Not Get A Valentine's Day Gift

  15. LarzlovesJahi

    Deputy Philip Jay Clark Can't Handle His Liquor, Beats Asian Guest At Party And Calls Him "an Isis".

  16. TheMorningStar

    Donald Fagen, Steely Dan Founder, Charged With Assault