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The Demon's Den

Plot To Use Rest Area For Drug Drop And Prison Litter Crew Pick Up, Busted By Inmate's Phone Calls
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Jahbrisha Marie Ebony Pennick left marijuana, tobacco and other contraband at a rest area off Interstate 26 for it to be picked up by an inmate from MacDougall Correctional Institution who was working on a litter crew, SCDOC said in a news release. The plan was for that inmate to sneak the drugs into the prison, where it would be delivered to another inmate, according to the news release. On May 31, the 31-year-old Ladson resident left the drugs at an abandoned rest stop for an inmate, who...
Woman Put $5000 Revenge Tip On Beau's Plastic
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Following an argument with her boyfriend during a trip to Florida, a Buffalo woman illegally used the man’s credit card to pay for a $55.37 meal, on top of which she added a $5000 tip for the waitress, investigators charge. According to a criminal complaint, Serina Wolfe, 24, last Thursday quarreled with Michael Crane while they were vacationing in Clearwater. At one point, Wolfe and Crane argued about Wolfe “wanting a flight home to New York.” Crane told cops that he refused to pay for an...
Woman Attacked McDonald's Manager With Stun Gun Over Drive Thru Wait
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A Haywood County woman is accused of using a stun gun on a McDonald's manager and trying to drag him out of the restaurant's drive-thru window. The attack on Sunday left the 19-year-old employee with both physical and emotional scars. "She grabs me by my hair, pulls me out of the window," Jacob Jordan said. "That's when she has the taser, trying to go for my throat, punching me in my face, punching me in my eyes. Just beating me." ... Jordan, an overnight manager, said two customers were...
Three Charged In Kidnapping, Murder Of 68 Year-Old Man
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Three suspects were charged with killing sports enthusiast whose body was found Wednesday at his Walnut Grove Road home, Rutherford County Sheriff’s detectives said Monday. Barber, 68, was believed killed the night of Monday, June 24, said Criminal Investigations Capt. Britt Reed. A friend found his body Wednesday. He was an announcer, referee and umpire for Murfreesboro and Rutherford County sports and sold Southeastern Conference memorabilia. Suspects Devan Jacob Gailey, 20, Brent...
Sacramento County Deputies Need Help Identifying This Little Girl
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[....] According to the Sacramento Fire Department, a man showed up to Fire Station 57 around midnight with the child. The man told fire officials that he heard a woman screaming while at a Walmart near Florin Road and Stockton Boulevard. The woman was with the little girl, the man said. The man said he took the woman and the little girl for a ride in his vehicle. When he stopped at a liquor store, the woman jumped out of the car and left with a couple of other people. The fire...
65-Year-Old Woman Jailed After Lovemaking Flap
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A tiff after an evening of wine and intimacy wound up landing a 65-year-old woman behind bars, according to a sheriff’s report. Tina Seri was jailed on a domestic battery charge after the June 17 spat at an address in Tequesta, a Martin County Sheriff’s Office report states. A 53-year-old man identified as Seri’s boyfriend told investigators after 9:30 p.m. that he and Seri imbibed some glasses of wine, and were getting intimate. “Get off of me, I’m done,” he quoted Seri as saying. The...
Sack Of Suspected Human Remains Found Dangling From Doorknob
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A plastic bag of “suspected human remains” was found hanging on the door of a snack stand in northern New Jersey Monday morning when employees arrived for work, prosecutors said. The snack stand sits at the Stateline Lookout, a rural spot in the town of Alpine, N.J., that offers visitors a view across the Hudson River. Employees found a bag of bones around 8 a.m. and called the police, according to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. Palisades Interstate Parkway officers concluded the...
Authorities Looking For Ice Cream-Licking "Prankster" Seen In Viral Video
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Not cool. Ice cream maker Blue Bell says it’s looking into a now-viral video of a woman licking its ice cream at a grocery store and then placing the tainted tub back on the shelf. “This type of incident will not be tolerated,” the company told WAFB in a statement, adding that they are working with law enforcement, retail partners and social media...
Utah Man Charged With Kidnapping Latter-Day Saint Missionaries
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Criminal charges have been filed against a West Valley man who police say invited Latter-day Saint missionaries to his house and then held them at gunpoint. Alfredo Paul Herrera, 45, who also goes by the name Paul Gutierrez Marquez, was charged last week in 3rd District Court with six counts of aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm by a restricted person, all third-degree felonies. On June 20, six missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of...
