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Transgender Teen Arrested After Beating Two Students In School Hallway
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A transgender girl accused of assaulting two students at a Texas high school alleges that she was being bullied and was merely fighting back. Shocking video shows a student identified by police as Travez Perry violently punching, kicking and stomping on a girl in the hallway of Tomball High School. The female student was transported to the hospital along with a male student, whom Perry allegedly kicked in the face and knocked unconscious.
Featured Alabama Man Has Underage Birthday Wish, Gets Busted
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BIRMINGHAM, AL - An Alabama Man was arrested on his birthday after he traveled to Birmingham to meet a minor for sex and was met, instead, by officers of the law. Birthdays can be a bitch. Sometimes no matter how many hints you drop about that special gift that you really want, you just get socks, underwear and fast-food gift certificates. Nobody listens. Nobody cares. What should be a special day is just one disappointment after another, until it culminates in an uncontrollable...
Featured Two Middle School Girls Planned To Murder Fellow Students So They Could Go To Hell
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BARTOW, FL — Two middle school girls have been arrested after they brought knives to school in order to kill younger students so they could kill themselves and live with Satan. The girls, ages 11 and 12, were found inside a bathroom at Bartow Middle School after school staff went looking for them when they both did not show up for class. Strangely, the girls were hiding in the bathroom with a goblet. After being brought to an office, the girls were found to be in the possession of...
Featured Mr. Ding-A-Ling Arrested For Stalking Young Girls
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SOUTH GLENS FALLS, NY - A driver for an ice cream company was recently arrested after stalking young girls in his company vehicle. Some professions are obvious fits for the perverts that like the younger ones: Scout master, priest, pediatrician. All three are positions of power, but authority is not always a pre-requisite for perv-friendly employment. Don't forget the lowly ice...
Malnourished 5-month-old Died Of Heart Attack, Twin Brother Hospitalized
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A 5-month-old baby is dead and his twin brother is fighting for his life at an Oklahoma hospital. Their parents were arrested for child neglect after the two babies were found in poor conditions, weighing fewer than four pounds each. According to an affidavit, the twin boys were lying in bed Saturday morning at an Oklahoma City apartment home when one of them was found unresponsive.
Pulpit of Doom Livestream - 10/20/18
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Here, Now - Thanks to everyone who turned up for Saturday night's podcast, and a big shout out to @Edwina Gein for jumping in and helping myself and @Old Man Metal with the show since @Jaded pussied out at the very last second. We started off by talking about the progress that has been made regarding the site changes -- what has been completed and what is left to do. We then moved on to some of the articles that have been featured...
Featured Texas Man Wanted Minor for Cannibalism and Necrophilia
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SHELBY COUNTY, TX — A young man from Shelby County, Texas was recently arrested after attempting to obtain an underaged girl with the intent of murdering her and cannibalizing and raping her corpse. People say the damndest things to undercover officers. Just ask 21-year-old Alexander Nathan Barter. He asked a Texas Department of Public Safety agent to bring his daughter to the...
New Release Filii Nigrantium Infernalium - Fellatrix
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This complete re-work of FNI's 2005 debut LP, Fellatrix Discordia Pantokrator, is another frontrunner for 2018 Album of the Year. As soon as the first track starts, you know exactly what you're in for. If you draw a triangle between the black/thrash of Nocturnal Breed, the black/speed of Midnight, and a strip-club house band that plays really sleazy rock-metal, well, you'd have a hell of a triangle, and FNI would be somewhere within it. These Portuguese metallers play a unique blend of...
Featured Man Beat Ex-girlfriend’s New Boyfriend Before Cutting Off His Penis
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DES PLAINES, IL - A man who beat his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend with a tire iron before cutting off the man's penis has been granted a $1 million bond. I've dealt with some crazy exes before, but thank God it was nothing like the poor guy who started dating the ex-girlfriend of 20-year-old Justin Foster. Foster, who lives in Florida, was apparently not too happy with his ex-girlfriend, with whom he shares a child, or her new partner. So earlier this year he hopped a plane to...
Featured House-breaker Is Really High, Makes Himself At Home
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ARDMORE, AL — A North Alabama woman came home to find a narcotized house-breaker who thought he was at Grandma's house, and was making himself right at home. She knew that something wasn't right immediately: the door was open and all of the lights were on. Upon entering the house, she encountered a befuddled 31-year-old Tyler Keefe...
