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The Demon's Den

Uber Driver Guilty Of Interstate Kidnapping, Groping Passenger
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A man who drove for Uber in New York City pleaded guilty Monday to abducting a woman who fell asleep inside his vehicle and then leaving her on the side of a highway in Connecticut. Harbir Parmar, 25, of Queens, faces up to life in prison after pleading guilty in U.S. District Court to counts of kidnapping and wire fraud. The kidnapping happened in February 2018 after the woman requested a ride from Manhattan to her home in White Plains, New York, about an hour away. Prosecutors...
Fake Uber Driver Had Pictures Of Unconscious Women
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he young woman in the back seat of Tommy Wayne Beard’s car, disguised as an Uber, was passed out and had no idea how she got in the Alabama man’s car or why he had taken photos of her while she was unconscious. In fact, police say he had a number of photographs of unconscious college-age girls he’d taken, all passed out in his car. Now police are looking for other victims. According to police reports and local media accounts, police in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a sheriff’s deputy...
Pigs Persuade Pig With Piece of Pizza Pie
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The Xenia Police Department shared on Facebook video of the unique Saturday encounter, which began when the pig, named Wilbur, became separated from his family. "Every day is an adventure here at Xenia PD," the department wrote. The department said it had been a couple of years since they had to deal with "runaway swine," but Officer Dan Smith was tasked with trying to bring Wilbur back home. Smith used some leftover pizza in order to coax the pig towards his police vehicle before...
Lamb of God Frontman Organizes Kazoo Counter-Party Against Westboro Baptist Church
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RICHMOND, Va. — The frontman of Richmond-bred heavy metal band Lamb Of God is organizing a “Kazoo and Champagne counter-party” during the Westboro Baptist Church’s planned visit to Richmond. Known for inflammatory hate speech against LGBTQ+ people, the U.S. military, Catholics, Jews and Muslims, the Westboro Baptist Church will arrive in Richmond on March 11 to protest against the election of delegate Danica Roem, the state’s first openly transgender elected official...
17-Year-Old Rape Victim Found Dead With Face Skinned
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A 17-year-old girl was found dead this morning after being raped and having skin peeled off from her face in the Philippines. Christine Silawan, a grade nine student, had been on her way to church on Sunday afternoon but when she did not return home her mother Joan alerted the police to her daughter's disappearance at 7pm. This morning police found the teenager, whose face had been skinned, leaving just her skull, teeth, eyes and hair on one side of her head, dead in a vacant...
Cop Poses As Dead Man To Nab Dealer
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A 28-year-old Tampa woman was charged with distributing heroin and fentanyl leading to a death, according to investigators, who said they nabbed her with the help of an undercover officer who posed as a dead man. United States Attorney Maria Chapa Lopez said in a statement that Joamary Rosario allegedly “sold 10 plastic bags each of which contained a substance composed of a mixture of heroin, fentanyl, and acetyl fentanyl” to a man who died in early November. The next night an...
Massage Parlor Raid Results In 26 Happy Endings
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The Seattle Police department arrested six people and rescued 26 women after a three-and-a-half year investigation into massage parlors across the city. Officers worked alongside the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to serve more than a dozen warrants into an alleged human-trafficking network involving multiple massage parlors and spas in the Seattle area...
A Violent Career Criminal Tries To Rape 83-Year-Old Woman
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A violent career criminal, who has more than 50 arrests, forced his way into an 83-year-old woman’s apartment and tried to rape her Saturday, breaking her ribs when she fought back, cops said. The attacker, identified by police as Gary Mallette, 51, is still on the loose. Cops hope the public — perhaps someone in his Bronx stomping grounds — can help detectives find him. Mallette knocked on the woman’s door in the Castle Hill Houses at about 12:50 p.m. When she answered, he...
Daddy Gets "High As Fuck", Infant Gets Head Trauma
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The parents of a 6-month-old infant who suffered multiple fractures, including to his head, have been arrested. Esperanza Valdez, 18, denied causing the injuries to her son but could not say how the boy was hurt, according to an arrest affidavit. Police first arrested the father, Riley Garza, 19. Police said Child Protective Services has custody of the child. An initial assessment...
New Release New Venom Box Set "In Nomine Satanas" Celebrates 40 Years Of Evil
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Landing somewhere between a filthy, Satanic spin on the New-Wave-of-British-Heavy-Metal scene and what would become known as speed metal, there had never been anything quite like Venom's first album Welcome to Hell when it first roared forth into the world in December of 1981. Pissed-off, derisive, fast-as-fuck, dirty as a convent whore and rawer than waste from the Devil's Own Cesspit, Venom seized the attention of the metal underground and never let go. In addition to introducing...
