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Police: Flushing Drugs Could Create Alabama ‘Meth-Gators’
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Tennessee police arrested a man after he allegedly tried to flush a dozen grams of drugs down his toilet, something police jokingly said could create “meth-gators” in Alabama. Officers with the Loretto Police Department in Tennessee arrested a suspected drug dealer who was found attempting to flush grams methamphetamine down the toilet on Saturday, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page. Once police entered Perry’s home, officers found him trying to flush the meth and...
Former Pittsburgh Firefighter Arrested For Allegedly Holding Woman Hostage
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"Police said a woman was calling for help from a second-floor window, saying that the man would not let her leave and that she had been assaulted. Police used a ladder from a city firetruck to get to the woman and bring her to safety. The suspect, identified as 47-year-old Marc Vrane, barricaded himself inside the home. He made multiple threats of violence against police and was uncooperative. SWAT then gained entry into the home and took Vrane into custody on the third floor of the home...
Doodle-Faced Jose Martinez Won't Be Going To Prison For Aggravated Kidnapping
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••• The suspect was then located and a pursuit began where the suspect was able to flee from the authorities. West Jordan Police was called just before 11 p.m. to offer support to the pursuit. K9 units were also brought in and tracked the fugitive to a neighborhood near an elementary school, where he then barricaded himself inside a residence. Officials then called in a SWAT team. standoff then ensued between the man and the responding authorities. When the SWAT team entered the home...
Woman Steals Back Her Stolen Car
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) — Danielle Reno isn’t an investigator, and she doesn’t work for the police department, but she used her best sleuthing skills to bring her car back home. “Did I park somewhere else? No. I know I parked here. Somebody stole my car! And it was all downhill from there,” Reno, car theft victim, said. It was a full investigation for Reno. She filed a police report for her missing 4Runner, then took things into her own hands. “I got out of my car, grabbed my daughter...
JonBenet Ramsey Photographer Arrested On Child Pornography Charges
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A 66-year-old Oregon photographer known for taking images of JonBenet Ramsey in the months before her 1996 murder has been arrested on child pornography charges, reports KEPR. Police in Springfield said Randall Simons downloaded images using the WiFi of an A&W restaurant near his home, per the Register-Guard. The arrest is getting attention because Simons famously was hired by the Ramsey family in June 1996 to take photos of the 6-year-old beauty pageant contestant. She was killed in December.
20-Year-Old Man Arrested For Child Porn Solicitation
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CHICAGO — A man accused of asking young boys for nude photos faces multiple charges, including child pornography solicitation. Desmond Holcombe Jr., 20, turned himself in to Chicago police Thursday morning. --Al
Pastor Hold Thief At Gunpoint Until TPD Arrives
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The security alarm at Seminole Heights Baptist Church started ringing around 12:40 a.m. Thursday. Alerted at his home nearby, Pastor Brant Adams, 40, rolled out of bed, grabbed his handgun and jumped into his pickup truck. Minutes later, Adams and a deacon, Jack Young, crept into the church at 801 E Hillsborough Ave. The lights were on inside. Adams spotted a man he didn’t know going through a desk in one of the church offices. The man noticed him and started to move forward, so Adams...
Autozone Is Mostly For Parts...But Body Is Found
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Police are looking for answers in the shooting death of a man whose body was found behind a business in Ocala early Wednesday morning. Officials were called to an area along South Pine Avenue around 4 a.m. where they found a man's body behind an AutoZone. Officials with the Ocala Police Department believe the victim, 30-year-old Eric Rugg, was shot somewhere else before being dumped at the location. "He did receive injuries," said Ocala Police Captain Charlie Eades. "It did not appear...
3 Suspects But 2 Drown
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Three rocket scientists decided to steal a car and it all went downhill from there. The cops engage in a pursuit, they realize there's a child in car, and the car breaks down. The police apprehend one and two proceed to scale a 8 foot high fence then jump 20 feet into a creek that was up to 10 feet deep in places due to recent rains. The police ended up having to fish out the corpses of the two runners since they drowned in the creek.
Don't Tell Ashley Beach Not To Call Because Only Jail Will Stop Her
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City police on Monday charged Ashley N. Beach, 26, of 1708 Ohio St., with first-degree criminal contempt, a felony, and second-degree aggravated harassment by telephone, a misdemeanor. Police charge that Ms. Beach violated an order of protection issued that day by family court when she called Kevin Beach 81 times between 12:32 p.m. and 1:40 p.m.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Infested With Gangbanger Cops
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Deputy gangs are facing renewed scrutiny at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as the district attorney weighs potential criminal charges against members of the Banditos, a gang or clique that operates out of the East Los Angeles patrol station. Sheriff Alex Villanueva unveiled a new policy Friday meant to root out the problem. The measure follows a violent deputy confrontation at a department sponsored party at Kennedy Hall in East L.A. A deputy who was beaten up at that party...
