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KFC Applicant Assaults Manager, Gets Boiled
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The manager of a local KFC was arraigned Wednesday on charges that she threw scalding water into the face of an irate job applicant. Bhagmattie Persaud, 45, is charged with second-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace. “We contend she acted in self defense and intend to defend her vigorously,” said her lawyer, James “Jay” Ruane. On May 3, police were dispatched to the Kentucky Fried Chicken for a dispute. When...
Florida Man, Walmart, Genitals Exposed On Electric Scooter
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A Pensacola man was arrested for allegedly exposing his genitals and scooting toward women while riding a Walmart in-store scooter. Kejuan Mccants, 27, was arrested Thursday and charged with indecent exposure. He was booked into the Escambia County Jail on a $10,000 bond. Police responded around 5 p.m. May 4 to the Walmart on Creighton Road after a man allegedly exposed his sexual organs to at least one female shopper and one female employee, according to Mccants' arrest report. One store...
“Cuddle Time” Includes Spooning, Tears And A 14-Year-Old Girl
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Police have charged a 35-year-old man with corruption of minors and indecent assault after he allegedly admitted that his “cuddling” with a 14-year-old girl included pulling down his pants and removing her bra with his mouth as he lay in bed with her. Todd Andrew Rogers was charged after State Police investigated a report of possible child abuse received on May 1, according to the criminal complaint affidavit. In an interview with State Police, Rogers allegedly admitted admitted to having...
Baton Rouge Woman Said Give Me Head, Or Catch This Lead
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A man leapt from a second-floor apartment Monday after a gun-slinging woman tried to shoot him because he refused to give her oral sex. Police say Anneisha Speed, 19, was at the victim's apartment when things did not go south. According to arrest records, the man invited Speed to his apartment after the two spent much of the day together. Once inside the apartment, the victim says Speed asked him to perform oral sex for her. He declined, and Speed responded by whipping out a .40 handgun...
Coach Was Using His Own Balls With Underage Female Athletes
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A Dobson High School basketball coach has been arrested for sexual conduct with a minor after allegedly having sexual relations with several underage female athletes. Mesa police say 23-year-old Kyler William Ashley was arrested after trying to meet a 16-year-old student-athlete at Tempe Marketplace to have sex. Ashley had allegedly been messaging the girl for several months on Snapchat. Police say Ashley thought he was meeting the victim at Tempe Marketplace to have sex but instead was...
Woman Pimps 11-Year-Old Girl On The Strip In Vegas
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An 11-year-old girl boasted of smoking cigarettes and drinking booze on the Strip, and she told men she was a prostitute, according to police. Now the 40-year-old woman prosecutors allege brought the girl to Las Vegas is charged with sex trafficking and child abuse. In a brief court appearance Friday morning, Gigi Mitchell clasped her hands at her waist and choked back tears as Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Harmony Letizia told Mitchell she faces a preliminary hearing next month on seven...
"Dr. Jelly Paws" Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Hundreds Of Male Athletes At Ohio State
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Ohio State University officials knew that an athletic department doctor was sexually abusing male athletes between 1979 and 1997 but did nothing to prevent it. Dr. Richard Strauss, an Ohio State team doctor who committed suicide in 2005, sexually abused at least 177 students over a period of decades so wantonly that students described his examinations as hazing - and their coaches, trainers, other team doctors and school leaders knew about it, according to an investigative report released...
Birthday Girl Gets Slashy Over No Cake, Gifts
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A Pennsylvania woman who turned 55 Wednesday assaulted a male acquaintance with a box cutter because she had not received a present, card, or cake to mark the occasion, according to court papers. Cops say that Georgia Zowacki was celebrating her May 15 birthday when matters turned stabby at her Pittsburgh-area residence. As reported in a probable cause affidavit, David Rae, who has lived with Zowacki for four months, told police that Zowacki “consumed a large amount of vodka throughout the...
Florida Man Steals Cop Car, Tries To Pull Over Stolen Car
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A guy stole a black Cadillac in West Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday night. He was driving it through Cocoa, Florida, when a cop car suddenly appeared behind him and tried to pull him over. The car thief hit the gas . . . and wound up crashing into a HOUSE. And apparently he was just inches away from hitting a woman who was sleeping inside. He took off running before the cops showed up, and they're still looking for him. But that's only half the story. Because it turns out the cop car...
Medieval Mayhem: It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Culty With Crossbows
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So my dear Demonites, once again we venture into the bizarre world of cults and the usual consequences with many of these fringe groups, this time with a strange twist, or in this case, a twang: An apparent murder/suicide pact using crossbows. It began with the grim discovery of 3 Germans, one man and two women, in a hotel in the town of Passau, and their unusual deaths, all of whom died from crossbow shots to their bodies, that seemed to have initially stumped die polizei. It only gets...