Red Hot Chili Peppers To Stream Live Show From Pyramids of Giza
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This coming Friday, March 15th, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will play live in Egypt for the first time ever, and they couldn't picked have a more bad-ass venue: the Pyramids of Giza. This site includes three Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx and is not only one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, it is the oldest of the Wonders, and the only one still existent. The entire population of Earth is invited to watch, as the show will be livestreamed on the RHCP website at...
Demons Told Florida Woman To Steal Rental Car
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A woman was arrested after stealing an SUV from an Ace Rent-a-Car. WJXT reports that Gardina McCullough, 23 appeared in court Friday morning on car theft charges, with a bond set at $15,003. McCullough was arrested after stealing a Toyota RAV4 from an Ace Rent-A-Car. On the scene, McCullough told a local news station, "Demons told me to do it...I didn't take it, demons took it."
Man Chokes Driver Who Wouldn’t Stop Singing Christmas Carols
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A man is behind bars at the Allegheny County Jail after accusations that he choked another man for singing Christmas songs. It was around 9 a.m. Monday when a state trooper was waved down and told about a possible medical emergency on Route 28 just before the Exit 13 on-ramp, heading south in East Deer Township. When he got to the scene, investigators say the trooper spotted a Chrysler Town and Country minivan parked on the shoulder, and two men on the other side of the guide rail...
If At First You Don't Succeed, Fail, Fail Again
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SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. - A woman arrested for trafficking a hallucinogen is locked up a second time just hours after bonding out. On Wednesday just before 10 p.m. a Walton County Sheriff’s K9 Deputy pulled over a car hauling a U-Haul trailer for speeding on U.S. Highway 331 South. When the deputy approached the car, he noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. During the stop, the deputy used his K9, Drago, to conduct a free air sniff of the vehicle and trailer...
Sex Trafficker Sentenced To 230 Years
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Robin T. Applewhite was sentenced Tuesday morning in NC Cumberland County Superior Court to a minimum of 230 years up to a maximum of 299 years in prison for "coercing" (read: forcing) women to prostitute for him, and ordered to pay $608,000.00 restitution to the women because he didn't pay them while they were his sex workers. A jury heard charges of human trafficking, promotion of prostitution, and conspiracy with six women, with three of the women testifying against him. The jury...
Drug Company Hired Stripper To Increase Fentanyl Sales
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BOSTON – A former exotic dancer was hired as a regional sales manager at a drug company despite her lack of pharmaceutical experience because executives believed she could help carry out the company's plan to bribe doctors into prescribing its powerful painkiller, a former executive told jurors on Friday. Alec Burlakoff, onetime vice president of sales at Insys Therapeutics Inc., said he met Sunrise Lee at the strip club where she worked and recruited her because he thought she...
Mom Abandons 5 Kids For Myrtle Beach Trip
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A Texas mother has been charged with child abandonment for leaving her five children at home alone for several days while she traveled to South Carolina last summer, according to an arrest affidavit released Tuesday. Chrystal Nichole Walraven, 28, of Round Rock, was arrested Feb. 11 on two counts of abandoning or endangering a child, which is a second-degree felony, according to a report. The children ranged in age from 15 months to 12 years, the Austin American-Statesman reported...
Missouri Woman Shoots Boyfriend, Claims It Was Movie-Play Accident
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Kalesha Marie Peterson, 37, is facing a charge of second-degree murder in the slaying. She was arrested Thursday night after police in Fulton, Missouri, responded to Peterson's report that she accidentally shot boyfriend David Dalton, 36. "Peterson advised that she and Dalton had been watching a movie and drinking alcoholic beverages that evening," Fulton police said in a news release. "Peterson advised that at some point Dalton suggested the two play out a scene in the movie that...
Boyfriend Can't Remember Fatal Outdoor Abuse Session With 25-Day-Old Infant
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Thomas Weatherholt, 22, was sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in prison and a maximum of 70 years for the death of his girlfriend's infant daughter. According to court records, the 3.5 week-old baby was sleeping, when Weatherholt took her outside and abused her. Havana was taken to Devos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids with a broken rib and fractured skull, along with other injuries. She died two days later, at just 27 days old. Today, the courtroom was filled with tears...
Four Children Bludgeoned With Hammer As They Slept
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The suspect in the grizzly attack at a Gretna apartment bludgeoned four children with a hammer as they slept before attacking and killing his girlfriend, according to the JPSO. Thirty-three-year-old Terrance Leonard attacked the four children as they slept, killing two, before lying in wait for 32-year-old Kristina Riley, who he also fatally attacked when she arrived at the apartment. Riley was pronounced dead on the scene after police were called to the apartment on March 6...

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