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Man Arrested, Police Say He Was Seen Sexually Abusing Little Girl On Video
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According to an arrest report, 38-year-old Billy Joe Chesser was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon. The arrest was conducted after an investigation by the Kentucky State Police Electronic Crimes Branch. Police say they discovered that Chesser was sharing child pornography images online. The arrest report states that Chesser was seen on video sexually abusing a little girl between the ages of 10 and 12. Chesser is charged with 10 counts of use of a minor under the age of 16 in a sexual...
Couple Face Drug, Sex-Abuse Charges After Children Removed From Squalid Home
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Amanda Nicole Fuller, 34, and Colten Wayne Lackey, 20, of Weatherford were taken into custody Thursday night. According to the Parker County Sheriff's Office, authorities began investigating last month after the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services removed the children from the home. The removal came amid allegations that the couple were using drugs and neglecting the children. The children lived in a mobile home on the property in the 5400 block of Upper Denton Road, while...
Smelly ‘Box Of Sex Toys’ Contained Man's Decapitated Head
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The box of "sex toys” Maria del Carmen asked a neighbor on Spain’s north coast to keep an eye on actually contained the decapitated head of her missing husband. The rest of the man, identified by as 67-year-old Jesus Maria, remains missing. According to the report, del Carmen, 61, asked a neighbor to keep an eye on her box of sex toys, which she didn’t want in her own home while authorities were poking around for clues that might help them locate Maria, who’d gone missing from their home...
DEA Seized Enough Fentanyl at San Diego Apartment to Kill 1.5M People: DA
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Prosecutors say there was enough fentanyl found in a Southern California apartment where a chemistry professor died of an overdose last Friday to kill nearly the entire city of San Diego. Five pounds of fentanyl and fentanyl derivatives were seized from the University City apartment by DEA Narcotics Task Force agents Agents also found evidence of a pill press operation, including powders, liquids, dyes and other drugs, according to prosecutors. The DEA first estimated the amount of...
24-Year-Old Utah Man Accused Of Sodomizing 11-Year-Old Girl While Tattooing Her
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Michael Easley was booked into the Carbon County Jail and held on charges of sodomy on a child, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and unlawful tattooing of a minor. Police were contacted by a concerned woman whose granddaughter said one of her friends had been sexually assaulted by Easley, according to a statement of probable cause for Easley's arrest, which was filed in 7th District Court on Sunday. The victim reportedly told her friends that Easley played with her breast...
7-Year-Old Was “Covered From Head To Toe In Bruises”
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A North Carolina couple was charged with child abuse after a 7-year-old boy died, according to police. At about 4:42 a.m. Wednesday, police responded to a report of an unresponsive person in a home. At the scene, police found 7-year-old Ethan Bates, who died at the scene. The boy’s mother, Evie Loretta Bates, 24, and his step-father, Saint Michael Edwards, 23, were both charged with felony intentional child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury. According to arrest warrants, the boy was...
Man In Sticky Situation After Assaulting Wife With Drain Cleaner And Glue
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Police responded to a fire call in St. Ann earlier this week and uncovered a bizarre case of alleged domestic abuse, as a man was arrested and accused of assaulting his wife with glue and drain cleaner. People at the Santa Ana Apartments on Ashby near St. Charles Rock Road called to report the building’s on fire four or five times recently but there’s never been a fire, according to St. Ann police. A husband and wife were linked to the most recent call on Tuesday and perhaps two or three...
12-Year-Old Boy Severely Burned, Friends Set Him Ablaze For A ‘Fire Challenge’
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A 12-year-old Michigan boy was severely burned when his friends set him ablaze as part of a so-called “fire challenge,” according to a report. The victim’s mom, Tabatha Cleary of Dearborn Heights, said her son Jason was hospitalized for four days with second-degree burns to his chin, chest and stomach because his friends set him on fire Saturday after seeing the disturbing social media trend on YouTube, WDIV-TV reports. “I just want everybody to know that these challenges, or whatever...
Florida Woman™ Arrested with Two Dozen Homemade Pipe Bombs, Made "To Hurt People"
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A Florida woman built two dozen pipe bombs, packed with nails and pellets, and had amassed an “astonishing” amount of weapons — all with the “intention of hurting people,” authorities said Friday. Michelle Kolts, 27, was arrested by Hillsborough County sheriff’s officers Thursday night after the woman’s parents stumbled upon the bombs in their home just outside Tampa Bay, according to authorities. Officers also found more than 20 different knives, multiple BB guns and hunting bows — as...
Marquashia Thompson Left Her Wandering Toddler With A Man She Only Knew By His Nickname
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A mother was arrested after her child was found wandering alone near a busy Oklahoma City intersection. On Tuesday, at around 7 p.m., police were called in reference to a found child. Police spoke with a passerby who found the child standing on the curb pointing at cars as they drove by. According to a probable cause affidavit, the officer recognized the child from a call three days before when the child was found walking down SW 74th, nearly a mile away from her home. The officer took...
