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Florida: The Old "Smuggling Drugs Into Jail With Stamps" Scheme Fails Again
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Manatee County deputies have arrested two people after they say they uncovered a scheme to distribute meth-laced stamps using the Manatee County Jail’s mail system. Deputies learned on May 21 that drugs were possibly coming into the jail via mail and began an investigation identifying Kena Little,52, organizing the scheme so she could get high. On May 30, three postcards addressed to Little from Chuck Ricker,57, were delivered to the jail. Deputies say the stamps lacked adhesive and...
Louisiana Sheriff's Deputy Filmed A Mother Performing Sex Act On Her 1-Year-Old Boy
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Authorities say a Louisiana sheriff's deputy filmed a mother performing a sex act on her 1-year-old boy. News outlets report St. Gabriel Police arrested Shaderick Jones on Friday on multiple charges including principal to first-degree rape. The boy's mother was arrested Saturday on a charge of first-degree rape and incest. According to WAFB-TV, she told investigators she was coerced into performing the sex act because Jones had a traffic arrest warrant against her. Jones had worked for...
“If You Call The Cops, I Will Put You Six Feet Under”
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"Jose Rosario is accused assaulting the victim and threatening her by saying, “if you call the cops, I will put you six feet under,” according to police. He then allegedly covered the victim’s face with his hand, causing her to have trouble breathing, police say. The victim later called police about the incident. Rosario faces charges of simple assault, terroristic threats and harassment."
Mom Takes A Teachable Moment: Makes Her Crotch-Fruit Kick A Puppy
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A woman in Lancaster is facing charges after a video of her kicking and stomping a dog on her front porch made rounds on social media. Ashley Gaston, 28, is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, endangering the welfare of children, and corruption of minors. An officer was dispatched for a report of a woman on her front porch kicking a dog. The officer responded to the residence and spoke with Gaston. Gaston denied kicking the dog and told the officer that the dog had bitten her son...
Mother Injected Daughter With Insulin For Attention
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Ellen Corrine Rupp-Jones, 36, is accused of injecting unneeded insulin into her daughter in order to gain attention Child Protective Services documents allege Rupp-Jones has Munchausen syndrome by proxy. According to the affidavit, Rupp-Jones took her daughter to UT Health in Tyler and said her daughter had blood sugar problems. Rupp-Jones was told by a nurse to stay in Tyler, but Rupp-Jones ignored that advice and took her daughter to Cook Children’s hospital in Fort Worth. A test...
"High-Pitched Screams From The Baby... Did Not Last Long"
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Kasiam Tinsley who was charged with murdering his 9-month-old daughter in November 2018 has been indicted on all charges: one count of 2nd Degree Murder, two counts of Child Abuse/Neglect, one count of Malicious Wounding, one count of Child Cruelty. Tinsley was arrested late last year after his baby girl, Makayla Smith, was found unresponsive on November 13, 2018. A medical examiner...
Video: Chevy Silverado Used as Land Torpedo on I-15 in Temecula
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A dramatic collision on I-15 near Temecula, CA on Thursday morning left one woman dead and 3 others injured. Dashcam footage from another driver shows a Chevy Silverado speeding past other traffic like it was standing still, and explosively impacting a Nissan Altima in front of it, with no visible attempt at braking. Janet Genao, the 44 year-old driver of the Nissan, was killed instantly, and the pickup truck continued from there, caroming off several other vehicles before coming to rest...
Florida Man's Rampage Ends With Him Naked In Chicken Coop
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A Florida man who allegedly stole a car, killed a dog -- and possibly chickens -- and chased a man with an ax was found naked in a chicken coop Tuesday, police said. John Mehne, 25, of Sarasota, Fla., was arrested after New York State Police responded to a call about an Audi, parked facing the wrong direction, on Interstate 81. Investigators discovered the vehicle was reported stolen in Sarasota. Mehne had allegedly been driving the Audi when he crashed it into a guardrail. He then tried...
Serial Killer Nurse Learns Fate For Murder Of 85 Patients
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One of Germany’s most prolific serial killers was handed his second life sentence Thursday after he was found guilty of killing 85 patients he treated while working as a nurse in Oldenburg. Niels Hoegel, 42, was initially tried on 100 counts of murder but was found guilty in the deaths of 85 patients, ages 34 to 96, that he murdered sometime between 2000-2005. The court was forced to dismiss 15 counts on a lack of evidence. Hoegal, who is currently serving a life sentence for two previous...
A Feel Good Story- Rapist Gets His Tongue Bitten Off
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A female doctor who was attacked by a sex beast as she slept in her hospital’s staff quarters saved herself from being brutally raped by biting off his tongue. The 24-year-old doctor bravely fought back when the man who had posed as a patient to get into the hospital tried to force his tongue into her mouth to kiss her. The bite was so severe that part of his tongue was removed and the would-be-rapist fled the doctors bedroom moaning in agony leaving a thick trail of blood behind. Police...
