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Bodybuilder In "Altered Mental State" Tased, Dies After Stabbing Date
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Erich Stelzer, 24, was tased by cops following a vicious assault on his date Maegan Tapley in Cohasset, Mass. The 6-foot-8-inch Stelzer allegedly stabbed Tapley repeatedly, and although she survived the horrific attack she could lose an eye. [...] On arriving at Stelzer’s residence at around 10 p.m., Cohasset Police said he slashed his veterinary assistant date. A spokesman said: “In an effort to rescue the victim and disarm Stelzer, Cohasset police officers used Tasers to subdue...
Grandmother, 2 Children Among Victims In Missouri Domestic Violence Killing
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The 911 call taker heard several shots during the call and a hysterical female in the background. By the time St. Charles city police officers got to the home, still draped with Christmas lights, there was little they could do. The scene inside, police said, was "horrific." Zoe and Jonathan Kasten, just 8 and 10 years old, and their grandmother, Jane Moeckel were shot to death. Another woman was also shot and later died at the hospital. When officers arrived, they observed a vehicle...
Stabby Maryland Slacker Kills Mother In Front Of Church
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Meet Kevin McGuigan. For reasons unknown at this time, on Friday evening, Kevin and his mother Jaclyn McGuigan, got into some sort of yelling match in front of St. Raphael Catholic Church and School in Rockville MD. Seems he was strung tighter than usual because whatever they were arguing over escalated and Kevin got the urge and got all stabby. Witnesses reported seeing Kevin standing over his mother then getting into her car and driving off. Witnesses and emergency personnel were...
Arkansas Man Scalds One-Year-Old Daughter To Death In Shower
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A Jacksonville, Arkansas man is accused of murdering his daughter by putting her in a shower that was so hot her skin was burned and slipped off. On Dec. 18, police responded to a call about a suspicious incident involving a child. Derek Shockley told police he gave his 1-year-old daughter a shower and her skin started to slip off after the shower. The child was transported to a local hospital’s critical care unit. Doctors classified her as a level II Trauma and said her injuries were...
Man Arguing With His Girlfriend Shot By Neighbor Who Feared Fight "Would Escalate"
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A man has been accused of murder after he shot dead his neighbor on Christmas day after hearing him fighting with his girlfriend. Jonathan Velasquez, 24, has been charged with murder and was denied bail at a hearing on Thursday for killing Robert Hugh-Patrick Gray, 38, on December 25. Velasquez was visiting a home he often stays at in Kissimmee on Christmas when he heard two neighboring residents Gray and his girlfriend Taniqua Kales arguing in their backyard. He told deputies he went...
CA Governor Orders New DNA Testing In 35-Year-Old Murder Case
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Jerry Brown ordered new DNA tests Monday that a condemned inmate says could clear him in a 35-year-old murder case that has drawn national attention. Brown ordered new testing on four pieces of evidence that Kevin Cooper and his attorneys say will show he was framed for the 1983 Chino Hills hatchet and knife killings of four people. The items that will be tested are a tan T-shirt and orange towel found near the scene and the hatchet handle and sheath. Brown...
Minnesota Man Draws Seven Murder Charges In Death Of Three-Year-Old Foster Child
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On Friday, a man was charged with seven counts of murder in the death of a 3-year-old boy at an Eagan foster home. Charles Wayne Homich, 28, has been indicted by the Dakota County Grand Jury with four counts of first-degree murder and three counts of second-degree murder. These charges stem from the death of 3-year-old Zayden Lawson, a foster child in the care of Homich's girlfriend, Zeporia Fortenberry, 31, in June of 2017. Fortenberry was charged on April 16 with one count of...
Home Surveillance System Captures Pre-Christmas Slaying of Florida Mom Found Dead By Her Children
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Nelonza Pugh, 29, was captured by Orange County authorities hours after Sheriff John Mina announced he was a suspect in the death of his wife, 29-year-old Brooke Jenkins-Pugh, the sheriff’s office announced in a tweet. He is now behind bars on a charge of first-degree murder with a firearm. Earlier that day, Jenkins-Pugh’s four children — who ranged in age from 2 to 13 — called 911 to report they had awoken to find their mother dead, Mina said at a press...
Texas Man Cannot Stand Four-Month-Olds, Proves It Yet Again
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A man in San Antonio, Texas, accused of beating his 4-month-old son earlier this year, is now charged in an unrelated 2012 murder case. KSAT reports Bexar County court records claim 30-year-old Terrence Harper was indicted by a grand jury and now faces a capital murder charge. San Antonio police say evidence was brought forth from the 2012 case to the Bexar County District Attorney's Office. During the incident in 2012, a boy, also four months old, died, according to KSAT, after he...
DUI Suspect Who Was Found "Nonverbal And Unresponsive" After Hitting Cyclist Gets Charge Upgrade
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A 24-year-old cyclist hit by an allegedly drug-impaired driver in Renton Dec. 7 died of her injuries on Wednesday, according to Renton police. Now the 44-year-old driver who was arrested at the scene for vehicular assault could see his charge changed to vehicular homicide. Vern Henderson was already facing a trial for DUI in February in Seattle Municipal Court when he was found practically nonverbal behind the wheel of a damaged car at the Rainier Avenue North crash site, according to...
