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Drunk Woman Drowns After Husband Closed Her Inside Hot Tub
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Eric Huska, 58, is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of his wife, Laura Huska, who was found unresponsive Saturday evening in the couple's backyard hot tub, according to Wheeling police.
Authorities: Convicted, Disbarred Lawyer Kills Mother, Cuts Ankle Bracelet And Is On The Run
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In Cobb Country Georgia, already convicted and disbarred lawyer Richard Merritt was due to turn himself in to authorities on the 1st of Feb. to begin serving a sentence of 30 years in prison for elder abuse and stealing for clients.
"I Guess I Don't Have To Worry About A Divorce Now"
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The man authorities say notified them he had killed his wife last Friday night in Blaine was charged with second-degree murder. The criminal complaint alleges an impending divorce may have been the motive behind the fatal shooting. According to the criminal complaint, Blaine police were dispatched to a residence following a 911 call from a male who stated he had used a gun to kill his wife. The man allegedly said the gun was unloaded and in the foyer of the home.
Nurse Accused Of Fatally Poisoning Husband To Marry Man Serving Life For Murder
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Police say 40-year-old Amy Murray poisoned her husband with antifreeze last December, then placed his body on a bed before setting him on fire. After setting her hubby on fire, she took her 11-year-old son and her dogs to McDonald's.
Cheyanne Harris Found Guilty In Death Of Baby Found Dead In Swing Wearing Maggot-Infested Diaper
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Jurors took about four hours to find 21-year-old Cheyanne Harris guilty of first-degree murder and child abuse on Wednesday. First-degree murder carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole. For those of you who may not remember this horrific case, back in 2017 a 4-month-old was found dead inside a baby swing located inside a sweltering bedroom. His diaper was infested with maggots.
Amy Fleming Arrested For The Murder Of Her 3-Year-Old Son 30 Years Ago
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Amy Fleming, 60, faces a charge of felony murder and is currently being held in the Palm Beach County Main Detention Center after being arrested in Boca Raton. She is currently being held on $1 million bond.
Pedophile Preacher Dies After Castration By Victim's Father
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A pedophile preacher who raped a nine-year-old girl has died after her father severed his penis, a South African court has heard. Preacher Mase Malgas, 66, died from his injuries on September 30 after the girl's father was informed by his ex-wife that their daughter had been raped and that Mr. Malgas was the culprit, according to Constable Lundi Nqwelo who was summoned as a witness by the state prosecutors. Mr. Malgas was tracked down by the defendant, his ex-wife and a friend of the...
Oregon Man Murders 4 In "Horrific" Domestic Incident, Shot Dead By Deputies While Killing Fifth
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A man who killed four people, including a 9-month-old girl, in an Oregon home and was shot and killed by deputies as he was attempting to murder a child on Saturday, police said. Mark Leo Gregory Gago, 42, was killed following the quadruple murder inside the home near Woodburn. Clackamas County deputies said they received a 911 call about 10:15 p.m. Saturday that appeared to be a domestic violence incident that sounded “dramatic, very intense.” "Deputies knew it was going to be a bad...
Aunt Kills 17-Month-Old Nephew Because He Was "Cuter" Than Her Own Children
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A woman in Pakistan has been arrested for the murder of her nephew because he was ‘cuter’ and received more compliments than her own children. The aunt, Maria Shahid, was arrested on Wednesday after forensic evidence linked her to the killing of 17-month-old Salman Faisal in Gujrat, Pakistan. Salman disappeared from his grandfather’s home on December 29, and his body was found in a street nearby two days later. Local officers said they had interrogated family servants and the area...
Murdered 20-Year-Old Woman Finally Identified After 31 Years
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Southern California cold case investigators announced this week a breakthrough in identifying a 1987 stabbing victim whose hands had been hacked off by her killer. The investigators identified the Jane Doe homicide victim as Tracey Hobson after 31 years using “forensic genealogy techniques,” according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Hobson was 20 and living in Anaheim when she disappeared in June 1987. A hiker found her body near a red handkerchief two months later, Patch Orange...
Hammer Attack Leaves Two Dead, One Critical At Brooklyn Buffet
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Arthur Martunovich allegedly went on a hammer-swinging rampage at Seaport Buffet in Sheepshead Bay on Tuesday, telling cops he was inspired by a movie about Chinese men mistreating women. The bloody attack left chef Fufai Pun, 34, dead — and two others, manager Tsz Mat Pun, 50, and owner Kheong Ng-Thang, 60, in critical condition. It wasn’t immediately clear which one of the men died. Martunovich, a 34-year-old construction worker with no criminal record, was charged with murder...
