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Oakland Diocese Priest Arrested For 30 Counts Of Child Sexual Abuse
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"A priest in the Catholic Diocese of Oakland, California, was being held Sunday on charges of lewd and lascivious acts with a child, according to court records. Hector David Mendoza-Vela, 42, the parish administrator at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Fremont, was being detained in an Alameda County jail on $900,000 bond pending an arraignment on Tuesday. Alameda County sheriff's Sgt. Ray Kelly said Sunday that Mendoza-Vela was booked Friday on 30 counts of suspicion of abuse of a...
Adoptive Parents Texted About Hiding Bruises On Starved 11-Year-Old Girl
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A lock on the outside of a girl's bedroom door. A bucket in her bedroom to be used as a toilet. Duct tape dictating where she could and could not walk in her room — so as to stay in sight of the surveillance camera. Such is the evidence authorities included in the charging documents filed this week against Angela and Malcom Cobler, who reportedly imposed those conditions on the 11-year-old child they adopted in 2013. Both Coblers are facing nine charges, including child endangerment...
Two-Year-Old In Pain Tells Woman To Stop; She Keeps Molesting
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An Easton woman is accused of making pornographic videos with a 2-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl, according to federal court papers. A federal arrest warrant says Alize Mercedes Ramos Colon filmed herself performing a sex act on the boy on Nov. 13, 2018. The papers say the boy told her to stop and appeared to be in pain but she sexually assaulted him anyway. The warrant says she also sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl wearing zebra-striped pajamas on Dec. 5, 2018. According to the...
“I Think I Killed My Dad:” Sisters Beat, Stab Father In Vodka-Fueled Melee
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Two sisters are accused of beating their father with his crutches before stabbing him multiple times after a family squabble escalated at a home off East Central on Thursday morning. Melissa and Malorie Koyona are each facing seven counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon resulting in great bodily harm in a vicious attack on 60-year-old Kenneth Koyona and another man who tried to stop the melee. The elder Koyona underwent surgery and remained in critical condition Friday. Two...
Mom Found Passed Out With Meth, A Handgun, And A 3-Month-Old Covered In Shit
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A mother is accused of having drugs and a handgun near her child who was covered in feces. When officers arrived, the front door was open. From the hallway police said they could see a 3-month-old baby boy who was awake in a baby chair with a blanket almost completely covering him. The mother, Courtney Alexus Minks, 20, was sleeping on the couch, according to an arrest slip. Police said there was a handgun, a large bag of suspected crystal methamphetamine, a small bag of methamphetamine...
Alabama Mama Charged In Near-Fatal Machete Assault On Her Daughter, Over Money
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"Once on the scene, they found the 18-year-old victim suffering from severe wounds to her arms, hands and skull. Sheriff’s Capt. David Agee said her hand was almost severed. The victim, Agee said, said her mother assaulted her with a machete. The victim was taken to UAB Hospital’s Trauma Center. The mother – 49-year -old Corina D’Andrea - was taken into custody. She is charged with first-degree domestic violence and attempted murder. " "Agee said the victim is in critical but stable...
Couple Busted For Public Sex In Observation Wheel Gondola
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A couple was arrested last night after they had sex in front of children while riding inside a gondola on a 150-foot observation wheel in downtown Cincinnati, according to court filings. Police allege that Lauren Wilder, 31, and Michael Mathisen, 30, engaged in an illicit tryst while on the SkyStar wheel, which is adjacent to the Ohio River and the Great American Ballpark, where the Cincinnati Reds yesterday afternoon opened the baseball season. According to criminal complaints filed in...
Serial Perv Graduates To Sexual Assault; 2 Girls, 12 And 13 Years Old, Victims
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A man was arrested this week after police said he broke into a Dallas family's apartment and sexually assaulted two young girls in their bedroom. Oscar King, 34, faces charges of aggravated sexual of a child and burglary. The assaults took place early Wednesday morning at the family's apartment in Lake Highlands, according to an arrest-warrant affidavit. King broke the window of a bedroom where three girls, ages 10, 12 and 13, were asleep, police said. The 12-year-old woke up to King...
Convicted Sex Offender Caught Living With The Children He Abused
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Police caught a convicted sex offender living in the same house as children who were previous victims of his sexual abuse, and according to charging documents, this isn't the first time it happened. James Augusta Davis has a long history of run-ins with the law. Most notably, in 2014, police charged him with rape of a child and incest, according to WREG. Davis pleaded guilty to the second charge and went to prison. But he did not stay his entire six-year sentence. Records show he was...