Philly Man Beaten to Death After Stealing Car With Kids Inside
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A father chased after a car thief who stole a vehicle with his children inside and then beat the thief to death with help from bystanders Thursday night in Philadelphia, police said. The ordeal began around 9 p.m. when a 25-year-old woman parked her Hyundai sedan outside a pizza shop on 29th and Dauphin streets. The woman went inside the shop to visit her boyfriend who worked there, but she left her three young children - a 7-month-old, a 1 and a half-year-old and a 5-year-old - inside the...
Church Pastor Out After Sex-Toy Buying Spree Fiasco
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The reason for her ouster is far more stimulating than any sermon this pastor could have delivered. The Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, the first woman to lead Manhattan’s famed Riverside Church, lost her lofty post amid complaints that she brought ministers and a congregant on a sex toy shopping spree and then gave one of them an unwanted vibrator as a birthday gift, The Post has learned. On May 15, Butler allegedly took two Riverside assistant ministers and a female congregant to a sex shop in...
Florida DUI Suspect Says "Fuck You, I'm A Lawyer"
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A Florida attorney who was arrested on Tuesday after allegedly driving under the influence fumed "f*** you, I'm a lawyer" at a deputy while being detained, police say. James Stanley, 61, had an open bottle of rum on his lap when stopped by deputies from the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office in Ponte Vedra Beach, southeast of Jacksonville, according to an arrest report obtained by WJXT. It said he smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech. Stanley, who was booked for driving under the...
Georgia Teenagers Stage Atlanta Mall Kidnapping To Gain YouTube Followers
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"The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said Christopher Kratzer, 19, and Ava Coleman, 17, face charges of reckless conduct and raising a false public alarm after the alleged staged kidnapping at The Collection at Forsyth shopping center, located about 35 miles north of Atlanta. "If you want to create a social media following, I would strongly dissuade you from this stupidity, good armed citizens might have been justified in using force to stop what they legitimately believed was a...
Firecracker Prank Nearly Blows the Balls Off of Detroit City Worker
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These pranksters are real ball busters. Two Detroit city workers on a bathroom break were reportedly injured when firecrackers exploded as they sat down on toilets inside their fire truck repair shop Wednesday. The stunt left one of the men with injuries to his leg and scrotum, according to the Detroit Metro Times. The victims are employees of the city’s General Services Department, an agency that repairs city fire trucks and other equipment, the report said. The city’s deputy fire...
Man Mows Down His 3 Year Old Son In Lawn Accident
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CHAMPION, Ohio (WKBN) – A small child died Monday after he fell from a lawnmower. The accident happened about 6:45 p.m. at a property on Anderson Anthony Road N.W. in Champion Township. A man called 911 and said his 3-year-old son fell from the mower while he was cutting the grass and went under the mower deck. The man said the boy was not breathing, according to the 911 report. Full Story:
Things Got Slashy After Boyfriend Told Florida Woman He Was Too Tired For Sex
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After her boyfriend said he was too tired to have sex, a Florida Woman allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and slashed him multiple times on the arm and shoulder, according to a criminal complaint. The confrontation between Jennifer Lee Chapman, 37, and her live-in boyfriend occurred around 5:45 AM Friday in the couple’s apartment in Dunedin, a Tampa suburb. A sheriff’s deputy reported that Chapman and the 36-year-old victim “got into a verbal argument over defendant wanting to have sex and...
Serial Shitter Terrorizes Tokyo, Given Stupid Name
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Tokyo authorities are searching for a mystery pooper who repeatedly has left feces in the same shopping district, a report said. The male perpetrator known as “Mr. Poop” has reportedly relieved himself on the streets of the Akihabra district on at least 10 occasions over the last three months, according to the Tokyo Reporter. In one incident, the mystery pooper who is believed to be in his 30s was caught with his pants down as he fleed from the scene. His dropped trousers were black and he...
Mullet Man Wanted For String Of Thefts Including Sex Toys And Lollies
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A man with a spectacular receding mullet and facial tattoos inked in elegant, cursive script is on the run after allegedly swiping sex toys from a Gold Coast store. Police have released photos of the alleged robber, saying the distinctive looking man is also responsible for a string of other robberies and burglaries on the coast since mid-June. The man is accused of asking a worker at an Oxenford sex shop to inspect some adult toys before promptly running off with almost $500 in...

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