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Preschool Serves Pine-Sol Instead Of Apple Juice
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Three children at an East Honolulu preschool were served Pine-Sol instead of apple juice earlier this week, and took several sips of the cleaning fluid before child care workers realized the mistake. A state Health Department investigation found that a classroom assistant preparing morning snacks for children at Kilohana United Methodist Church Preschool served the cleaning fluid — even though it was in the original Pine-Sol container and properly labeled. The assistant apparently “saw...
Russian Man Stabs Pregnant Wife To Death Over Her Plans For His Smoking Habit
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A Russian man has been accused of stabbing his heavily pregnant wife to death after he was asked to stop smoking because his cigarettes were bad for the baby. Petr Murskov knifed Olga Murskova eight times at their home, it is claimed. The 30-year-old is said to have flown into a drunken rage late at night after his teenage stepdaughter asked him to stop smoking in the flat and reminded him the habit was harmful to babies. 'He [Murskov] went mad after being asked not to smoke and...
"Ace Ventura" Wannabe Crashes Car in DUI
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Say Hi to Rocky Dumais…a millennial movie buff who crashed his mother’s car driving like “Ace Ventura”. Apparently, the wipers in his mom’s Buick Rendezvous weren’t working which forced him to do the only logical thing, stick his head out the window. Unfortunately, he was registering a .137 blood alcohol level and he crashed his paraphernalia laden car into a tree and up rooted it. Rocky did the only responsible thing and fled the scene of the accident…possibly because he had a suspended...
Carjacking Turns Deadly As New Orleans Mother Is Run Over
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A New Orleans mother died after a carjacker threw her out of her own vehicle and ran her over, as her distraught children stood by helplessly. Jeannot Plessy, 49, died on Tuesday night in Gentilly just moments after going on a date night with her Christian pastor husband David Plessy. Her distraught family had pleaded for Plessy's killer to come forward before New Orleans Police revealed on Saturday that they had arrested three teenagers over the deadly carjacking. Police said the...
Texas Mother Drowns, Decapitates Her 5-Year-Old Son
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A Texas mother drowned her 5-year-old son and decapitated him before stuffing his body in a trash can at their Houston home on Friday, police said. Lihui Liu, 43, was arrested Friday after the boy’s father discovered the 5-year-old’s headless body in a trash can in the garage of their home, the Houston Chronicle reported. Officers initially responded to a 911...
Rachel Eutse Shoots Husband For Buying The Wrong Kind Of Oatmeal
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John Maki, 29, of Fayette County, was shot in the head April 5 after smoking crack cocaine with his wife, when he complained that she bought traditional oatmeal instead of the instant variety, authorities said. Maki’s wife, Rachel Eutsey, 36, was previously charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, and child endangerment in his death. No information was immediately available on whether she will face additional charges following the death. "It's believed (the fight was) over...
"The Worst Case Of Child Abuse We Have Ever Investigated Where The Child Hasn’t Died"
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The battered and bruised baby at the center of what police and doctors describe as one of the most horrific child abuse cases they have seen will likely never walk or talk. Police say doctors at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital told them both of the baby’s legs were broken and six ribs were fractured when the 10-week-old was treated earlier this year. The baby also had two skull fractures that occurred at different times and...
Minnesota Man Asserts His "Right To Whoop" Daughter
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An Eden Prairie man accused of beating his daughter with a belt and a tree branch earlier this month allegedly told police he had “every right to whoop her.” Thirty-four-year-old Craig Douglas Underwood II is charged with one felony count of malicious punishment of a child, court documents filed in Hennepin County court show. According to a criminal complaint, Underwood’s daughter contacted Hennepin County Child Protection on Nov. 15 using her school-issued iPad, telling authorities...
Illegal Dental Duo Work From Bus, Charges Filed
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Florida duo Daniela Sulbaran, 37, and Victor Bernal, 44, love being dentists…so much so they didn’t bother with the pesky process of getting a license. On November 15th the alleged dental duo were visited by undercover cops who were apparently met at a gate and then driven to the bus, yep you read the correctly, a bus…complete with cartoon child paintings on the outside…and they discovered a fully functional dental office inside. Once on the bus police found bags of prescription drugs and...
Pediatrician Sentenced For Child Porn Pics of Patients, Daughter's Friends
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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A former western New York pediatrician who admitted photographing young patients and his daughter’s friends has been sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison for possessing thousands of images of children being sexually abused and molested. A federal judge in Rochester called 70-year-old David Blasczak a “monster” and “every parent’s and every civilized person’s worst nightmare” during sentencing Thursday. Blasczak, who had a longtime family practice in Wayne County...
