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Couple Accused Of Torturing And Starving 15 Year-Old Daughter For Years
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A couple faces felony child abuse charges after one of their children told police they have been torturing her for years. A statement of probable cause indicates Kimberly Marie Tutt, 35, and Trev Jordan Tutt, 33, were arrested after an officer with Ogden Police interviewed their 15-year-old daughter. The girl said her mother had been chaining her by the wrist at night or restraining her beneath a bed in a hotel room for hours at a time. The officer noted the girl seems small for her age...
Man Charged With Attempted Murder, Child Abuse In Serious Injury Of 6-Week-Old Infant
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Fort Collins police arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after an infant child was hospitalized for serious injuries they said happened while in his care. On March 5, police were notified by staff at an area hospital of a 6-week-old child who had been hospitalized for serious head injuries, according to Fort Collins police. Through the course of their investigation, investigators concluded 24-year-old Edgar Beckford caused the injuries while caring for the child, police said...
Suddenly, Rhino
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A rhinoceros at a German safari park attacked a zookeeper's car, but the employee managed to escape without any serious injuries from the attack caught on camera. The scary incident of rhino rage unfolded at Serengeti Park in the German state of Lower Saxony, as the apparently enraged animal used its horn and powerful body to flip the car — painted like a zebra — several times. The footage was published by the YouTube channel Einstein Gamer and in the German daily Bild.
Security Guard Lured, Sexually Assaulted 3 Year-Old Girl, Then Lectured Her Mom for "Letting Him"
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A judge described the sickening attack in Sydney, Australia, as 'every parent's worst nightmare' as he lured girl away from playground. This haunting footage shows the moment a security guard led a three-year-old girl down an alleyway before sexually assaulting her. The worker has been jailed for four-and-a-half years for targeting the child, with a judge describing the attack as 'every parent's worst nightmare'. Full Story:
Alleged Serial Rapist Flunked Out As A Police Recruit In Georgia
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If Kenneth Bowen hadn’t applied to be a cop last year, he might have continued to get away with being a serial rapist, cops said. Police in Atlanta arrested the former recruit, who was terminated last year for unrelated reasons, and charged him with seven counts of rape and one of sexual battery, Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts told reporters on Wednesday. (....) “He was removed from this agency during the academy process for being absent without leave,” Roberts said. “And during...
Their Defense was They Were Drunk: Couple Busted for Making Child Porn with a 1 Year Old
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ALBANY, N.Y. — A 38-year-old man and his girlfriend have been sentenced to federal prison for making child pornography using a 1-year-old girl. The US Attorney’s Office says Joshua Carey of Stamford in Delaware County and 28-year-old Ariel Machia of Middleburgh in Schoharie County were sentenced Thursday in Albany’s federal courthouse. They had pleaded guilty to felony counts of sexual exploitation of a child. Prosecutors say Carey, a previously convicted sex offender, was sentenced to 40...
Babysitter Beaten By Her Boyfriend, 9-Month-Old Seriously Injured
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An Oklahoma infant is recovering serious injuries after he was caught up in the middle of a domestic assault. Kriesha Germany told FOX 23 that she was at work when she got a panicked phone call from her babysitter. Police say the babysitter was holding 9-month-old Cashyss Joseph as her boyfriend, Chad Young, beat her. Witnesses told police that Young continued to beat her even after she said to stop because she was holding the baby, and even after she was on the ground. Cashyss was rushed...
Christina Petrocelli Hit And Tossed Her 5 Month-Old Like A Human Volleyball
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A 5-month old girl from the Hudson Valley had to be airlifted to a hospital after her mother allegedly hit and tossed the infant. 31-year-old Christina Petrocelli of Monticello was charged with felony assault as well as misdemeanors for endangering the welfare of a child and criminal mischief. Monticello police responded to a 911 report that stated a 5-month old female infant was assaulted by Petrocelli. A witness at the scene told officers Petrocelli intentionally struck and then tossed...
Woman Made Two Female Toddlers Engage In Sexual Acts For Man's Sexual Gratification
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A woman made two toddlers have sex while her sick boyfriend watched on his mobile phone. Roberto Oquendo, 38, from Brevard County used a social media app to chat with Rose Beth Litzky, 33. On it Litzky made two female children in sexually explicit conduct for Oquendo’s gratification. Oquendo, who at the time was living in Virginia, took screenshots of the horrific scenes orchestrated by Litzky, who resided in Florida. A federal jury previously found Litzky guilty of conspiracy to...
Rodeo Man, Woman Face Multi-State Human Trafficking Charges
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VACAVILLE — In March 2018, a woman known in court records only as Jane Doe left her Vacaville home and went to TJ’s Tavern. Once there, she struck up a conversation with another woman, and opened up to her about financial problems she was having and going through a recent breakup. The woman, later identified as Sarah Keyosha Smith, 28, invited Doe back to her Rodeo home to spend the night watching movies and talking more. Doe agreed. But the next morning, Smith and her roommate told Doe...