Featured Little Rock Woman Denied Phone, Gets Out Axe
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LITTLE ROCK, AR — A Little Rock woman assaulted a neighbor with an axe, rocks and sticks after he declined to allow her to use his phone. Shelonna Addison likes to use the phone. She does not like being told "no". These two personality traits added up to big trouble for one of her neighbors on October 18th. The 31-year-old man told authorities that he had been staying with his...
Featured Florida Man Hides Drugs In Son's Ass, Uses Him As Shield
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WEST PALM BEACH, FL — A Florida man was charged with multiple felonies after he used a child as a drug mule and a makeshift shield in the same incident. Fredrick James isn't much of a role model to the younger kids in the neighborhood. In fact, he is in dutch with authorities after he dragged a nearby five-year-old into his world of drugs and fucktardery. It was just another Friday on...
Good Samaritan Killed While Attempting to Stop Sexual Assault
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An Arlington, Virginia, man is dead after he tried to stop a sexual assault he witnessed Thursday night. The suspect, who assaulted multiple people and robbed another, is in custody, police say... ...Police said Michael Nash, 27, of Arlington, was walking with a woman when he began to physically and sexually assault her. Patricio Salazar, 54, of Arlington, saw the assault and tried to help the victim. Nash then physically assaulted Salazar and left him unconscious, the police said. Salazar...
New Release Wrathrone - Reflections of Torment
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Wrathrone's most recent release, Reflections of Torment, is my current frontrunner for 2018 Album of the Year. This is the second full-length release from these Finnish death metallers, and it is an ass-kicking ten-track slab of old-school death metal. In style, it reminds me more of early 90's Swedish death metal than the typically-more-chaotic older Finnish stuff. There are a number of spots where other influences stand out, from the bits of Cannibal groove in Gut Goddess and the Ghoulish...
Humble Book Bundle: Tales of Horror GIVEAWAY
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Humble Bundle is giving away $392 worth of digital horror books for $18, and I am planning to give away one of the bundles to a DD member for FUHREE! But before I get into that, here's what is being offered:
  • Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror - George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, Clive Barker, Joyce Carol Oates, and more!
  • The Uncertain Places - Lisa Goldstein
  • The Urban Fantasy Anthology - Neil Gaiman, Charles De Lint, Kelley Armstrong, Carrie Vaughn, Patricia...
Virginia Kennel Owner Charged With Bestiality After Police Find Videos Of Her Having Sex With Dogs
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SUFFOLK, VA — Christina Danielle Patterson, 42, was arrested on six counts of crimes against nature — bestiality/carnally know any brute animal, and six counts of animal cruelty. The investigation began on July 31, 2017, at a residence she shared with her husband, Richard Allen Patterson, 47, in the 2400 block of Freeman Mill Road. The search warrant involving Richard Patterson’s business, Imperial K-9 LLC, was executed by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. A...
Grandmother, 75, SHOOTS her grandson in the leg over a cup of tea
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A grandmother has been arrested for shooting her grandson in the leg over a cup of tea. Helen Washington, 75, faces second-degree assault charges after she shot her grandson for ignoring her repeated demands to keep his tea cup off her furniture. Police arrived to Washington's Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, home last Friday to find her unnamed grandson in the front yard with a gunshot wound to his thigh, claiming his grandmother was the shooter. Officers found a .38 Special revolver with...
Man sentenced after admitting to giving 3-year-old boy prostate exam
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LANSING, MI — A judge sentenced a man to 15 to 25 years in prison after he sodomized a toddler during, what he claimed was a prostate exam.
Whitney Bosselman Charged With The Murder After Leaving Her Son To Bake To Death In Hot Car
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A woman whose autistic son died after being left inside a hot car made some interesting Google searches in the days before his death, including, “do people cry when they’re dying,” "teen dies in minivan,” and “autistic children and reincarnation.”
Mother accused of using her 3-year-old daughter to make child porn
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HARRISBURG, PA – A mother in Ohio has been accused of sexually abusing her 3-year-old daughter four years ago. This July, 25-year-old David Carbonaro was arrested in Pennsylvania after investigators discovered him in the possession of images and video showing a 3-year-old girl in various stages of undress. One of these images included showing a woman’s hand reaching into the child’s underwear. Carbonaro would admit to police that the girl was the daughter of his ex-girlfriend he...

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