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Man Arrested For 1st Degree Manslaughter In Death Of Girlfriend’s Toddler
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Lane County prosecutors allege Louis F. Pocza, 21, intentionally killed 1-year-old Gabriel Kasper on Feb. 7 during an unspecified serious form of assault. Springfield police said Friday that officers arrested Pocza on suspicion of first-degree manslaughter, which alleges he unintentionally killed the boy in a reckless act.
Man Who Raped And Murdered His 5-Year-Old Son Left Message In Boy's Blood
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A man stabbed his 5-year-old son to death then wrote “I gave you life, I will take it” with the boy’s blood. Savva Nikitin, 34, killed the boy and his wife after she confronted him about raping their son.
Judge Dismisses Murder Case Against Teen Who Stabbed His Mother To Death
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Ian Cole was charged with stabbing his mother to death in 2016. As part of a no contest plea the court withheld judgment pending the completion of a juvenile treatment program. Judge Sharon Holmes ruled Cole successfully completed the program and expunged his record.
Man Arrested For Kidnapping and Murder Of Jassy Correia
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The body of a missing Boston woman has been recovered and the Providence man accused of kidnapping her last weekend is now in custody. Jassy Correia, 23, was last seen around 12:15 a.m. leaving the Venu nightclub and getting into a red car with a man in the area of Tremont and Herald Streets, according to police. Boston police said that Coleman was apprehended Thursday during a traffic stop in Delaware and that a body was recovered inside his vehicle.
Man Shot, Killed Driver Who Hit His Car While Pulling Out Of Parking Space
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Christopher McKinney, Jr., should've taken Uber. You see, he doesn't want any scratches on his beloved car, so naturally he drives it to one of the busiest entertainment districts in the Metroplex and stays until time for all the drunks to leave. Unfortunately, this was the night Demondre Green and his brother were also out on the town and were leaving at the same time as McKinney. You know how parking is and Green was having a hard time squeezing out of his spot next to McKinney's vehicle...
Arrest Made In San Francisco Bay Suitcase Torture/Murder Case
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A San Francisco man was arrested and charged last week in connection to the alleged torture and murder of a man whose body was found stuffed into a suitcase and tossed into the San Francisco Bay, officials said on Monday. Gerald Rowe, 47, who was arrested Friday, faces charges including torture, conspiracy, kidnapping, battery with serious bodily injury, false imprisonment, possession of a firearm by a felon and drug offenses. The body of George Randall Saldivar, 23, was discovered earlier...
5 Found Dead In Pennsylvania Apartment, Mother And Daughter Charged
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MORRISVILLE, Pa. – A woman and her teenage daughter are facing homicide charges in the deaths of five relatives, including three children, inside an apartment in suburban Philadelphia, according to authorities. Philly.com reports that Bucks County District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub said Shana S. Decree, 45, and Dominique Decree, 19, will be charged with five counts of homicide and one count each of conspiracy in the deaths.
Mother, Stepfather And Grandmother Sentenced In Death Of 15 Month Old Emma Warmerbrodt
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On February 24th, 2012 the battered and bruised body of 15-month-old Emma Beth Warmerbrodt was discovered... Marcus Trinidad Mitchell (23), Ema’s stepfather, was sentenced last week to life in prison Ashley Ann Mitchell (24), Ema’s mother, received 30 years in prison for her role in the child’s death Juanchellee Fitch, the mother of the Marcus Trinidad Mitchell, was sentenced to 15 years of supervised probation for obstruction.
Allen Arias Let His Grandmother Starve To Death In Bed, Riddled With Bedsores And Maggots
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A FL man has been charged after his 87-year-old grandmother died and authorities said her bed was filled with live maggots. Brevard Co. Sheriff's deputies say Allen Arias brought an unresponsive Anita Arias to the hospital last month. The woman was covered in bed sores and some were infested with maggots. Authorities found full prescription bottles for Anita Arias who suffered from dementia and was in fair health when Allen Arias brought her home from a rehabilitation center in December.
