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Sexual Assault

Tennessee Mom Guilty Of Statuatory Rape Of Daughter's Boyfriend In "Every Room Of The House"
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Jamie Tice, who told police she had sex with her daughter’s 14-year-old boyfriend in ‘every room of the house’ was just found guilty on multiple statutory rape charges in a Sumner County courtroom today, and was immediately taken into custody. She was found guilty of 2 counts of aggravated statutory rape by an authority figure, and 4 counts of aggravated statutory rape,and will be required to register as a sex offender. Sumner county sentencing is scheduled for March 22nd. Both claimed...
Woman Kept Chained In Barn For 8 Days While Her 10-Year-Old Child Was Sexually Abused
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A review of court documents in Owyhee County reveals that the child Chancey Baker was charged with sexually abusing on Thursday belongs to the 36-year-old woman he allegedly kidnapped and chained in a barn last year for eight days. Baker, 36, is a registered sex offender who has been charged on suspicion of 10 new child...
"Zeus-Like God Sent To Earth To Seduce Women" Convicted For Involuntary Toe-Sucking
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A California man convicted of sucking on a sleeping woman’s toes after breaking into her home claimed to be a Zeus-like god sent to Earth to seduce women. Richard Michael Parkhurst, 29, of Norwalk, was convicted of one felony burglary count, one count of peering into an inhabited building, and two counts of indecent exposure for a wild chain of events that unfolded after he exposed himself to a woman walking her dog in October 2017, according to court papers obtained by The Patch. “Nice...
Chat Gone Wrong: Father Admits To Sexual Contact With His Twin 3-Year-Old Daughters
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According to WLKY, Thomas Cannon, 40, sent seven photos of child porn to an undercover detective, including three photos of his daughters that portray them in a sexual performance. Cannon reportedly admitted in an online chat to making sexual contact with his 3-year-old twin daughters. Cannon is facing three counts of promoting a sexual performance by a minor and seven counts of distribution of matter portraying sexual performance by a minor.
Three 14-Year-Olds, One 12-Year-Old Charged With Raping 19-Year-Old Woman
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BALTIMORE -- Three 14-year-old boys and one 12-year-old boy have been charged with raping a 19-year-old woman at gunpoint in Baltimore. "Police say the 19-year-old woman had just gotten off an MTA bus and was walking into the 300 block of North Fulton Avenue when three suspects forced her into an alley at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her. On Thursday, detectives arrested 14-year-old Wilmer Ramos, 14-year-old Phillip Worrell and 14-year-old Nile Campbell. A fourth juvenile, a...
Woman Accused Of Raping Teen Relative With Help Of Boyfriend
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Brittany Nicole Sheetz of Buffalo Mills has been charged with rape, incest of a minor, corruption of minors, indecent assault of a person less than 16 and selling and furnishing liquor to a minor. The 24-year-old is accused of forcing the teen to have sex with her in December at her home.
Arrest After Victim Survives Cougar Attack
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A 64-year-old Florida Woman is free on bond after allegedly groping and grinding upon a younger man who declined the defendant’s sexual advances and an offer to accompany her back to her residence in The Villages, the country’s largest retirement community. Police charge that Marrian Ann Zambrano recently got criminally frisky with an employee of the R.J. Gators restaurant.
Man Raped Girlfriend's Dog Because She Wouldn't Respond To His Texts
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A Portland man was arrested Wednesday after authorities say he admitted to raping his fiancée’s dog, which later was euthanized after the sexual assault caused internal injuries. Fidel Lopez, 51, told Portland police that he and the dog, aLhasa Apso mix named Estrella, were lying in bed last November while his girlfriend was out, and he got upset when she wouldn’t respond to his calls and texts, according to a probable cause affidavit.
Chrystle Cousins Gets 10 Years Probation For Sexual Assault Of 4-Year-Old
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A Malone woman accused of having sexual contact with a 4 1/2-year-old child while her 11-year-old daughter videotaped the incident was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years of probation, with the first 180 days to be served in the Franklin County Jail, after pleading guilty in Franklin County Court to a charge of first-degree sexual abuse.
Porn Star Mercedes Carrera And Director Jason Whitney Accused Of Sexually Abusing Young Girl
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Deputies began investigating last Thursday when they learned of alleged sexual acts against a child under the age of 10. Detectives interviewed the young girl, who reported being sexually abused multiple times by a man and a woman over a four-month period.
Pedophile Preacher Dies After Castration By Victim's Father
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A pedophile preacher who raped a nine-year-old girl has died after her father severed his penis, a South African court has heard. Preacher Mase Malgas, 66, died from his injuries on September 30 after the girl's father was informed by his ex-wife that their daughter had been raped and that Mr. Malgas was the culprit, according to Constable Lundi Nqwelo who was summoned as a witness by the state prosecutors. Mr. Malgas was tracked down by the defendant, his ex-wife and a friend of the...
