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Nevada Man Attempted To Kidnap 16-Year-Old He Became Obsessed With
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A Nevada man is accused of attempting to kidnap a 16-year-old Kentucky girl that he briefly talked with online years earlier and became obsessed with. News outlets report 18-year-old Benjamin Margitza, of Las Vegas, was arrested Monday outside a Kentucky high school and charged with attempted kidnapping and minor and criminal trespassing. Margitza and the girl briefly spoke online four years ago. It says he began messaging the girl again this past year and began making explicit sexual...
Rio de Janeiro Bus Hijacking: Hostages Released After Police Sniper Shoots Hijacker Dead
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The man, who reportedly identified himself as a policeman, took 37 people hostage on a bus that was travelling across a busy bridge connecting the suburb of Sao Goncalo to central Rio on Tuesday morning. Several hostages who were released during negotiations recalled how the man had poured petrol in the vehicle and had threatened to set it alight. After a four-hour standoff and negotiation, in which police say the hijacker made no specific demands, Brazil's elite police force BOPE said...
Kentucky: Step-Grandmother Put Toddler's Feet In Boiling Water; Toddler May Lose Feet
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(...) Kaylee Robinson has been left with terrible red burns and huge yellow blisters stretching from her ankles to her toes after being dipped in boiling water on August 11. Both feet have been burnt identically, with doctors and a sheriff saying these ‘sock burns’ can only have been inflicted deliberately. Jennifer Vaughn has now been charged with injuring the little girl at her home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is said to have confessed to wounding her as a punishment for misbehaving...
"Teddy Two Fingers" Convicted of Abusing 6 Elementary Students, School Sued
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Each parent, one by one, their eyes swollen and red from tears, stood before the D.C. judge and spoke about how their children had been sexually assaulted by an elementary school teacher they all trusted. One woman said the teacher, Manuel Garcia Fernandez, who taught at the Latin American Montessori Bilingual (LAMB) Public Charter School, gave her son piano lessons in the basement of his home when the boy was in the fourth and fifth grade. Her son, now 9 years old, later told her that...
Woman Tries To Take 1-Year-Old Boy From NC Park Splash Pads
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An Asheville couple was terrified after a trip to Pack Square Park when a woman tried to grab their baby, WLOS reports. The couple said on Friday, Aug, 9, they had taken their 1-year-old son to the splash pads. The father said things quickly escalated. “I tripped as I was pulling him out of her hands, and, at one point, I was above her pulling my son up and she was stabbing me in the stomach with a cane,” he said. “[My wife] got on top of the woman and pulled her fingers open to get her...
Couple Who Ran A Home For Troubled Boys Charged With Trafficking Children, Forced Labor
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Gary Wiggins, 49, and his wife Meghann Wiggins, 34, have been charged with intentionally trafficking four underage boys “through force, fraud or coercion,” making them “engage in forced labor or services,” KXAN reported. In July 2018, eight boys ages 10 to 17 were removed from the Bertram-area home following abuse allegations, the Austin Statesman reported last year. In the year since, agencies have been investigating accusations of “abuse, neglect, labor violations, fraud, licensing...
House Of A Thousand Roaches Unlivable For Girls Ages 1, 3, 4, &13
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An Idaho couple faces a number of injury to child charges after police said they found children living in a house infested with thousands of cockroaches and hundreds of spiders. Officers were dispatched to a home in Nampa, Idaho on Aug. 15 for a welfare check. A reporting party told police she had received second-hand information that the house could be infested with cockroaches. According to reports, as two officers approached the house, they could “smell a very pungent or odor of urine...
Body Of 2-month-old Jalisa Still Missing; Mother Charged
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A mother has been charged with multiple felonies in the death of her 2-month-old girl. Monica Adams, 21, appeared in court Monday afternoon. Adams was charged with five felonies and a misdemeanor including failure to report the death of a child as a party to a crime and giving false information. "As District Attorney Gravely said on Friday of last week, due to the extent of these lies that took place over several days and weeks, it’s unlikely that we will be able to find this young girl's...
A Father Wanted To Finish His Poker Game — So He Left His Toddler Home Alone
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Anthony Macchi may have been on a hot streak during a poker game Saturday night, but he had to take care of some personal business first, according to Pasco County deputies. He had to drop off his son at the boy’s mother’s house. The simple act landed him behind bars. The offense, authorities say: Nobody was home. According to an arrest affidavit from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Macchi brought his 3-year-old son to his mother’s residence in New Port Richey around 9:30 p.m. Though...
3 Year-Old Ryker Was In A Locked Pickup Truck Sitting In A Child Safety Seat In The Backseat
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A father who has been charged in connection with the death of his son is expected to be in court on Tuesday. In August of 2018, officials with the El Reno Police Department say they received a 911 call about an unconscious child in a vehicle. Witnesses told police that a child was in a locked pickup truck and that he was still sitting in a child safety seat in the backseat. When officers arrived, they found 3-year-old Ryker and rushed him to a nearby hospital. Sadly, he was pronounced...
