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CT Landscaper Popped For Witness Intimidation After Pre-Work Jelly, Syrup And Sex Romp
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The Connecticut landscaper facing a voyeurism charge for secretly recording a sexual encounter with a female friend--a tryst that included the application of maple syrup and blueberry jelly--was jailed this week for violating a protective order barring him from contacting the victim. Robert Somley, 52, is being held in the Bridgeport jail on $150,000 bond after he allegedly sought to intimidate the 48-year-old victim. In addition to a witness tampering charge, Somley was hit with a...
"Do you want to die" Over $3.98 Worth Of Sodas?
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A Memphis woman was taken into custody on Wednesday after police say she stole two 2-liter bottles of soda worth $3.98 from a convenience store and then held the owner at gunpoint. The owner of Klondike Food and Deli called police after the alleged incident happened. He told police the woman came into the store, grabbed a two-liter Coca-Cola and a two-liter Sprite, and then proceeded back out of the door. The man said he followed the suspect outside and that’s when she pulled a gun...
CA Genius Breaks Into Abandoned Chinese Restaurant, Found Stuck In Grease Duct
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I understand some folks like to find creative ways to break into property, but this guy took it to a whole new level... It was grease frightening. Firefighters rescued a man who had gotten stuck in a grease duct of a California restaurant Wednesday. The 29-year-old man likely would "not have survived another day given the circumstances," the Alameda County Sheriff's Department said in a statement, but did not specify how long he had been there. He was covered in grease and oil and...
Santa Draws Gunfire While Driving On I-20
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Fucking I-20! Even if you don't get shot there's no mercy on the stretch of I-20 that runs through Dallas and Tarrant Counties. If you need to get over to the tire change lane because you have an emergency, don't expect others to let you change lanes. There are frequent road rage shootings, but now the asshole's are taking pot shots at Santa! The incident occurred on westbound I-20 at the Anglin Drive exit around 11 p.m. A man dressed as Santa Claus, who did not wish to be identified...
Cannibal Corpse Guitarist Arrested For Burglary, Assault With A Deadly Weapon
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Pat O'Brien, lead guitarist for death metal band Cannibal Corpse, was arrested Monday after his Northdale, Florida home caught fire and ammunition exploded, according to multiple reports. Firefighters were able to contain the flames, Fox 13, but faced difficulty due to the ammo detonating inside the residence causing flames to shoot through the roof. While firefighters battled the blaze, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office responded to a burglary call at a different house nearby...
NJ Elementary Teacher Snorts Morphine In Front Of Kids
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A New Jersey elementary school teacher snorted morphine in front of students and another faculty member last week, prosecutors said. Michael Palladino, a 43-year-old teacher at Eagleswood Township Elementary School, was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and official misconduct, reported Monday, citing a Dec. 3 Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office complaint. “Specifically, by ingesting a controlled dangerous substance through his nostril, at his desk in a...
British Septuagenarians Arrested After 20 Pounds Of Cocaine Found In Cruise Ship Cabin
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A British couple in their 70s was arrested last week after authorities discovered more than 20 pounds of cocaine in their room aboard a cruise ship, Portuguese police said. The couple, ages 72 and 70, were detained on “suspicion of drug trafficking narcotics,” Sky News reported. Their names were not immediately released. They were aboard the Cruise and Maritime Voyages’ Marco Polo cruise ship that left from Tilbury, United Kingdom on Nov. 5 with 610 passengers onboard. The two were...
Florida Uber Eats Customer Finds Soiled Underpants In Food Order
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BAL HARBOUR, Fla. (WFLA/WPLG) – Most people tend to be understanding if delivered food arrives a bit cold or isn’t exactly right, but when it comes with a side of soiled underpants? That’s no accident. It happened to a man in Florida and he wants people to know what can happen to food between when you order it and when it gets to you. "Who thinks that you're going to get delivered somebody's dirty underwear?" asked Leo, the unfortunate customer who received the underwear. "Disgusting...
Featured Florida Man Has Job Interview, Immediately Shoplifts From Same Store
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BROOKSVILE, FL — A Florida man was arrested after shoplifting from a department store where he had just completed a job interview. Some people hate to waste gas. They will go through the most ridiculous logistical contortions to get everything done in one trip, even if it means going around their ass to get to their elbow. Or, in the case of Florida Man Domick Breedlove, going to jail. Breedlove, 24, is one of those responsible young adults that seek out gainful employment. And he loves...
Menendez Brothers Spotted In Crowd On NBA Trading Card?
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After murdering their mother and father, Lyle and Erik Menendez spent nearly a million dollars of their parents' money taking lavish vacations, buying expensive cars -- and, apparently, watching the New York Knicks. An eagle-eyed Reddit user found two men who appear to be the since-convicted killers in the background of a Mark Jackson basketball card. The 1990-91 NBA Hoops trading card features Jackson, a former Knicks point guard, making a bounce pass on the wing of the court. Over...