Deputy Kills Family, Confesses Over Radio Before Turning Gun On Himself
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Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said Terry Strawn, a school resource officer at Valrico Elementary School, shot his wife and granddaughter at one home, then went to his daughter's house and shot her. The granddaughter attended the elementary school where the deputy was employed, reports CBS affiliate WTSP. Strawn then shot himself outside Plant City High School in front of three other deputies who had arrived at the scene. Strawn used his service weapon in the slayings...
Arkansas Woman Accused Of Drowning 4-Year-Old Daughter
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""Michelle Golkajeh, 33, from Mena is facing a first degree murder charge in the death of her daughter. Police told 40/29 News Golkajeh called 911 Wednesday evening and reported that her 4-year-old daughter was dead. When police and first-responders arrived at the home on Evans Circle, police quickly realized it was a crime scene. Currently Mena Police are not saying how they believe Golkajeh killed her daughter or if she is cooperating with the investigation....
Duke Anton von Goëss Arrested For Killing Three Family Members In Inheritance Row
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An Austrian duke shot three members of his family dead during a row over inheritance at their castle, prosecutors claim. Count Anton von Goëss, 54, the owner of Bockfliess Castle in Mistelbach, Lower Austria, allegedly blasted his 92-year-old father Count Johannes Ulrich Goëss, stepmother Margherita Cassis-Faraone Goëss, 87, and brother Ernst Goëss, 52, with a shotgun. Von Goëss was arrested by police on suspicion of murder, and has allegedly confessed to the killings, which took place...
Detroit Pastor Charged With Murdering Transgender Woman
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Kelly Stough, a 36-year-old transgender woman from Detroit, was murdered on Friday in the city’s Palmer Park neighborhood. On Monday, the Wayne County prosecutor’s office charged Albert Weathers, a 46-year-old preacher, in her murder. “After a police investigation, prosecutors arraigned Weathers on charges of open murder and use of a firearm in commission of a felony,” said a press release shared with NBC News by the Wayne County prosecutor’s office. Weathers’ is due back in court in...
Couch Claims Another Young Life; Adults Arrested, Siblings Seized
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It appeared to be a case of child neglect after deputies found a 1-year-old child unresponsive, trapped behind a sofa at a rural home with a Biloxi address. The toddler had been unsupervised for an unknown period of time on Dec. 3 and was found behind a...
Carnival Mafia Orders Hit On Two Vendors, Footsoldier Michael Fowler Obeys
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Kimberly Younger, 52, allegedly ordered the deaths of two Barton County Fair vendors on July 14 while posing as a carnival mafia member named Frank Zaitchik in text messages sent to 54-year-old Michael Fowler. According to Arkansas Online, Fowler told detectives he was ordered to kill Alfred Carpenter, 78, and Pauline Carpenter, 79, as an initiation into the carnival mafia. He also was ordered to clean the inside of the trailer where the alleged murders occured and then dispose of the...
High Schooler Kills Pregnant Classmate, Disposes Of Body In Dumpster
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A 17-year-old girl who was a junior and former cheerleader was found dead Sunday morning. Her alleged killer is a 16-year-old football player for the school and is now in custody. Police wouldn't say specifically what the relationship was between the alleged killer and his victim, but a family member tells us the girl who died was 6 months pregnant. Her body was found in a dumpster. 17-year-old Breana Rouhselang was reported missing by her family around midnight Saturday. Police...
Road-Rage Ex-Nurse Slams Into Grandmother, "Cuts Her In Half"
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A former nurse from Missouri has been charged with murder after a road rage incident turned deadly and she ran her fellow driver over when she got out of her car. Elizabeth McKeown, 46, boasted to cops that she's 'tricked' victim Barbara Foster, 57, by pretending to be 'nice' to lure her out of her car. She'd then put her foot down and 'slammed into her and cut her in half.' McKeown, a mother who lost her nursing license after being caught stealing prescription painkillers, was...
Russian Man Stabs Pregnant Wife To Death Over Her Plans For His Smoking Habit
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A Russian man has been accused of stabbing his heavily pregnant wife to death after he was asked to stop smoking because his cigarettes were bad for the baby. Petr Murskov knifed Olga Murskova eight times at their home, it is claimed. The 30-year-old is said to have flown into a drunken rage late at night after his teenage stepdaughter asked him to stop smoking in the flat and reminded him the habit was harmful to babies. 'He [Murskov] went mad after being asked not to smoke and...
Carjacking Turns Deadly As New Orleans Mother Is Run Over
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A New Orleans mother died after a carjacker threw her out of her own vehicle and ran her over, as her distraught children stood by helplessly. Jeannot Plessy, 49, died on Tuesday night in Gentilly just moments after going on a date night with her Christian pastor husband David Plessy. Her distraught family had pleaded for Plessy's killer to come forward before New Orleans Police revealed on Saturday that they had arrested three teenagers over the deadly carjacking. Police said the...

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