Classmate Arrested For Recent DeSoto Grad's Murder In Downtown Dallas
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According to the arrest affidavit for 18-year-old Kenaijae Anderson, he and 17-year-old Leroy Hawkins had fought several times before. Hawkins was headed to Jackson State University on a full-ride scholarship to play football, but police say Anderson shot him to death early Tuesday in Downtown Dallas. DPD arrested Anderson on Tuesday for the murder of his classmate, LeRoy Hawkins. The two had just graduated from DeSoto High School less than a week before. The arrest affidavit states that...
It Takes A Lot Of Balls To Hide 200 Fentanyl Pills Under Your Genitals
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PRESCOTT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Two Chino Valley men were arrested on suspicion of transporting and selling a narcotic drug after more than 200 fentanyl pills were found under the genital of one of the men and a teen they were with, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office reported on Wednesday. Around 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 2, the black Chevrolet 1500 truck of 50-year-old Randall Arrington was located and stopped in the area of Iron Springs Road near Williamson after it made several moving...
Florida Thief Takes Blowtorch To ATM, Welds It Shut
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Authorities say two Florida burglars thought they were clever when they used a blowtorch to break into an ATM machine, but they never hit the jackpot. Instead, the burning heat actually welded the ATM’s hinges shut. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s officials say video surveillance shows two male suspects entering the Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island on Friday. One was armed with a crowbar and appeared to serve as the lookout while the other took the blowtorch to the ATM.
Possible Serial Killer, Rapist Targeting Sex Workers In Detroit
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A suspected "serial murderer and rapist" is believed to be behind the killings of at least three women in Detroit since March, the city's top cop revealed Wednesday. Detroit Police Chief James Craig said at a news conference the killings of the women -- all believed to be sex workers found in various states of decomposition in abandoned buildings -- was the "makings of a serial killer and rapist that's operating on the east side of Detroit." "We wanted to get this information out because...
Boat Captain Holds Passengers Hostage During Fishing Trip
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A Florida charter captain was arrested for boating under the influence of alcohol after reportedly threatening and holding his passengers hostage while on a 12-hour fishing trip over the weekend. The captain was also allegedly under the influence of drugs during the trip. Captain Mark Bailey, 36, was hired by Carlo Lopeparo, 35, for a day-long fishing excursion in Sarasota on Sunday. Lopeparo paid $2,000 for the trip and brought his friends and family, the Herald-Tribune reported. However...
High School Teens On Alabama River Float Trip Experience Deliverance Reenactment
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A group of Huntsville high school students and recent graduates say they were attacked, beaten and threatened with rape on a weekend float trip down a north Alabama river. Collins Nelson, 18, of Huntsville and several other students met reporters at his attorney’s office Tuesday. Attorney Will League said Nelson, who graduated this year from Huntsville High School, suffered a broken nose and a broken eye socket that will require surgery. He is suing for damages and will seek felony arrest...
Father Teaches Daughter Lessons With A Stove Eye
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A Polk County father disciplined his daughter by putting her hand over a hot stove top, police said. A teacher noticed the 9-year-old arrived to class with a black eye and a burn mark on her hand, according to the Bartow Police Department. Officials said the teacher reported it to law enforcement and the Department of Children and Families. Investigators said the victim’s father, Felipe Casanova, caught the child “stealing snacks at home” and wanted to “teach her a lesson." During the...
Woman, 21, Busted For McChicken Rage Assault
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Unhappy with the way her McChicken sandwich was prepared, a Connecticut woman stormed a McDonald’s kitchen in an attempt to prepare her own meal, and in the process assaulted the restaurant’s pregnant manager, police charge. According to investigators, Shannelle Hanson purchased the McChicken sandwich around 8:20 PM Friday at the drive-thru window of a McDonald’s about two miles from her home in Norwich. The sandwich, however, apparently did not live up to the 21-year-old’s expectations...
Florida Man In Condiment Assault: “That’s What You Get, Bitch!”
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A Florida Man is facing a domestic battery rap after allegedly covering his sleeping girlfriend in ketchup, court records show. Investigators say Peter Wagman, 37, and his 41-year-old girlfriend have recently “been in arguments over infidelity by the victim.” The couple, who live in Pinellas Park, have been together for 11 years. At around 4:45 AM Sunday, cops report, the victim awoke “to ketchup being poured on her by” Wagman, who was yelling, “That’s what you get, bitch.” When police...
Father Shoots Son, Has "Father-Son" Talk, Then Fatally Stabs Him
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A Texas man is accused of shooting his adult son and then proceeding to have a 20-minute long “father-son” talk with him before finally fatally stabbing him with a kitchen knife, prosecutors said. Sherman Shirley Fricks Sr., 68, was arrested Sunday and charged with first-degree felony murder in the death of his 27-year-old son, Sherman Palmer Fricks Jr., in their Deer Park home located outside of Houston. During a probable cause hearing on Monday, prosecutors said Fricks Sr. said he had...

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