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Child Reported As Abducted Found Dead In Family's Yard
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Officials have discovered the remains of a 23-month-old boy declared missing on Friday from Bridgeton, New Jersey, and the boy's mother has been arrested. Nakira Griner has been charged with first-degree murder, second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree desecration of human remains and fourth-degree tampering with evidence.
Missing Serenity Dennard, 9, Missing From South Dakota Children's Home
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My asswipe nephew who lives nearby in Wyoming had been keepin' me updated on this, mentioned it in that trash obnoxious chat box but i guess nobody else cared enough to read up on it or make a thread, worthless nitwits, so i figure i would. They've had highs topping out at 5 degrees, with temps especially at night hitting -20 and lower during the time she's been missiing.
Featured Iron Maiden's Trooper Beer Goes Nitro
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Iron Maiden have announced the latest in a series of Maiden-branded beer releases, and they are going back to the start by releasing a keg-only nitro version of their venerable Trooper ESB. Brewed by Robinsons Family Brewers, and named for the iconic 1983 song about the Charge of the Light Brigade, Trooper is a decent traditional British ESB; it averages 3.44 out of 5 on Beer Advocate; I rated it a bit higher, but there are certainly better ESBs out there (including its limited-release big...
Featured Prince of Darkness Hospitalized Again In Latest Health Scare
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The Elder Statesman of Metal has been hospitalized again in another of a series of recent health scares. Ozzy Osbourne went back to the hospital, according to a February 6th tweet from wife Sharon, "following some complications from the flu." He was admitted to Keck Hospital following a diagnosis of "a severe upper respiratory infection" and has since cancelled the two-month European leg of "No More Tours 2," which featured Judas Fucking Priest as a support band. The Australian leg of the...
Porn Star Mercedes Carrera And Director Jason Whitney Accused Of Sexually Abusing Young Girl
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Deputies began investigating last Thursday when they learned of alleged sexual acts against a child under the age of 10. Detectives interviewed the young girl, who reported being sexually abused multiple times by a man and a woman over a four-month period.
Tennessee Man Died Of Meth Overdose Before Being Eaten By A Bear
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A man whose body was discovered partially eaten by a bear in Great Smoky Mountains National Park last year died of a meth overdose before the bear ever got to him, according to an autopsy released on Monday.
Student Brought A Live World War II Era Shell To School's Show-And-Tell
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A student unwittingly brought a World War II era shell to his Devon primary school for 'show and tell' that turned out to be live and had to be detonated by a military bomb squad. The school said it "clearly needs to review our procedures for show-and-tell".
Colorado Man Killed Mountain Lion With Bare Hands After Being Attacked During Trail Run
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A Colorado runner was attacked Monday by a mountain lion during a trail run in the northern part of the state that resulted in puncture wounds to his face, arms, legs and back and the death of the animal.
North Texas Man Killed When E-cig Exploded In His Face
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A medical examiner says a North Texas man was killed when an e-cigarette exploded in his face. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office reports 24-year-old William Brown of Fort Worth died Jan. 29, two days after a vaporizer pen he was using at an e-cigarette shop in nearby Keller exploded. The medical examiner says shrapnel from the explosion severed his left carotid artery and peppered his skull.
Yuge Changes Comin'. YUGE.
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In an effort to close the site but keep it online, so myself @Jaded and @Old Man Metal can move on to screamindemon.com, I was approached by a handful of people with ideas to make that happen. During the course of these discussions, one I had with Old Man Metal seemed the most promising and made me realize I may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. If it works, it will conclude with everyone getting what they want. The core community gets to...
Woman Gives Blowjob For $5 And Some Pringles, Gets Shot
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A woman who was shot at a Florida gas station on Monday night told authorities a stranger shot her after she performed a sex act on him in exchange for $5 and some Pringles. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Department responded to a call from an area Shell gas station at approximately 10.30pm, where they learned that someone had been shot. Authorities found the woman - whose identity has not been released - who had been shot in the shoulder at the station on Lem Turner Road. She was taken...
New Hampshire Man Living Free At Stoplight Busted For Smoking Crack While Getting Blown
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While stopped at a red light Tuesday afternoon, a New Hampshire motorist was living his best life, smoking crack cocaine and being fellated by a woman in the passenger seat, police report. Manchester Police Department detectives spotted Michael Douville, 51, behind the wheel of a Chrysler 300 stopped at an intersection. Douville, a Nashua resident, was engaged in...illegal acts” at the time, cops allege. When two detectives approached the vehicle and identified themselves, Douville...