Teen Arrested After 13 Year Old Stabbed While Jogging
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A Marvin teenager is accused of stabbing a 13-year-old in the back while the boy was jogging on a trail last month, according to the Union County Sheriff’s Office. The attack happened Sept. 12 around 7:15 p.m. on a walking trail in the Weddington Chase subdivision. Rider Gage Walther, 17, was arrested...
National Lottery Career Conman Jailed For £2.5m Fake Ticket Fraud
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Edward Putman, 54, claimed he had found the winning ticket under a seat in his van in 2009 just before the deadline to claim the win passed. But St Albans Crown Court heard he was helped by Camelot insider Giles Knibbs who knew how to cheat the system. Putman, of Kings Langley in Hertfordshire, was found guilty of fraud by false representation. The court heard the fraud came to light after Mr Knibbs, who had a row with Putman over how the winnings were divided, took his own life in...
Former Truck Driver Gets Prison For Poisoning South Carolina Creek
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A former truck driver has been sentenced to 90 days in prison for illegally dumping toxic landfill waste into a creek system near South Carolina’s only national park. News outlets report 45-year-old Michael Greene was sentenced Wednesday and ordered to pay a $25,000 fine. He also was given a year of probation. [....] Greene faced up to three years in prison for repeatedly dumping chemicals in 2017 in the Wateree River drainage basin, which flows past Congaree National Park. He would back up...
Taiwan Blandin Sexually Assaulted An 18 Year-Old Girl, And Killed An 80 Year-Old Woman
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In a news conference Wednesday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said a “bizarre” and “tragic” chain of events started early Tuesday morning in Fort Meade. Judd says it all started when Blandin broke into a home in Fort Meade while an 18-year-old girl was asleep inside. The victim told deputies Blandin was standing naked in front of her when she woke up and told her he was going to sexually batter her. The sheriff says Blandin then pulled a knife on the girl, put it to her throat and made her...
Florida Woman™ Nurse Drop It Like It’s Hot Wanted Her "Tree" Removed
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Jesusadelaida “Jesse” Lopez illegally operated at weight loss clinic called Dr. Drop It Like It’s Hot. She had claimed she was a certified nurse. She got busted and was jailed in Polk County. While in jail she unknowingly contacted an undercover detective about making arrangements to have a "tree" removed at her house . Lopez offered to pay $2000 for the service. When the detective arrived at her home to cut down the “tree" it could not be located. The detective asked for a photo...
Father Left 2-Month-Old Daughter Face Down In Baby Swing For Mother To Find In The Morning
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Armas Cravins II, 32, is accused of causing his 2-month-old daughter's death, who was found face down in a baby swing, and neglecting three other children. According to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday by the Jackson County District Attorney, Cravins was left in charge of the infant, as well as three other children, while the children’s’ mother went to work about 9 p.m. Sept. 3. Investigators say Cravins left all four children, including a 7-year-old, 3-year-old and 2-year-old, in...
Mom Tells Kids “The Devil Can’t Hurt You, He Only Hurts Bad People" Before Crashing Van into Palm Tree
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A Lake City woman is facing four counts of attempted murder after police said she purposely crashed her minivan into a tree in an attempt to kill her kids. Officials said the van was on Southeast 31st Street when the driver, Calica Williams, 36, crossed the median and then struck a palm tree on Wednesday. According to an arrest affidavit, Williams told the children to take off their seat belts and stretch out their hands and said “The devil can’t hurt you. He only hurts bad people. You...
A Phoenix Mother Hit 9-year-old Daughter In The Back Of Her Head 2 times With A High Heel
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A Phoenix mother was arrested Monday on suspicion of fracturing her 9-year-old daughter's skull with a high heel, according to court documents. Police said the girl told her father that her mother, Martha Garcia, 43, hit her in the back of the head with a high heel on Sept. 11, according to a probable cause statement submitted to a court after Garcia was arrested. Garcia also is accused of pushing the child into a door, causing her to hit the back of her head following an argument, court...
Andrew Chickoree Gets Handsy While Watching You Sleep (Allegedly)
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"A 52-year-old man touched female subjects inappropriately during sleep studies he was conducting at locations in New Port Richey and Zephyrhills, according to New Port Richey Police" "Investigators said Chickoree was previously employeed as a technician at the locations where the sleep studies were conducted. Female victims alleged that he touched them inappropriately during studies he was administering."
Texas Mcdonald's Besieged By Crazy Shark Dude
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[Cra-zy Shark Do Do Do Do Do.....] Southlake police are asking for help identifying a man dressed in a shark onesie who shoved a McDonald’s worker. It happened on Saturday September 28 at the McDonald’s on 225 North Kimball. The suspect walked in with five other people. Police said from the time he entered the restaurant, the suspect was acting strange and pacing around. The man went to the register and said he should be able to get free food because he lost his wallet. When workers...