Woman, 75, Dies After She Was Set On Fire, Hit With Mallet by Appliance Delivery Man
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A 75-year-old Boca Raton woman has died after a delivery man struck her in the head with a wooden mallet and set her on fire, Boca Raton police announced Tuesday afternoon. “Unfortunately, the victim succumbed to her injuries and has passed away,” Boca Raton police spokesman Mark Economou said in a statement. “We offer our sincere condolences to her family and loved ones.” Jorge Luis Dupre Lachazo, 21, of Hialeah, was helping truck driver David Gonzalez deliver a washer and dryer to a home...
Florida Girl, 11, Stabbed Mother's Attacker With Scissors
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Florida deputies say an 11-year-old girl rescued her mother from a beating over the weekend by stabbing her attacker in the back with scissors. “Mommy, I stabbed him because I thought he was going to kill you,” the arrest affidavit quoted the girl as saying. She was described as "shaking." The court papers released Tuesday by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said the man in question was her uncle, Panagiotis Karamanlis, a 44-year-old Greek national who was in the country illegally...
Staffer At Special Needs School Allegedly Raped Boy With Downs Syndrome
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A 13-year-old boy with Down syndrome was raped in the classroom of his special needs school by a staff member, it has been alleged. The boy told his mother he was locked in the classroom earlier this month at a school east of Johannesburg, South Africa. The boy’s mother, who has not been named, said her son was acting strangely when she picked him up from school and she noticed a strange smell. Speaking to local publication Sowetan Live, she said: “His eyes were red as if he was crying...
Dead Battery Thwarts A Florida Man™ From His Walmart Scooter Getaway
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AUGUST 20--After boosting a Walmart “electric courtesy cart” from a store in St. Petersburg, a tipsy Florida Man drove the hot wheels nearly a mile before cops apprehended him as he tried to recharge the cart at a gas station, police report. John Davis, 59, is jailed on a felony grand theft charge in connection with his alleged swiping of the $1500 vehicle late Saturday evening. Cops allege that Davis rode the cart “off of Walmart property and continued riding it approximately one mile...
Beloved Teacher Shot To Death In Front Of 5-Year-Old Son 'For No Reason'
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Nancy Magaña, 24, was sitting in a truck with her boyfriend and son at a San Bernardino park when she was shot early Saturday morning. Officers responding to reports of a shooting around 2 a.m. found Magaña wounded, the San Bernardino Police Department told the Los Angeles Times. Paramedics rushed Magaña to the hospital, where she died, police said. In an interview with the San Bernardino Sun, Maria Magaña, Nancy’s sister, said investigators told her a shooter had walked up to the truck and...
Woman Gets 99 Years In Beating Death Of Boyfriend's 4-Year-Old Daughter
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A Lubbock jury sentenced 22-year-old Yvonne Gonzales to 99 years in prison for the November 2015 beating death of 4-year-old Alyrah Sanchez, the daughter of Gonzales' live-in boyfriend. Gonzales faced a prison sentence between five years to life after she pleaded guilty two weeks ago to a charge of murder in Sanchez's killing. She opted to have her punishment determined by a jury, which deliberated for three hours before returning in the 140th District Court with their verdict. The verdict...
Sex Offender Googles "How To Rape Little Girls": Approached A Girl With Cookies, Condoms & A Boxcutter
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A man we told you about in June is now facing federal charges including possession of sexually explicit material involving minors and failing to register as a sex offender. The case is now in federal court where documents show that phone contained child porn, and there had been a google search of “how to rape a little girl." Police say a convicted sex offender could face more charges after an incident Tuesday evening. Brian Williamson is so far facing charges of failing to register as a...
FL Man/Castration Fetishist/Dark Web Peruser/Home Surgeon
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Even when I am 74, I will not have nearly this number of telling descriptors. Apparently you can't just up and go get castrated if you want to, which has created a black market for wannabe surgeons such as this old geezer who have practiced on a couple of animals and figure they can do the job. What's crazy is that this isn't even his first home castration. I would say, where does he even find these people?!? ... but the answer is the Dark Web. Crazies finding crazies, it's a beautiful...
Mother Stabs Her 2-Year-Old Son So She Could Stay and Party
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A mother killed her two-year-old son when he pleaded with her to stop partying and go home in Russia. Anna Shishkina, 29, confessed in a Russian Investigation Committee video to stabbing the child a total of eight times in Kirov, 500 miles northeast of Moscow. In a chilling police reconstruction, she thrust a ruler towards a child manikin to show how she knifed her boy after he went to the door begging to leave The single mother (widowed) was partying with a bunch of men, drinking some...
Something In Her Private Parts? More Likely Than You Think
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FORT PIERCE — Danielle Gargano repeatedly told deputies she had nothing — not one thing — in her female private parts. Even when deputies at the St. Lucie County Jail told Gargano, 32, on Aug. 10 that if she had drugs or weapons on her that bringing them in the jail would result in a charge of smuggling contraband into a detention center, she remained steadfast in her denial, an affidavit states. Gargano had been brought to the jail by Fort Pierce police who were called to an address in...

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