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Who Whooped Who With What? It's Friday Photo Match Time!
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JUNE 28--For today’s “Friday Photo Fun” game, readers must examine five mug shots and match up the defendants with the respective weapons they allegedly wielded during assaults or batteries (pink baseball bat, Febreze bottle , ADT lawn sign, kitchen pot, can of carrots).[/QUOTE]
Rape... What Rape? "That Is My Girl"
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Props to the lovely @Sugar Cookie Authorities have released body camera footage of the arrest of a man accused of attacking and raping a 69-year-old woman in her own home. On Monday afternoon, Oklahoma City police were called to a home near N.E. 23rd and Prospect following a reported attack. When officers arrived at the home, body camera footage shows them entering the home and finding 33-year-old Rodney Arnold in the living room. With their guns drawn, the officer...
Deceased Delaware Grandmother Vanished Two Weeks Ago
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On June 13, Linda Bravo, 70, left a friend’s condo to head back to her Bethany Beach home nearby. But she never made it home, her family says, and has not been seen or heard from since.
Woman Escapes After 24 Hours Of Rape
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A California woman escaped an apartment Wednesday where she was held against her will and sexually assaulted for more than 24 hours, police said. The incident took place at an apartment in Turlock, about 15 miles southeast of Modesto. The woman told police an armed man – identified by cops as 38-year-old Jesse Esquire III – held her there between 24 and 48 hours. She alleged that Esquire sexually and physically assaulted her. The woman managed to escape the apartment Wednesday afternoon...
Father Lied About Child Being Shot In Driveby, Pleads Guilty To Homicide And Child Abuse
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Rayvon Messer accused of homicide in his son’s death pleaded guilty to felony homicide and child abuse and will serve no more than 10 years behind bars 4-year-old Rayvon Messer Jr. was shot and killed on April 19. Hours later, the boy’s father was charged with his son’s murder. During the bond hearing, Messer’s attorney said it was a tragic accident and the son shot himself. Messer went outside for a few minutes that night and heard a pop, the attorney said. Messer’s attorney also...
Corrections Officer Arrested, Suspected Of Sex With Inmate
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Staff at the prison contacted Eloy Police Department on Monday about suspected sexual conduct that occurred June 8 involving corrections officer Christina Lopez of Tucson, Eloy police Sgt. Kristie Barnette said in an email. Police interviewed the prison staff and Lopez, 44, about the alleged sexual conduct with a male inmate, whose identity was not released. Lopez was arrested and booked into a Pinal County jail on suspicion of unlawful sexual conduct. The inmate remains in custody at the...
3-Year-Old Failed By CPS, Autopsy Found Extreme Sexual Trauma
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3-year-old A’lona “Halo” Williams was always laughing, always willing to play or watch her grandmother, Mikisha Vaughn, cook. But early last year, Vaughn noticed something was wrong: she saw signs that her granddaughter was being abused. “It just got worse and worse,” Vaughn said. In January 2018, Vaughn said, Halo showed up at her house wearing a splint. Vaughn said Halo’s mother told her it was from a trampoline accident. But Vaughn didn’t buy it. “The bruise was too bad...
Toddler Found In Hot Car Littered With Roaches, Parents Had Left To Do Drugs
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Two people are arrested after accused of leaving a baby to swelter in a hot car while they did drugs. A police officer found a vehicle not running in a park with a temperature registering 104 degrees. He found out that there was a child inside, these people were doing drugs and the conditions in the vehicle were wretched. Police said David Dexter, 30, and Christan Wilson, 28, purchased drugs with their two-year-old daughter in the vehicle. Investigators believe at least one allegedly used...
Landlord Likes Looking
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33 year old Andrew Walsh was arrested when his unnamed tenant found a hidden camera in the bathroom of the home she rented. The camera was recording and contained a 32 GB micro SD. When police questioned Walsh days later, he admitted to hiding the camera with the intent of recording the victim nude. The tenant also had a 16 year old relative staying with her for a few days. When questioned about the young girl, Walsh admitted that he knew the girl was there and that she would also be...
Man Charged With Five Counts Of Child Rape
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RHEA COUNTY, Tenn. — A Grand Jury in Rhea County has indicted a man on five counts of raping a child, five counts of aggravated sexual battery, and 10 counts of exploitation of a child. Ryan Fenstermacher turned himself in earlier this month, and had his first court appearance last Friday. He is now free on a $100,000 bond. Detective Rocky Potter with the Rhea County Sheriff's Office tells NewsChannel 9 the investigation into Fenstermacher began at the end of April. That's when Potter...