Man Fatally Punches His 2 Week Old, Locks Door, Throws Away The Key, Strolls
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A Prairie Grove man is accused of killing his 2-week-old son after he punched the boy in the head and left him behind in his apartment. Mark Lewis, 40, was arrested in connection with first-degree murder. Lewis said he was home with his son Tuesday (March 26) since his mother was still in the hospital recovering from childbirth complications, according to an arrest report. Lewis, who told Prairie Grove police he had no cell phone and no one to assist him, punched the boy after he got...
The Pervs Of Abilene, Texas
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An Abilene teenager is accused of having sexual contact with a 2-year-old girl. Alex Jade Tucker, 17, was arrested Sunday on a charge of indecency with a child. Abilene police were originally called to investigate an online solicitation of a minor allegation. During the investigation, police say they learned Tucker had "sexual contact with a young child." According to the arrest report, Tucker admitted "making sexual contact" with the victim on at least two occasions. Police said the...
Krispy Kreme Employee Stabs Man Over Donut Squabble
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A Krispy Kreme employee is in jail after police say he stabbed the boyfriend of a co-worker after an argument on how to make donuts. Gainesville Police officers responded to the restaurant around 10:00 p.m. on March 27 and said they found a male victim lying on the floor with several stab wounds to his torso, stomach and thigh. Officers applied a tourniquet and the victim was taken into surgery at a local hospital where he survived. According to the police department, Julius Irving, 32...
Homeless Man "Headed" To Jail For Brutal Street Fight
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A California man has been arrested after a brutal street fight involving a bat and a metal rod. Video of the incident caught the two men fighting in the middle of the street with one man being knocked unconscious. After the victim was knocked out, the suspect continued to hit the victim. The head was later arrested, and the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. He is expected to survive, but he may need surgery. Fresno Police identified the head as 61-year-old Phillip...
Dad Arrested For 7 Week Old's Broken Femur And Cracked Ribs
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A College Station father was arrested Wednesday for breaking his 7-week-old child's leg. Authorities say 22-year-old Keilem Young took his daughter to CHI St. Joseph's emergency room on November 30 last year with a broken femur. She was taken to Dell Children's Hospital in Austin for more...
Meanwhile In Florida: Thong-Wearing Garbage Artist Arrested
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The case against George Blankin, 31, happened March 12 as a deputy was sent to an address in the 18000 block of Southeast U.S. 1 in southern Martin County. A property owner was calling to report “a homeless male on his property building a shed and throwing chairs,” the report states. “The trespasser was wearing a swimsuit and then a thong,” the report states. A thong is a minimalist undergarment that leaves a majority of the buttocks exposed. The 1999 debut album by Sisqo contains the hit...
Barricaded Man: "Fuck Off - I'm Having A Shit!"
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A man who barricaded himself in a toilet told staff to 'fuck off' and said he was 'having a shit' when they asked him to leave. The offender allegedly walked into the city centre premises around an hour beforehand and didn't buy anything, police said. Concerned by his lengthy stay in the facilities, those working in the venue knocked on the door and asked him to vacate the premises. When the man became verbally aggressive, staff called police, who moved him on, GMP City Centre tweeted. No...
Florida Man Busted Raping A Child, Tries To Cop A Walk
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A New Port Richey man by the name of Terrelle Cole Jr. has been arrested for sexual battery on a victim under the age of 12. A relative walked in on him raping their 6-year old daughter. At this point, Coolio Cole left the scene. Police put out a BOLO because of his potential to leave the state. He was later found by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office near the Suncoast Pkwy and SR 52. According to police, he really was trying to leave Florida when he was arrested.
Florida Man Randomly Punches Public Defender In Open Court
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A defense attorney was taken to a hospital Wednesday morning after a defendant in Broward County bond court punched her in the head. Assistant public defender Julie Chase was appearing before Judge Jackie Powell and looking down at her papers on the podium when William Green got out of his seat, walked up to her from behind and punched her in the side of her head, seemingly at random. The hit was so hard that she was knocked to the ground. "What happened?" Powell asked after looking up...
The Man, The Mommy And The Mannequin
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After his 73-year-old mother refused to dress his mannequin, a Florida Man shoved the woman to ground and began stuffing dumplings in her mouth, a forced feeding that left the victim unable to breathe, according to police. Responding to a call about a domestic disturbance last night, cops found the victim, whose face was covered in blood, to be “shaking with fear” inside the Boynton Beach home she shares with her son, Mikkel Dankner. The woman told cops she was in the home’s backyard when...
Naked Man Attempts To Board Flight, Claims Nudity Makes Him More 'Aerodynamic'
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A traveler passing through Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport reportedly claimed to be more “aerodynamic” while nude, shortly after stripping off his clothes and attempting to board a Ural Airlines flight to Crimea. The man, identified as a Moscow-area resident born in 1981, had made his way through security at Domodedovo completely clothed, before getting naked sometime ahead of arriving at the boarding gate, according to The Moscow Times. “He shouted that he was naked because clothing impairs...

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