Woman Went On Week-Long Party Spree, Leaving Her Daughter To Starve To Death
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Maria Plenkina has been detained after going on a week-long partying 'spree' leaving her daughter to die alone of starvation and neglect. The tragic girl Kristina was found by her grandmother Irina Plenkina, 47, when she brought a birthday present for the girl's third birthday.
Florida Man Charged With Murder For Wife’s 1979 Disappearance In Wisconsin Cold Case
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A mother of two who disappeared 40 years ago was murdered by her husband, Wisconsin cold case detectives said this week. Muskego Police charged John Bayerl, 78, of Fort Meyers, Fla., with first-degree murder in the death of 38-year-old Dona Mae Bayerl on May 6, 1979. Her body has not been found. Bayerl showed up in a Wisconsin courtroom Thursday in a wheelchair and was jailed. The Bayerls were the parents of two girls, Jodie, 7, and Jackie, 4, at the time of the disappearance.
Kansas Man's Mom Weighed 58 Pounds, Had Open Bedsores When She Died
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A suburban Kansas City man who is charged with first-degree murder told investigators that he didn't seek medical care for his ailing mother before she died weighing just 58 pounds (26 kilograms) and suffering from open bed sores, according to court records. Raymond McManness, 51, of Olathe, Kansas, also faced a charge of mistreatment of a dependent adult in the death of 75-year-old Sharon McManness, The Kansas City Star reports . He was jailed on $1 million bond.
Suspect Arrested For Murder Of 11-Year-Old Girl Strangled, Left In Ditch 45 Years Ago
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It had been 45 years since the day 11-year-old Linda O’Keefe left school bound for home -- and never made it. She was found strangled, her body tossed in a ditch, the next day. Now, cops in Newport Beach, California have announced what they've long been waiting for: the arrest of Linda’s...
Texas Man Hammers Two-Year-Old Daughter To Death
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ORANGE, TX — Police in Orange, TX have taken a father into custody for capital murder following what investigators call the violent stabbing death of his 2-year-old daughter. At 11:12 a.m., Orange Police responded to 520 Azalea Avenue after a neighbor called police saying a child had been killed. When officers arrived they discovered the body of a 2-year-old girl in the residence. The father, Yovahnis Roque, 26, was detained at the scene. Police say through their investigation is was...
Police Make An Arrest In The 26 Year Cold Case Murder Of Sophie Sergie
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Steven Downs of Auburn, Maine, was arrested in Auburn on Friday on charges of first-degree murder and sexual assault in the April 1993 death of Sophie Sergie of Pitkas Point, troopers said. New DNA technology led to Downs, according to troopers.
Familial DNA Strikes Again: Serial Killer Trucker Busted After Decades
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Thus far, though, Legg has only been charged in one rape case and in the separate aggravated murder of Sharon Kedzierski. Legg, 49, has worked as a long-haul truck driver, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Authorities have not named all of the homicide victims, nor has Legg been charged in the cases, but the Ohio Attorney General alleges that he was also linked through DNA to four murders. They did say that three of those deaths were in Ohio and one in Illinois. Nicole Myers...
DCF Takes Custody Of Woman's Second CHild After The Death Of Her 2-Year-Old Daughter
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Police found 2-year-old Tanaja Barnes unresponsive, filthy and with a body temperature too low to measure, according to court records.
Drunk Woman Drowns After Husband Closed Her Inside Hot Tub
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Eric Huska, 58, is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of his wife, Laura Huska, who was found unresponsive Saturday evening in the couple's backyard hot tub, according to Wheeling police.
Authorities: Convicted, Disbarred Lawyer Kills Mother, Cuts Ankle Bracelet And Is On The Run
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In Cobb Country Georgia, already convicted and disbarred lawyer Richard Merritt was due to turn himself in to authorities on the 1st of Feb. to begin serving a sentence of 30 years in prison for elder abuse and stealing for clients.
"I Guess I Don't Have To Worry About A Divorce Now"
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The man authorities say notified them he had killed his wife last Friday night in Blaine was charged with second-degree murder. The criminal complaint alleges an impending divorce may have been the motive behind the fatal shooting. According to the criminal complaint, Blaine police were dispatched to a residence following a 911 call from a male who stated he had used a gun to kill his wife. The man allegedly said the gun was unloaded and in the foyer of the home.

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