Man Cleared In Self-Defense Killing Of Neighbor Jailed After Shooting Girlfriend
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"Mark Jabben, 46, was arrested in an unrelated shooting case. He was booked Friday into the Tarrant County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault against a family member with a weapon. Jabben is accused of shooting his girlfriend Theresa Ryan. In March, Jabben shot his neighbor, Kevin Battle, in the face and back of the head — killing him. It happened while Battle stood, holding his grandson’s hand on the front porch of a duplex where they both lived. Police said they believed Battle...
Five-Year-Old Brings 22 Bags Of Crack To School
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A 5-year-old boy brought nearly two dozen Ziploc bags of crack cocaine to his preschool. Police say a teacher’s aide at the Saint Cyprian Children’s Center Preschool in Philadelphia, noticed that the child was acting strangely and suspected that a bag he had brought in was full of illegal drugs. The teacher’s aide immediately told an administrator who called police. When police arrived they found the boy with a clear plastic bag containing 22 purple Ziploc bags of crack cocaine. Police...
Aggravated Assault With A Deadly... Coconut
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A Florida woman was charged with assault after she allegedly threw a coconut at a man outside of a strip club. Shonta Bolds, 36, was arrested Saturday after the incident at the VIP Gentleman's Club in Key West. While sitting on the front porch of the club, a man reportedly began to film Bolds — which upset her, she allegedly told officials. The man said Bolds yelled at him and called him names, before proceeding to throw a coconut at him, according to an arrest report obtained by Fox...
French Doctor Plays God, Poisons Patients
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A French doctor already charged in the poisoning of seven patients was taken into custody Tuesday for questioning over the suspected poisoning of around 50 other patients, a source close to the inquiry said. Frederic Pechier worked as an anaesthesiologist at two private clinics in Besancon, eastern France, when seven patients, aged 37 to 53, went into cardiac arrest from 2008 to 2017. Two of the patients died while the others were reanimated, and investigators later found traces of lethal...
Roommate Murdered With A Sledgehammer
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A Ventura County man was charged Tuesday with murder in the death of his roommate, whose body has yet to be found, officials said. Cameron Lykins, 23, of Meiners Oaks, is also facing a special allegation that he used a sledgehammer in the killing, the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release. Deputies began investigating shortly before 10 a.m. Sunday, after being told that Lykins had admitted to killing 22-year-old Houston Auer and discarding his body. Authorities...
Infant Dies After Sexual Assault
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Nariah Brown was 17 months old. The toddler died Friday from injuries she suffered after a violent sexual assault at a South Richmond motel, police said. Her mom, Aija Brown, said she left her daughter in the room with a person she trusted. Police confirmed a person of interest in the case was jailed. He was arrested by US Marshals on a probation violation, Crime Insider sources told Burkett. Nariah born prematurely, and for three months, fought to live. Aija Brown said she never missed...
From Bestiality To Bank Robbery
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Remember Amber Finney? She's graced the pages on the DD for getting some pooch lovin' and having the video go viral. Well This princess can't seem to stay away from trouble. She's off and making headlines again however she's gone from bestiality to bank robbery...is that a step in the right direction? A woman jailed for having sex with a dog is facing prison once again after robbing a bank. Perverted Amber Finney, 35, was caught by sickening footage of her engaging in sexual activity...
Pervy Part-Time Pastor Popped for Molesting Multiple Young Girls
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Francisco Porras was a part-time pastor at a newly formed "Rose of Sharon" church, in Arkansas, until the 51 year old's arrest by Van Buren Police last Monday, May 9th, for suspicion of 4 counts of 2nd degree sexual assault where prosecutors charge he allegedly groped at least 3 young girls, all of whom were members of his congregation. A probable cause affidavit filed this week said the girls Porras allegedly assaulted told investigators he grabbed their chests and inappropriately touched...
Serial Killer Carnie Arrested in Virginia
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A Virginia man who worked in a traveling carnival confessed last week to the murders of two women and one teenage girl in Tennessee and Georgia, police said. James Michael Wright, 23, was arrested Thursday and charged with three counts of capital murder in the deaths of the two missing Tennessee women and a 17-year-old Georgia girl, the Washington County Virginia Sheriff’s office said. Sheriff Fred Newman said he was contacted by the Johnson City Tennessee Police Department two weeks ago...
Appalachian Trail... Now With Machete Attacks!
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An arrest was announced Sunday after a machete attack on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia left one man dead and a woman seriously injured. James Jordan, 30, of West Yarmouth, Mass., was arrested early Saturday on a federal complaint charging him with murder and assault with intent to murder in connection with the “senseless and brutal attack” on the two unidentified hikers, Abingdon U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen said. Jordan was known to hike the Appalachian Trail under the moniker...

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