Featured West Virginia Genius Hides Meth Operation In Kids' Room
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PARKERSBURG, WV — A West Virginia man is behind bars after narcotics officers found a methamphetamine distribution operation in the kids' room. Michael Lee Barker is a special kind of irresponsible. I mean, professional-grade irresponsible. Like, if irresponsibility paid a salary, he'd be on Easy Street for life. And he's damned lucky...
Archie Kissling, 24, Charged For Sexually Assaulting 7-year-old Boy, Videotaping Acts
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A Darby Township man is facing charges Thursday for the sexual assault of a 7-year-old boy. Archie Joseph Kissling, 24, was charged with multiple counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, aggravated indecent assault of a child, photographing/filming child sex act, child pornography, and several other felony counts. On Nov. 24, a Darby Township police officer alerted the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) about information he received from concerned citizens who...
Iowa Man Puts New Spin on Carjacking
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Meet Christopher Jensen…he’s got some kinks. Allegedly one of them is jerkin the gherkin in front of Uber drivers. He’s been charged with a serious misdemeanor for an incident when at 4:45 AM he got into the front seat of the Uber he called and began pleasuring himself in front of the driver. To make sure everything was cool he calmly explained that he “liked to masturbate in front of Uber drivers” After such a solid explanation he made a great offer to the driver…”do you want to touch...
Kid's Birthday Party Features Booze and Bimbos, Two Arrested
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Police have arrested two people on sex crime charges in connection to a social media video reportedly showing several children drinking and engaged in lewd acts with scantily clad women at a North Charleston birthday party. A North Charleston Police officer was told about the Instagram video while working at Northwoods Middle School on Nov. 5, according to an NCPD incident report. The video showed several minors engaged in lewd acts with two adult women. The women were wearing only...
High School Football Players Accused Of Raping Teammates With A Broom
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Four 15-year-old Maryland high school football players charged as adults with rape for sexually assaulting four teammates with a broom during a hazing incident have been released on bond. Three of the Damascus High School athletes, who NBC News is not identifying, were charged with two counts of first-degree rape and two counts of attempted rape, according to District Court of Maryland documents. One of the athletes was charged with four counts of first-degree rape. All four junior...
Ohio Couple Charged With Murder After Missing 18-year-old Found With Gunshot Wound To Head
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Two people were charged with the murder of an 18-year-old Ohio woman who was found dead in a wooded area Sunday three weeks after she had last been seen. Samantha Guthrie’s body was found in New Franklin around midnight Sunday, Akron police spokesman Lt. Rick Edwards said. The medical examiner’s office said she died of a gunshot wound to the head, according to...
Minnesota Mom Uses Laxatives To "Inflict Starvation" On 9-Month-Old
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A -year-old mom in Minnesota was charged last week with one count of felony-level child endangerment that could result in substantial harm or death, after authorities discovered she allegedly gave her 9-month-old son laxatives to inflict starvation. Authorities discovered that Megan Lee Kafer of Lewiston, Minn., who is scheduled to appear in court on the charge in mid-December, had searched the web on her phone for ways to poison a baby, including: “MiraLax overdose,” “Can a doctor tell...
Florida Man Forks Woman In Spud Dispute
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Kenneth Crumpton 36…dude loves him some taters! He got crazy pissed when a woman undercooked his potato. Crumpton allegedly stabbed a woman multiple times in the head for failing to prepare his baked potato correctly and was busted in Jacksonville for an aggravated battery with a weapon charge. Crumpton is currently being held on a $25,000 bond in the Nassau County Jail. “Police noted that blood was visible on the woman’s head, and that she had suffered multiple stab wounds.” When...
Arkansas Man Tries To Blow Up House To Cover Up Death Of Toddler
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Ricky Carter, 28, told a psychologist last month that he blew up the Paris home where he caused the death of a toddler because he had no other means of killing himself, according to the man's mental evaluation. "In light of the available information, I do not believe Mr. Carter's mental state was substantially impaired by a mental disease or defect at the time of the alleged offenses," clinical psychologist Melissa Dannacher wrote in her report dated Oct. 15. Dannacher also concluded...
Middle Schooler Mercy-Kills Tormented Squirrel, Flees Bat Whoopin
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A Carter Lake middle schooler told police that he was beaten by his mother and a man after he killed a squirrel that the man had trapped and tortured. The boy told police the man had a squirrel inside a trap. He said the man was going to torture and kill the squirrel and then tie it to the front door to scare people. The boy said he knew his mother's boyfriend, Gregory Kuchera, 54, “was going to do terrible things to the squirrel, and thought it better if the squirrel just died."...

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