Wisconsin Man Stabs Wheelchair-Bound Woman 116 Times, Jesus Forgives Him
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A Wisconsin man stabbed a wheelchair-bound woman 116 times and said “Jesus forgives me,” a criminal complaint revealed. Kehinde Afolayan, 31, was arrested and charged with first-degree homicide, use of a dangerous weapon on Tuesday following the murder of Deborah Lynch, 62, who was found with multiple stab wounds throughout her body. A witness told police he saw Afolayan stabbing Lynch while she was sitting in a wheelchair in her apartment in South Milwaukee. He identified Afolayan as...
Dead Toddler Found After Blood-Splattered, ‘Partially Clothed’ Woman Seen Running Down Street
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Police discovered a young boy dead inside a California townhouse early Friday and detained his mother after she was found running in the street, splattered with blood, authorities said. The woman was taken for psychiatric evaluation and expected to face a murder charge, Covina Police Department Sgt. Dan Rodriguez said. She was later identified by a friend as "Michelle," which detectives confirmed although her full name has not yet been officially released. The friend said her son was...
Belarusian Hammer Killer Sentenced To Death For Murdering Two Women He Met At A Nightclub
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A hammer killer has been sentenced to death for murdering two women he met at a nightclub. Alyaksandr Asipovich struck 27-year-old Alesya Klimava 77 times with a hammer and his fists in Babruysk city, Belarus. Her friend Krystsina Krushkina, 26, died from multiple stab wounds and a court heard how the 36-year-old murderer had made plans to dismember his victims' bodies. Asipovich confessed to the killings, but has been sentenced to death. In Belarus, those sentenced to death are...
Indiana Woman Kills 15-Year-Old Grandson, Self In Murder/Suicide
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Authorities say a Seymour woman fatally shot her 15-year-old grandson before calling 911 to report what happened and killing herself. Police in Seymour found 68-year-old Wanda Huber dead Monday evening at the home she shared with her grandson Simon Huber. Seymour Police Detective Sgt. C.J. Foster told WAVE-TV the police department received a call from Wanda Huber just before 5 p.m. Monday. She told a dispatcher there had been an accident at her home on Walnut Street. “She pauses for a...
Police Seek Cannibal Vampire Who Butchered Mother In New Year's Eve Sacrifice
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A suspected cannibal vampire is on the run after he was accused of drinking his dying mom’s blood after butchering her with an ax. Dilip Yadav, 27, is said to have then hacked her body into bits before tossing them on a fire at their home in Korba, India, in what locals believe may have been a sacrifice ritual. Dilip reportedly attacked 50-year-old Sumariya after branding her a witch and blaming her for wrecking his marriage and for causing the early deaths of his dad and brother...
Teen Girls Kill Their Mom After She Takes Away Their Cellphones
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A 14-year-old and her 12-year-old sister were arrested for stabbing and shooting their mother to death – a brutal payback after they were punished for trying to run her over with the family car, neighbors and officials said. The teen, Amariyona Hall, and her younger sister were taken into custody late Friday after deputies in Pike County responded to the family’s mobile home in Magnolia, where Erica Hall, a 32-year-old mother of four, was found stabbed multiple times and shot once in the...
86-Year-Old Florida Woman Kills 89-Year-Old Husband With Cane
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According to the report, Ramona Lund struck her husband in the head and face several times with a walking cane. A neighbor called 911 after seeing Francis Lund lying face down on the porch at the Lund’s residence located on the 5400 block of Jenny Circle in Pace, reports state. The neighbor said he thought Mr. Lund had fallen but he noticed blood on his head, so he urged his wife, Ramona Lund, to call 911, reports reveal. She said she couldn’t find the phone so he called, a report...
Leader Of Online Child Porn Ring Beaten To Death In Michigan Prison, Lasted Less Than A Month
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Less than a month after sentencing, the convicted ringleader of an online child porn ring was beaten to death behind bars, federal prison officials say. Christian Maire, 40, died of injuries he suffered during a fight involving seven inmates on Jan. 2 in Milan’s federal prison, which is located about 15 miles south of Ann Arbor. Additionally, three inmates and two guards were treated for non-fatal injuries suffered in the altercation. U.S. District Judge Stephen J. Murphy III, per a...
Bodybuilder In "Altered Mental State" Tased, Dies After Stabbing Date
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Erich Stelzer, 24, was tased by cops following a vicious assault on his date Maegan Tapley in Cohasset, Mass. The 6-foot-8-inch Stelzer allegedly stabbed Tapley repeatedly, and although she survived the horrific attack she could lose an eye. [...] On arriving at Stelzer’s residence at around 10 p.m., Cohasset Police said he slashed his veterinary assistant date. A spokesman said: “In an effort to rescue the victim and disarm Stelzer, Cohasset police officers used Tasers to subdue...