Penile Exorcism Interrupted by Teen
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Andre Marc Sutherland, 27, was all methed up and had no place to go. He did sensible thing and climbed through the window of an apartment because he was “having a telepathic conversation” with the 13-year-old occupant, police said. The teen was making a pizza and when he went back to his room there sat a very high Andre stroking it on his bed... Dear Lord tell me they burned those sheets! This kid had a great reaction, because honestly, I'm not sure what I would have done, he punched...
Homophobe Fractures Woman's Spine After Another Woman Kisses Her On The Cheek
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A homophobic man on the New York City subway punched a woman, knocked her down and broke her spine when he saw another passenger kissing her on the check. Police have released video of the irate strap-hanger confronting the 20-year-old woman on an E train in Queens in hopes of finding him to press charges. According to police the man became angry when he saw another woman kiss the victim on the cheek. An argument...
Featured Kentucky Deputies Clear Out Meth Nest; Dozen Arrested
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LONDON, KY — Police in Kentucky arrested a dozen people on a variety of charges after investigating community complaints about suspected drug dealing. There are good neighbors and there are bad neighbors, and then there are neighbors that are a blight on not just the neighborhood, but on humanity as well. Sometimes everyone in the neighborhood is painfully aware of their depredations, sometimes it's hidden below the surface like a pestilential rot. Neighbors like the Wild Wonderful Whites...
Texas Man Drives To NY To Get Girl He Groomed For New "Daddy and Daughter" Porno Life
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A Texas man kidnapped a teenager from New York and drove her over 1,600 miles to his trailer park to produce child porn, police say. Bill Harmon Dunn Jr allegedly met the 15-year-old girl through an adult website, where he sent explicit messages about what their life would be like as 'daddy and daughter.' He also coerced her into sending nude images of herself, court documents obtained by the New York Post state. Dunn, 48, initially intended to send the teen bus tickets to meet her...
Sonic Special In Texas: A Side Of Ecstasy With A Kid's Burger
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A family in Taylor, Texas received more than they bargained for when they ordered food for their children at a Sonic Drive-In. According to city officials, the family discovered an illegal substance inside the wrapper of one of the children's hamburgers, which led to the arrest of three of the fast-food chain's employees. Police said an 11-year-old girl discovered the pill as she was unwrapping a hamburger for her 4-year-old brother Thursday night. Authorities said the family...
Florida: Felonies, Public Sex and Restraining Orders
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Today’s Florida-man is played by 52 year old Tommy Lee Hampton who was arrested yesterday for having sex on a public beach. While on a routine patrol around 3:30pm police saw Tommy’s ass pointed to the sky and his lady partner’s legs wrapped around him both reeking of booze and getting it on. “Tennessee Tom”, as he’s known, was subjected to a computer check of his identity which revealed he had an open order of protection from the very woman he was shagging on the beach…I guess they made...
Man In ICU For Heart Failure Coughs Up Part Of Lung
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A 36-year-old California man who was admitted to the intensive care unit with chronic heart failure was coughing so severely that he hacked up an intact cast of the right bronchial tree. The unidentified patient, whose case was written about in the New England Journal of Medicine, was receiving treatment at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center and had previously been fitted with a pacemaker. Over the course of a week, the patient had progressed to coughing...
Serial Public Masturbator Plays "Hide The Toilet Bowl Scrubber" At NJ Doctor's Office
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A serial public masturbator named Mr Bates has been hospitalized after an alleged incident with a brush in a New Jersey doctor's bathroom. Brian Bates, from New York, is accused of pleasuring himself in front of women at a Paramus doctor’s office. Police say the 47-year-old was caught also 'attempting to penetrate his anus with the handle of the toilet bowl scrubber'. Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg told 'Upon police arrival, officers found Bates in the bathroom with the door open...
Minutes Into Freedom, Philadelphia Man Released From Jail Steals Car With 1-Year-Old Inside
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Westmoreland County Prison officials said that moments after 36-year-old Thomas Lee Williams was released Tuesday evening, he attacked a woman in the parking lot, stole her car, and drove away with her 1-year-old grandson in the back seat. The Tribune-Review reports Williams crashed about 15 minutes later and ran into the woods, where he was apprehended. Both the boy and his grandmother were taken to hospitals to be checked out. Police say the Philadelphia man was back in custody...
LA Man Pushes Random Passerby In Front Of Oncoming Truck
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In the surveillance video, acquired by Los Angeles ABC station KABC, a man is seen sitting on a bench by the sidewalk. He jumps toward one woman and startles her, before sitting back down. But as the next passerby, a man in a suit, walks past, the man jumps off the bench and shoves him into the street right as a box truck is pulling up. The truck manages to slam on the brakes to avoid running over the man lying in the street, but he's still caught under the front wheel. The suspect...