Mother Convicted of Child Abuse Maintained Custody of 7 Kids Until Investigation
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Adrienne Stone was convicted of felony menacing, six counts of child abuse and violation of a protection order on July 10. But six weeks after those convictions, the 38-year-old Arvada mother was still allowed to maintain custody of her seven youngest kids. "I didn't know how anybody who had just been convicted of several counts of child abuse would still be allowed to keep children," said Nicholas Maerz Jr., the oldest son of Stone. Now 18 years old, Maerz Jr. was 17 in May 2018 when his...
School and Recreation Executive Director Charged With Multiple Counts of Child Pornography
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MCFARLAND, Wis. - Madison School and Community Recreation Executive Director Jacob D. Tisue, 44, of McFarland, has been charged with possessing multiple counts of child pornography on Thursday. According to a news release from the McFarland Police Department, investigators have taken Tisue into custody and booked him into Dane County Jail He faces tentative charges with multiple counts of possession of child pornography. The Dane County District Attorney's Office is currently reviewing...
2 Men Arrested In Bizarre Case Involving Child Rape, Child Porn, Bestiality, And Satanic Rituals
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LOCKLAND, Ohio (FOX19) - Two men are under arrest on child rape and porn charges as police race to identify children they suspect are being victimized in pornographic pictures posted online. Lockland police describe the case as the worst they’ve ever seen. They say they found the pornographic images, including child bestiality, on the suspects’ phones during rape investigations in Clermont and Hamilton counties. William Bustillos III, 25, is accused of raping a boy last year who was...
Man Suspected Of Punching 2 Kids In The Head At Target
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According to the Lodi Police Department, officers recently responded to the Target in the city to investigate after an 11-year-old and 5-year-old were reportedly punched by a man. The man ran out through the north exit door, but was soon found behind an electrical box behind the store. Officers say the man, 51-year-old Galt resident Jeff Hardcastle, appears to have been under the influence at the time of the attack. The attack was completely unprovoked, police say, and it’s unclear why...
Florida Woman Attacks Elderly Boyfriend, Grabs His Genitals After Arguing Over TV Remote Control
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A 23-year-old Florida woman grabbed her elderly boyfriend's genitals and cut him with her fingernails after they argued about the television remote control, according to authorities. Amber Black was charged with battery on a person over the age of 65 and obstruction of justice in connection with Friday night’s incident in Palm Beach County, according to the Palm Beach Post newspaper. Black punched her older beau in the face and began attacking him with her fingernails as they fought over...
Finding Good Childcare Is Hard While Committing A Burglary
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The NYPD has found a 2-year-old girl more than 5 miles from where she went missing after her father abandoned her with a friend to commit a crime, officials said. Cops learned about the missing toddler around 3:40 p.m. Today when they picked up her dad for a burglary. “He said his child was given to a friend of his and we’re in the process of looking for that child,” a police spokesman said. The girl, last seen at around 1:30 p.m. in Washington Heights, was found a few hours later in...
Dad Guilty In Suffocation Death Of 8-Month-Old Son During An Afternoon Of Stoned Babysitting
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A drug-addled dad with a fondness for weed and video games faces 3-to-9 years in prison for suffocating his son beneath a pile of blankets during an afternoon of stoned babysitting. Claude Tinnin, 21, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the March 22, 2018 death of his tiny son August, who was wrapped in layers of blankets and placed face-down in his crib after mom Antoinette Fleming left the boy alone with the father in her Lower East Side apartment. Tinnin confessed to creating a lethal...
Rampant Sex Trafficking Was Ignored At Atlanta-Area Hotels
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Several major hotel chains were hit with lawsuits alleging that workers at their Georgia and Louisiana locations assisted sex-traffickers in evading police over the course of six years, court records show. Four anonymous woman, including at least two who were underage at the time, claim in lawsuits filed Monday they were victims of rampant sex trafficking that was overlooked by Atlanta- and Baton Rouge-based hotel employees who were paid by traffickers to turn a blind eye and act as lookouts...
EMS Took Unconscious 3-Month-Old Girl To The Hospital Where She Died From Her Injuries
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Deputies say a Davidson County man is charged with murder and felony child abuse in the death of his 3-month-old daughter. The Davidson County Sheriff's Office says deputies responded to a home in Denton in reference to a baby who was not conscious and not breathing. EMS took the little girl to the hospital where she died from her injuries. Investigators say the child's death was caused by physical abuse from her father, Brandon Dean Patton.
Deranged Woman Bites Uber Driver on Ribcage in Random Attack
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29 August 2019 (...) Dramatic video shows a woman climbing on the hood of an Uber vehicle, breaking the windshield wiper and then attacking the driver. At one point, she opens the door of the Prius and tries to get inside, but the driver grabs her, pulls her out and throws her to the ground. The woman throws a punch and begins trying to attack the driver. That's when he puts her in a headlock to try to restrain her, but she then begins biting him on the rib cage. The driver, Yasser Hadi...

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