100+ Fighting Roosters Seized From Raided North Texas Cockfight
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Approximately 200 people were there and most took off once officers arrived. The Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people on state jail felony charges of “causes a cock to fight with another cock” and “participates in the earnings of a cockfight,” and issued 22 citations for attending a cockfight as a spectator, which is a Class C misdemeanor. Many of the birds appear to be suffering from open wounds, cuts and scrapes, missing feathers and eye issues. One rooster was...
Crazy Kathryn Sends 200 Harassing Messages From Fake Accounts
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A South Carolina woman was arrested Monday for sending someone hundreds of harassing messages online, police said. Columbia resident Kathryn Leigh Witt, 50, faces a charge of first-degree harassment, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), said in a news release. Witt used multiple fake social media accounts to send an unidentified person more than 200 messages online, according to an arrest warrant cited by The State. The messages told the victim they were being "surveilled...
Florida Woman Arrested After Pointing Shotgun At Swimming Kids For Being "Too Loud"
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On Sunday, as their families were having a cookout nearby, officials said eight children were swimming in a canal behind 61-year-old Melinda French’s home in the 5400 block of Circle Drive in Weeki Wachee, and were apparently making too much noise. At one point, French exited her home with a shotgun, investigators said, and pointed it at them, telling them to “shut up.” Officials said it appeared she French may have been intoxicated. There were no reported injuries. She was arrested on...
Woman Who Sold 8-Year-Old Girl For Sex, And Predator Who Repeatedly Raped The Girl, Arrested
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Disturbing allegations out of Youngstown, as investigators say a woman hired out an 8-year-old girl to a man for sex. Prosecutors have located that man and he is facing rape charges but Mahoning County Sheriff's investigators believe there are other men involved. Victoria Gregory and Mark Burney, both from Youngstown, have been charged by a Mahoning County Grand Jury in connection with the human trafficking of an 8-year-old girl. Both arrested by the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force...
Woman Who Tried To Kill Her Son 11 Years Ago Finally Succeeds
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A Central California woman has been arrested on suspicion of killing her 12-year-old son and critically injuring her 7-year-old son who were found unresponsive in a ditch. The Tulare County Sheriff’s office said someone called 911 Saturday to report that 45-year-old Sherri Telnas was acting strangely and had taken her sons to a corn field across the street from their home. While deputies were going to the house, they were notified that the boys were found unresponsive in an irrigation...
Mother Accused Of Starving Baby To Death In 2013 Now Accused Of Neglecting Replacement Baby
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Sinead St. Omer, the mother accused of starving her 5-month-old daughter to death in 2013, is facing new charges of aggravated child neglect in Davidson County related to her 10-month-old daughter. The new charges stem from a 2018 stay at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Omer took her daughter to the hospital, claiming the infant wasn't defecating properly and was...
Man Charged After Biting Police Dog
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Cops say it's a man bites dog story -- literally. A New Hampshire man who allegedly growled at and bit a police K-9 was arrested Friday, officials said. Officers from the Manchester Police Dept. were called after Matthew Williams, 35, of...
Man Breaks Into Sheriff’s Office, Brings Donuts As ‘Peace Offering’
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A Washington sheriff’s office reported the strange case of a burglar who was arrested after offering responding deputies a box of donuts as a “peace offering.” “People say cops love donuts but we don’t recommend this method of delivery,” the King County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook Thursday, mentioning a June 16 break-in at its substation in Fairwood. “What did the suspect steal after breaking into the...
Florida Man Drugs, Rapes, And Instagrams Naked 15 year-old
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"A Florida man was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly drugged a 15-year-old girl, sexually assaulted her, and posted a naked video of her on Instagram, investigators said. Jorge Martinez, 18, was at the girl's home, where she was hosting a party, when the alleged incidents unfolded on Monday, according to the Miramar Police Department. Martinez, who reportedly didn't know the girl, allegedly gave her two Percocet pills and took her to a home where he was staying...
Florida Man Robs Wendy’s After Grilling Burger
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JENSEN BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Florida officials say they are looking for a ‘hamburglar’ who broke into two restaurants, fixed himself some food, and then stole money. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect forced his way into a Wendy’s in Jensen Beach, Florida, by smashing a window with a brick. He then fired up the grill, made himself a hamburger, and walked away with the store’s safe. He also went to another Jensen Beach restaurant, where he helped himself to more food and money...
Woman Gives Birth Before Succumbing to Stab Wounds
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Police responding to a cardiac arrest instead found 26 year old Kelly Mary Fauvrelle suffering from multiple stab wounds. Fauvrelle was 8 months pregnant at the time, and emergency responders were able to deliver the baby. Fauvrelle died at the scene, the baby was transported to hospital and is listed in critical condition. Two arrests have been made. An unnamed 29 year old man remains in custody and a 37 year old man (also unnamed) was released pending further investigation.

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