Disabled Airline Passenger Made Flight Attendants Clean Him After Restroom Visit, "Moaned In Pleasure"
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An overweight passenger aboard a Taiwanese airliner forced flight attendants to remove his pants so he could use the toilet — then wipe his butt as he moaned in pleasure, according to reports. A flight attendant for EVA Air — which only employs female cabin crew — described the crappy duty the paunchy perv subjected her and two of her colleagues to aboard the LA-to-Taipei flight on Saturday,according to Focus Taiwan. The sicko, who was confined to a wheelchair, told the...
Involuntarily Celibate Would-Be Mass Shooter Arrested At Utah McDonald's After Online Threat
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Christopher Cleary was taken into custody in Provo, Utah, by Provo Police Department officers on Saturday and is still being held in the Utah County Jail. The 27-year-old is from Denver, according to the Deseret News, but was staying in an Airbnb in Utah while visiting the area. Officers in Provo were alerted to potential dangers posed by Cleary by officers in Colorado after they were notified about a concerning Facebook post that was published ahead of several Women’s March events. The...
Oklahoma Man Flees To Hong Kong After Allegations of "Shocking And Horrible" Child Abuse
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A man is on the run after unbelievable allegations of child abuse were made against him. Jose Perez Manarang Jr. is charged with two counts of rape, forcible sodomy, lewd or indecent acts to a child under 16, and three counts of child abuse by injury. Two children made the reports to police. According to court documents, "Manarang would put a plastic trash bag and tie it off around [the child's] neck until [they] 'about died.'" He allegedly would also "fill the bathtub up with water...
Romantic Missouri Man Books Hotel Room For Date With 5-Year-Old, Brings Candy
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St. Louis County police believe a 39-year-old Hazelwood man arrested in a child sexual abuse sting last month has victims dating back to the mid-1990s. Raymond Nugen, 39, was charged Dec. 22 with one count of enticement of a child, St. Louis County police said. Charging documents allege that Nugen was in contact with an undercover detective who he believed was the mother of a 5-year-old child. Nugen allegedly asked for the child to be brought to the Bridgeton Super 8 motel for...
Pedophile Preacher Dies After Castration By Victim's Father
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A pedophile preacher who raped a nine-year-old girl has died after her father severed his penis, a South African court has heard. Preacher Mase Malgas, 66, died from his injuries on September 30 after the girl's father was informed by his ex-wife that their daughter had been raped and that Mr. Malgas was the culprit, according to Constable Lundi Nqwelo who was summoned as a witness by the state prosecutors. Mr. Malgas was tracked down by the defendant, his ex-wife and a friend of the...
Illinois Girl, 12, Killed And Friend, 9, Suffering From Hypothermia After Snow Tunnel Collapse
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One child has died and another is suffering from hypothermia after being trapped under snow for possible as long as an hour that collapsed on them in Illinois. A 12-year-old girl did not survive and her friend, age nine, is being treated at a hospital in Arlington Heights, WGN9 reported. The girls were playing in a snow tunnel they had dug in church's parking lot when the snow fell on them, Arlington Heights Police Sergeant Charles Buczynski said. The girls were found shortly before...
Florida State Trooper Charged With Sex With A Minor, Two Other Cops Charged With Not Reporting It
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When a Highway Patrol trooper was arrested in September and charged with having sex with a minor, his wife, who was a Groveland police officer, and his friend, a Lake County sheriff’s deputy, were arrested for not promptly reporting the crime. The deputy has now entered into an agreement that gets him off the hook legally. Chad Corriveau’s wife, Alicia, still faces a third-degree felony charge of violating the reporting law. Seth Luppino, however, has entered a pretrial intervention...
Oregon Man Murders 4 In "Horrific" Domestic Incident, Shot Dead By Deputies While Killing Fifth
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A man who killed four people, including a 9-month-old girl, in an Oregon home and was shot and killed by deputies as he was attempting to murder a child on Saturday, police said. Mark Leo Gregory Gago, 42, was killed following the quadruple murder inside the home near Woodburn. Clackamas County deputies said they received a 911 call about 10:15 p.m. Saturday that appeared to be a domestic violence incident that sounded “dramatic, very intense.” "Deputies knew it was going to be a bad...

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