Florida State Trooper Charged With Sex With A Minor, Two Other Cops Charged With Not Reporting It
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When a Highway Patrol trooper was arrested in September and charged with having sex with a minor, his wife, who was a Groveland police officer, and his friend, a Lake County sheriff’s deputy, were arrested for not promptly reporting the crime. The deputy has now entered into an agreement that gets him off the hook legally. Chad Corriveau’s wife, Alicia, still faces a third-degree felony charge of violating the reporting law. Seth Luppino, however, has entered a pretrial intervention...
Man Sexually Assaults Girl "Hell, I Don't Know" How Many Times Between Age 7 and 12, Blames Her
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Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said his deputies arrested a man for sexually abusing a child for 5 years of her life, starting at the age of 7. Judd said the Mexican national, living in Auburndale, Florida, was arrested for allegedly "repeatedly sexually battering and molesting" a girl since she was 7-years-old. The man's wife was reportedly shocked by the allegations but was cooperating fully with the investigation. The pair has an unknown number of children together. The...
Woman Wakes To Genital Area "Covered In Baby Shampoo" And A Naked Homeless Man "Sucking On Her Chest"
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A Connecticut man has been arrested after police say he broke into the home of a woman who woke up to find a naked stranger on top of her. Police said the incident happened in the middle of the night when the woman awoke to find a man sucking on her chest in her house on Vine Street, Bridgeport, as reported by The Connecticut Post. She realized the man was not her husband, who was asleep in the bed next to her, and screamed at which point the naked man jumped off the bed. The woman...
Four Delaware Boys, 12 to 14 Years Old, Charged With Kidnapping And Raping Girl
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Four juvenile males between the ages of 14 and 12 have been charged with kidnapping and raping a girl. Kabarshenay Ellis-Pinkney, 14, Louis Miller and Joseph James-Carter, both 13, and Ja'den Glover, 12 were arrested on Wednesday in New Castle County, Delaware on first-degree rape and kidnapping charges. Police say that the four dragged a girl into a home in Bear, on December 11 and forcibly raped her. A police spokesman told DailyMail.com that the victim was under the age of 18, but...
Violent Crminal Bailed Out By Nonprofit Chokes And Sexually Assaults Woman
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A violent thug who’d been bailed out by a nonprofit — only to viciously choke and sexually violate a young woman in the Bronx a week after he was sprung — will stay behind bars for the next 18 years under a plea deal he took Wednesday. Lynneke Burris, 30, of Brooklyn, already had a lengthy rap sheet, including for violent muggings, and had been jailed on a new assault charge...
16-Year-Old Boy Kept As Sadomasochistic Trailer Slave By 6 Floridians
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Seven people have been arrested after a 16-year-old boy was allegedly kept as a sex slave for a whole year having been promised him a better life away from his family. The six Florida men and one woman were caught after luring a second teenager to their 'deplorable' trailer over an online gaming app, police say. Four of the men are accused of repeatedly sexually abusing the first boy at the squalid mobile home in St. Petersburg. He is said to have been found living on a small mattress...
Louisiana Cop Charged With 40 Counts Related To Sexual Abuse Of Animals
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A Bossier City police officer has been arrested and charged with 40 counts related to sexual abuse of animals. Terry Yetman, 38, of 1207 Villaggio Blvd., was booked into the Bossier Parish jail Wednesday night. He was still listed in custody at the medium security facility as of late Thursday afternoon. [...] According to a release from Louisiana State Police, the LSP Special Victim’s Unit began an investigation in August 2018. State police allege that during a search, evidence...
"Harrowing" Harridan Forces Young Girl South Of The Border
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A paedophile who forced a girl under the age of 10 to perform a sex act on her has been jailed. Pervert Eileen McBrien, 62, has been sentenced to six years in prison after luring the youngster into a property. She was found guilty of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity following a trial at Manchester Crown Court. Her young victim was brave enough to report the attack to her mother in August 2017 just weeks after the attack. But McBrien from Ancoats, Manchester, denied...
Veteran Deputy Sexually Assaults Girlfriend’s 14-Year-Old Daughter, 12-Year-Old Relative
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A veteran sheriff’s deputy in Illinois was charged with sexually assaulting two children, including his girlfriend’s 14-year-old daughter, authorities said. Luke Hatzipetros, 43, inappropriately touched the girl with his hand three separate times on Dec. 13 while inside her bedroom as her two younger siblings slept nearby, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Brandon Stark told the Chicago Sun-Times. The 18-year vet allegedly returned to the teen’s bedroom a day later and touched her...

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