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Sexual Assault

Sex Crime Investigator Arrested For Raping Minor
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A Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy who investigates sex crimes has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 14-year-old girl whose case he was handling. Neil Kimball, 45, was arrested on Friday following a lengthy investigation by the sheriff's criminal internal investigation bureau. He is being held on $2 million bail after being booked for suspicion of rape by force and preventing or dissuading a victim from testifying. Kimball, who has been with the department for 20 years, is...
Featured Teacher Accuses Special Needs Student Of Sexual Assault
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BEAVERTON, OR - In a twist on an old theme, a male Oregon teacher has accused a special-needs student of sexual assault. According to a half-million-dollar lawsuit filed on November 1st against the Beaverton School District by a paraeducator (whatever that is), the unnamed school employee, who, among other duties, was assigned to assist the student, had repeatedly reported "the student's escalating behavior," which was apparently of a sexually-assaultive nature, over a two-year period, all...
Good Samaritan Killed While Attempting to Stop Sexual Assault
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An Arlington, Virginia, man is dead after he tried to stop a sexual assault he witnessed Thursday night. The suspect, who assaulted multiple people and robbed another, is in custody, police say... ...Police said Michael Nash, 27, of Arlington, was walking with a woman when he began to physically and sexually assault her. Patricio Salazar, 54, of Arlington, saw the assault and tried to help the victim. Nash then physically assaulted Salazar and left him unconscious, the police said. Salazar...
Man sentenced after admitting to giving 3-year-old boy prostate exam
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LANSING, MI — A judge sentenced a man to 15 to 25 years in prison after he sodomized a toddler during, what he claimed was a prostate exam.
Mother accused of using her 3-year-old daughter to make child porn
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HARRISBURG, PA – A mother in Ohio has been accused of sexually abusing her 3-year-old daughter four years ago. This July, 25-year-old David Carbonaro was arrested in Pennsylvania after investigators discovered him in the possession of images and video showing a 3-year-old girl in various stages of undress. One of these images included showing a woman’s hand reaching into the child’s underwear. Carbonaro would admit to police that the girl was the daughter of his ex-girlfriend he...
Featured Dylan Tate Gets Charge Upgrade: Murder and Molestation
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ANDERSON, IN — Dylan Tate, previously charged with neglect in the horrific death of his girlfriend's 18-month-old son, has received extra charges for child molestation and murder in connection with the toddler's slaying. Dylan Tate is about as violently murderous a boyfriend as any cock-hungry no-wanna-momma could want. And he'll give your little boy the Bonus Plan, too: some nice violent molesting to go with that fatal beating. That's according to prosecutors in Anderson, Indiana...
Featured Child Porn Perusal Foils Former Mellencamp Keyboardist's Getaway
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MISSOULA, MT – Eric Rosser, a former bandmate of John Mellencamp, formerly known as John Cougar Mellencamp, formerly known as John Cougar, was just sentenced to a minimum of ten years after fleeing from federal supervisory custody on a bus with $70,000 in cash, a bunch of weed, and enough kiddie porn to gum up the works. Eric Franklin Rosser is his own worst enemy. The former keyboardist for John Mellencamp, including work on the iconic 1982 album American Fool, just agreed to a...
Judge Hands Oral Rapist of 4-Year-Old Girl Community Corrections Order
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A vile pervert who molested a young girl while her mother ducked inside for a few minutes is free to offend after being cut loose on a community order which doesn't even call for any community work. County Court of Victoria Judge Wendy Wilmoth said she was protecting the community more effectively by releasing Michael John Tetley back into the community on a two year order. 'Because your mental illness was closely connected to the offending that you committed, the purposes of the...

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