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Florida Man Pulls Drive-By On His Own Dad
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How hard pressed for cash do you have to be to want to shoot your own father in a drive-by? That's exactly what took place in Florida last week. According to the Broward County Sherriff's Office, 20-year-old QuanTez Rodney Baker, targetted his father in a drive-by shooting on Friday, in Pompano Beach, Florida. The incident was caught on surveillance video as a grey Mercedez-Benz SUV pulls up in front of the house and begins shooting at the father and a friend who were reportedly in the...
Homely Florida Couple: "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?" (And On The Car)
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Is there anything sexier on a balmy winter night than two middle-aged Floridians having sex in public atop the hood of car parked near the entrance to the Gulfport Veterans Memorial Park? Well, perhaps. According to police, Penny Snoots, 56, and Thomas Lewis, 58, were arrested early Tuesday evening for publicly engaging in lewd and lascivious behavior. A witness told cops that he was pulling into his driveway around 7 PM when he spotted a man “standing in the middle of the road...
Drunk Mom Leaves Kids At Home, Attacks Husband At Bar, Tries to Grab Cop's Pistol
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A Greenwood mother is facing several charges after getting arrested at a Greenwood bar. Police were called to Peppers on a report of a fight on Sunday night. There they found Moriah Nesler. Her husband said she had attacked him. Witnesses said the fight happened after Nesler was laying on the ground inside Peppers and was told she had to sit up or leave. After being taken outside, police say Nesler resisted police and tried to take an officer's gun. She later told police she left...
Belarusian Hammer Killer Sentenced To Death For Murdering Two Women He Met At A Nightclub
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A hammer killer has been sentenced to death for murdering two women he met at a nightclub. Alyaksandr Asipovich struck 27-year-old Alesya Klimava 77 times with a hammer and his fists in Babruysk city, Belarus. Her friend Krystsina Krushkina, 26, died from multiple stab wounds and a court heard how the 36-year-old murderer had made plans to dismember his victims' bodies. Asipovich confessed to the killings, but has been sentenced to death. In Belarus, those sentenced to death are...
Guantanamo Base Commander Indicted For Lying About Affair With Dead Man’s Wife, Scuffle
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Capt. John R. Nettleton, 53, was indicted on several counts of obstruction of justice, making false official statements, falsifying records and other alleged infractions tied to the early 2015 death of Christopher M. Tur, a civilian Navy Exchange employee on the island. Nettleton is not charged in Tur’s death. Instead, the indictment focuses on the days after Tur disappeared following what authorities suspect was a violent fight with Tur after a party. Investigator allege that...
Serial Masturbator Vacations In Florida, Gets Third Charge In A Month
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A Minnesota man vacationing in Florida made like one of the locals yesterday, stripping off his clothes and masturbating while relaxing in a chaise on the roof deck of his St. Petersburg hotel, cops allege. Jason Tietz, 48, was busted Tuesday afternoon on a lewd and lascivious exhibition charge in connection with his nude hijinks at the waterfront Hotel Zamora. According to an arrest affidavit, a female worker told cops she spotted the naked Tietz exit a hotel elevator around 2 PM. He...
Parents Arrested For Housing 5 Kids In A Dilapidated, Moldy Shed With A Tire For A Toilet
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The five children who were living in a filthy shed in the Lowcountry have been located, and their parents are facing multiple child abuse charges, according to authorities. All five children were turned over to the custody of the S.C. Department of Social Services, the sheriff’s office said...
Man Throws Hot Coffee In McDonald's Worker's Face Because His Fries Took Too Long
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Law enforcement are searching for a man they say threw hot coffee on a teenage employee of a South Carolina McDonald's. WACH FOX received the incident report from the Camden Police Department about a Dec. 22 incident at a Midlands McDonald's. According to the report, an unidentified man driving a red Ford Focus pulled up to the drive-thru window. He apparently asked for a large fry and a manager because he had been waiting too long. The employee at the window said “okay” before the...
PA Woman Broke Into Police Station To Get Date With Cop Who Arrested Her
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Police say 27-year-old Ashley Keister, of Nanticoke, used a large cigarette butt receptacle to smash glass doors into the West Wyoming police building around 12:45 a.m. Monday. Once inside, she started rummaging through filing cabinets. West Wyoming Police Chief Curtis Nocera says Keister had been under investigation for harassing an officer who arrested her last year. He says she sent sexually harassing messages on social media and would call 911 just to talk to him. The break-in was...
Mississippi Man Shot By Dog In Duck Hunting Mishap, Loses Leg
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EAGLE LAKE, Miss. (AP) — A former LSU lineman was shot while duck hunting in Mississippi and lost his leg, according to his friend, who says the dog did it. Matt Branch was on an annual duck and deer hunting trip near Eagle Lake in Mississippi when he was accidentally hit by a blast from his shotgun, which he had left loaded in the bed of his pickup truck, according to Micah Heckford of Baton Rouge in a report from the Clarion Ledger. Heckford says a Labrador named Tito jumped onto the...