15 Month Old OD's On Fentanyl In Foster Care
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The Essex County District Attorney's Office is investigating the death of a 15-month-old girl who died at Lawrence General Hospital Sunday morning. The girl, who was in foster care at a home on Howard Street, was rushed to Lawrence General Hospital Sunday morning after her foster father call 911 to report she was unresponsive. The DA's office says she was pronounced dead a short time after arriving at the hospital. The girl showed "no obvious signs of trauma," according to the district...
Parents Arrested For Leaving 3 Scared Kids Alone In A Hotel Room
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A mother and her boyfriend were arrested Wednesday after police say they left three children alone in a Des Moines hotel room for several hours. Police say 31-year-old Lizet Villalobos and 27-year-old Manuel Ceballos Cordero are each charged with three counts of child endangerment-abandonment. According to online court documents Villalobos and Ceballos Cordero left the children – ages 10, 8, and 1 – alone in a room at the Quality Inn. The 10-year-old was expected to care for the other...
Woman Broke Into Ex-Girlfriend's Home, Clobbered Her With A Lava Lamp
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A Florida Woman broke into her ex-girlfriend’s home at 3 AM and assaulted the sleeping victim with a lava lamp, cops allege. Investigators say that Chanel Hall, 29, earlier this month “forced entry through the locked front door” of the victim’s Tampa-area residence. Hall then went to an upstairs bedroom where the 26-year-old victim was asleep. According to a criminal complaint, Hall hit her ex “in the forehead with a lava lamp.” The blow opened a gash on the woman’s head that required...
Man Fatally Punched His 5 Year-Old Because The Kid Ate His Cake
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A Milwaukee father is facing a homicide charge, accused of fatally punching his own 5-year-old son, upset the boy had eaten his Father’s Day cake. The boy died on Saturday, June 22. Travis Stackhouse, 29, faces one count of first degree reckless homicide. According to a criminal complaint, police were dispatched for a report of a sick/injured individual. A 5-year-old boy was pronounced dead at the scene. The complaint said the child was found to have suffered bruising to both eyes, a cut...
Deceased 2-Year-Old Noah Tomlin Vanished From His Virginia Home After Mom Put Him To Bed
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A 2-year-old boy vanished from his Virginia home after his mom put him to bed early this week — and he’s been missing ever since, according to local police. Noah Tomlin was last seen around 1 a.m. Monday, when his mother told police she laid him down for the night at their Hampton mobile home, local police chief Terry Sult said at a Monday press conference. The tot’s mother reported him missing by 11:30 that...
Clerk Who Recorded, Live-Streamed Slain Officer's Death On Facebook Receiving Death Threats
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A store clerk live streamed the death of a veteran cop on Facebook as he lay on the ground dying after responding to a call about a bad check where she worked. Kashina Harper was working at Wellston Market in St. Louis, Missouri, when officer Michael Langsdorf responded to a call about someone paying with a bad check. He was shot dead at the scene and the suspect fled. Police now have Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks, 26, in custody and are charging him with the killing. They say he tried to cash...
Mother Treated Her Son To A Happy Meal Before She Dragged Him To His Death In Reservoir
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A depressed mother treated her son to a McDonald's Happy Meal before filling his rucksack with rocks and tying their hands together before jumping into a reservoir and killing them both. Emma Sillett, 41, had taken five-year-old Jenson Spellman for some food before driving them to the deserted spot in Derbyshire to end their lives. The social worker left an emotional note in her car which explained she was tethering herself to her son because she could not bear the thought on him 'drifting...
Living Corpse Rescued From Russian Bear Den
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A Russian man looking like a living corpse has been rescued from a bear den after he claims the animal broke his back and left him there for a month. The man, who identified himself only as Alexander, was discovered by hunting dogs in Russia's remote Tuva region, close to the border with Mongolia, local media says. Initially the hunters thought the body had been mummified by the dry air but were stunned to discover that the man was still alive. Shecking video shows how Alexander's face...
Parents Charged After 2-Month-Old Dies From Heroin, Cocaine Intoxication
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"Two parents have been indicted in the death of their baby girl in Danville, VA. A Danville grand jury indicted Eugene D. Chandler, Jr., 27, and Shaleigh M. Brumfield, 26, for felony Homicide and Abuse and Neglect of a Child. The Danville Police Department said the baby died in November of 2018. Police said they got a call for help on Maple Grove Avenue. When they got there the baby’s father was holding the two-month-old girl who was unresponsive. Officers began CPR but could not save the...
"If Stabbing People Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right"
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An eastern Idaho man has been charged with first-degree murder after police say he stabbed his girlfriend to death and buried her in their backyard, before also killing their two dogs. Philip Schwab, 33, was arraigned in connection with the death of Kaylynn Blue. He has not yet entered a plea or been assigned an attorney, though he said during the proceeding that he intended to plead "no contest." Jessica Clements, a public information officer for the Idaho Falls Police...

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