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Featured Old Man Metal Rates: "Bang! You're Dead" Edition
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A few collected thoughts on the latest from Legion of the Damned, Gods Forsaken, Ares Kingdom, Fetid and Goregäng.
Featured Album of the Year: Midyear Check-In
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It's a bit over halfway through the year, so I thought I'd take a quick look at the frontrunners in the perennial race for Album of the Year. So far, the Top 5 is a battle between death metal (2 albums) and black/thrash (2 albums), with death/thrash staking out a piece of territory as well. Two of the bands are fairly new, one is pretty well-established, and two are *really* old-school. Of course, it's only August, so things are subject to change, but the fact that these albums are in the...
Mosh-Pit Oral During Behemoth's Set At Roskilde Festival
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Behemoth frontman Nergal posted Snapchat video of a fan getting oral from his better half, also presumably a fan, in the pit during Saturday Night's set at the Roskilde Festival. Nergal added "But in my almost 30 year carieer I've NEVER seen a couple making out right in front of stage in the epicenter of the fuckin' pit! Holy shit! Half naked lady was kneeling in front of half naked dude blowing him for good 5-10 minutes while he was raising fists and singing along to our love songs! How...
Featured MusicIP Mixer: Playlist Generator Extraordinaire
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I listen to a lot of music. Specifically, I spend a lot of time listening to metal. How I listen to it depends on where I am. Under normal home-listening circumstances, I generally prefer to listen to full albums from start to finish. That's how the band gave their music to the world; the particular ordering of the songs, and thus the flow of the album, is a part of what they created. When I'm at home, I have— at least when I'm not displaced due to hurricane damage— all of my CDs at my...
New Release Ramón Martos' "...And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers - Volume 2" Released
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Metal journalist Ramón "Oscuro" Martos has released the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2015's ...And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers, which was a beautiful, limited-edition exploration of the genesis and execution of the cover artwork of more than 55 metal albums, both classic and contemporary. Printed in a limited run of 300 copies by indie publisher Dark Canvas, the first volume included over 450 color graphics and behind-the-scenes information taken from...
Video: A Bit Of Beer, A Bit Of Blood, A Bit Of Dropkick Murphys
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What's a St. Patrick's Day celebration without a little blood? Dropkick Murphys kicked off the St. Patty's weekend with a bit of blood during their annual Boston show. The event happened at the House of Blues. As is typical affair for these type of shows, bassist/singer Ken Casey handed a fan his mic. The fan refused to give the mic back, so a tussle ensued. Video footage shows that some blood had been shed.
Featured Steel Panther Release New "Poontang Boomerang" Effects Pedal, Outrage To Follow
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The most recent Steel Panther effects pedal release proves once again that PC narrow-mindedness and knee-jerk Social Justice Warrior outrage can easily be exploited for tons of free publicity by even obvious trolling. Steel Panther's first effects pedal, the Pussy Melter, started life as a TonePrint guitar effect patch marketed by TC Electronics and designed by them and Steel Panther's guitarist Satchel. It was described in marketing literature as a "delay tone... as wet as the ladies on...
Featured New Research: Death Metal Has Positive Effect On Fans, Doesn't Desensitize Them To Violence
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The most recent in a decades-long series of psychological experiments into the emotional effects of music has demonstrated something that I could have told you for free: listening to death metal has a positive mental effect on fans, does not desensitize them to violence, and scares the shit out of normal people. Just published in Royal Society Open Science, the work by researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia compared the reactions of death metal fans and non-fans to...
New Release Rush To Release Official Tour Compendium Covering 41 Years
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41 years. 29 tours. Over 2100 shows. There aren't many rock bands that work, or tour, harder than Rush. Or that have more fun doing it. Geddy, Alex and Neil played their first show together on August 14th, 1974, opening for Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann in front of 11,000 fans at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh. They were on the road supporting their eponymous debut album, released on March 1st of that year while John Rutsey was still on the drum kit. They wouldn't stop touring for 41 years...
Red Hot Chili Peppers To Stream Live Show From Pyramids of Giza
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This coming Friday, March 15th, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will play live in Egypt for the first time ever, and they couldn't picked have a more bad-ass venue: the Pyramids of Giza. This site includes three Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx and is not only one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, it is the oldest of the Wonders, and the only one still existent. The entire population of Earth is invited to watch, as the show will be livestreamed on the RHCP website at...
New Release Audiobook Edition Of "For The Sake Of Heaviness: The History Of Metal Blade Records" Is Released
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It would be difficult to overstate the importance of California recording label Metal Blade Records to the world of heavy metal. Thrash titans Slayer's first two albums, both of which still have an immeasurable influence on extreme metal today. Metallica's first shot at a recording contract. Debuts from thrash kings Sodom and Voivod. Three of crossover-progenitor DRI's first four albums, including the one that gave crossover the name. All fourteen Cannibal Corpse albums; 27 years of...