Indiana Woman Kills 15-Year-Old Grandson, Self In Murder/Suicide
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Authorities say a Seymour woman fatally shot her 15-year-old grandson before calling 911 to report what happened and killing herself. Police in Seymour found 68-year-old Wanda Huber dead Monday evening at the home she shared with her grandson Simon Huber. Seymour Police Detective Sgt. C.J. Foster told WAVE-TV the police department received a call from Wanda Huber just before 5 p.m. Monday. She told a dispatcher there had been an accident at her home on Walnut Street. “She pauses for a...
Police Seek Cannibal Vampire Who Butchered Mother In New Year's Eve Sacrifice
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A suspected cannibal vampire is on the run after he was accused of drinking his dying mom’s blood after butchering her with an ax. Dilip Yadav, 27, is said to have then hacked her body into bits before tossing them on a fire at their home in Korba, India, in what locals believe may have been a sacrifice ritual. Dilip reportedly attacked 50-year-old Sumariya after branding her a witch and blaming her for wrecking his marriage and for causing the early deaths of his dad and brother...
Substitute Teacher Busted For Masturbating In Classroom Full Of Students
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An Ohio substitute teacher has been arrested after being caught masturbating in front of students. Tracey Abraham, 41, was substituting Tuesday in a Creekside Middle School classroom when students observed 'suspicious behavior by the substitute that was taking place behind the teacher's desk'. The students reported the behavior to school administrators and Abraham was immediately removed from the classroom and building. Fairfield police have charged him with public indecency...
“I Need To Go To A Doctor, My Daddy Hurt Me”
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Criminal charges have been filed against Charles Beenken, of Frederic, WI following an incident that occurred on November 18, 2018. According to the criminal complaint Burnett County law enforcement received a report of a domestic incident. The individual who called 911 had escaped the residence, and told law enforcement that the suspect had choked a 5-year-old child and was still at the residence. Law enforcement responded to the residence and after checking numerous rooms of the...
California Doorbell Licker Identified, Police On The Hunt
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Police have identified and are seeking to arrest a man who was recorded vigorously licking the doorbell of a northern California home early Saturday morning. Investigators say that Roberto Arroyo, 33, spent several predawn hours prowling around a Salinas residence. While the homeowners were away, the couple’s children were inside the house. As seen above (and below), a home surveillance camera captured Arroyo licking the doorbell from different angles. He was also recorded relieving...
Florida Airport Meltdown: "Get Me Out Of This Fucked Up Place, You Rapist!"
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A woman was arrested at the Fort-Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Sunday after screaming at and threatening a JetBlue crew member at the gate. Video of the incident went viral on Instagram after being shared by Dre London, who was at the airport during the time of the arrest. The unnamed passenger is standing at a JetBlue counter near the gate, shouting and jumping up and down as she verbally assaults the employee. “Who does that to a woman like me? Get me out of this f----d...
California Man Arrested In Cheesesteak Incident At Florida Flea Market
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A patron was arrested after causing a disturbance at a Florida café when he was served a Philly cheesesteak sandwich on a sesame seed bun, cops report. According to investigators, Joseph Lagana, 27, was collared yesterday afternoon at the Gunn Highway Flea Market in Odessa, a Tampa suburb. As detailed in a complaint affidavit, Lagana “began a verbal altercation” with a cashier after “getting a sesame seed bun on a Philly cheesesteak.” Lagana, seen at right, ordered the cheesesteak...
Teen Girls Kill Their Mom After She Takes Away Their Cellphones
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A 14-year-old and her 12-year-old sister were arrested for stabbing and shooting their mother to death – a brutal payback after they were punished for trying to run her over with the family car, neighbors and officials said. The teen, Amariyona Hall, and her younger sister were taken into custody late Friday after deputies in Pike County responded to the family’s mobile home in Magnolia, where Erica Hall, a 32-year-old mother of four, was found stabbed multiple times and shot once in the...
Second Man Found Dead In Home Of Democratic Donor Ed Buck
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LOS ANGELES — A dead man was found early Monday in the Los Angeles-area apartment of the Democratic fundraiser Ed Buck, authorities said — the second time a body has been discovered in his home in the last year and a half. The dead man, whose identity wasn't disclosed, was found at 1:05 a.m. (4:05 a.m. ET) in Buck's apartment in West Hollywood after someone called 911, said Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Charles Moore, who said that while the Homicide Bureau was investigating, the...
Woman Mistakenly Given Erectile Dysfunction Cream For Dry Eye
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A woman has suffered chemical injuries after she was mistakenly prescribed erectile dysfunction cream for a dry eye condition. The woman, from Glasgow, had to be treated at A&E after she was given Vitaros cream instead of the eye lubricant VitA-POS. The report calls for doctors to use block capitals in handwritten prescriptions to avoid errors. The woman was given a handwritten prescription for VitA-POS, a liquid paraffin lubrication, for treatment of severe dry eyes and corneal...

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