"School Of Rock" Star Jailed For Axe Thefts
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The lead guitarist from the film “School of Rock” is facing felony charges after allegedly stealing and pawning guitars in a multi-county theft spree that the suspect blamed on a drug addiction problem. Joseph Gaydos is a defendant in four separate grand theft cases filed in connection with thefts last month of instruments in Florida’s Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties. Gaydos, 27, portrayed Zack Mooneyham, a grade school prodigy shredding on a Gibson Flying V.
Singer Keith Flint of The Prodigy Dead At 49
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Keith Flint, singer for British electronic group The Prodigy, has died at the age of 49. He was found unresponsive in his home in Essex in the United Kingdom and the band's official Instagram page confirmed the frontman took his own life. "We were called to concerns for the welfare of a man at an address in Brook Hill, North End, just after 8:10AM on Monday [March 4]," an Essex Police spokesperson said in a statement (via CNN). The statement continued, "We attended and, sadly, a 49-year-old...
Featured 'Lords of Chaos:' The Backstory
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Rebellion is a refusal to accept the mores of one's society, and an embracing of an alternate value set that is diametrically opposed to those rejected conventions. Accordingly, rebellion indirectly reflects those norms, providing a negative image of the values of a society. As societal mores vary from culture to culture, rebelliousness necessarily manifests itself differently from culture to culture as well. In a country of Puritanical origin, like the US, rebellion is often manifested...
New Release Entombed Announce May Release Of 'Clandestine - Live'
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Formed from the ashes of the pioneering Swedish death metal band Nihilist in 1989, and universally considered to be one of the Big Four Of Swedish Death Metal, the influence of Entombed on that scene cannot be overstated. Their first full-length album, 1990's Left Hand Path, was the second LP ever recorded at Sunlight Studio (Carnage's Dark Recollections being the first); Sunlight is renowned as the original source of the distinctive "old-school Swedeath sound:" a full-bodied...
Featured Erik Rutan To Fill In For Pat O'Brien On Upcoming Cannibal Corpse Tours
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Cannibal Corpse have recently announced that famed death metal guitarist and producer Erik Rutan will fill in for recently-arrested Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien for two upcoming tours: the Decibel Magazine Tour, which Cannibal Corpse will co-headline with Morbid Angel, and the US leg of Slayer's farewell tour. Rutan is almost uniquely qualified to fill in for O'Brien, who is one of the most talented death metal guitarists on the planet. Rutan is himself an amazing death metal...
Featured KISS Cover Band Singer Catches Fire During Show, Doesn't Miss A Beat
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Bobby Jensen is a fucking savage. Undaunted. An absolute beast. Jensen, the singer/guitarist for a KISS cover band called Hairball, showed what he's made of during a recent performance in Sioux City, Iowa, when a pyrotechnic effect made things a little hot for him, and he completely kept his cool. Decked out in full Paul Stanley regalia, Jensen became part of...
Featured Iron Maiden's Trooper Beer Goes Nitro
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Iron Maiden have announced the latest in a series of Maiden-branded beer releases, and they are going back to the start by releasing a keg-only nitro version of their venerable Trooper ESB. Brewed by Robinsons Family Brewers, and named for the iconic 1983 song about the Charge of the Light Brigade, Trooper is a decent traditional British ESB; it averages 3.44 out of 5 on Beer Advocate; I rated it a bit higher, but there are certainly better ESBs out there (including its limited-release big...
Featured Prince of Darkness Hospitalized Again In Latest Health Scare
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The Elder Statesman of Metal has been hospitalized again in another of a series of recent health scares. Ozzy Osbourne went back to the hospital, according to a February 6th tweet from wife Sharon, "following some complications from the flu." He was admitted to Keck Hospital following a diagnosis of "a severe upper respiratory infection" and has since cancelled the two-month European leg of "No More Tours 2," which featured Judas Fucking Priest as a support band. The Australian leg of the...
New Release Mentor — Cults, Crypts and Corpses
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Released on the 16th of November, Mentor's second album Cults, Crypts and Corpses is a late entry in the race for Album of the Year 2018, but it has quickly made up for lost time, sprinting past Wrathrone's Reflections of Torment to take the lead. Mentor are a Polish band whose 2016 debut Guts, Graves and Blasphemy flew under my radar (but rest assured that has been corrected). They play an aggressive, propulsive blend of hardcore, thrash and (to a lesser extent) death metal that...

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