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Detroit Pastor Charged With Murdering Transgender Woman
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Kelly Stough, a 36-year-old transgender woman from Detroit, was murdered on Friday in the city’s Palmer Park neighborhood. On Monday, the Wayne County prosecutor’s office charged Albert Weathers, a 46-year-old preacher, in her murder. “After a police investigation, prosecutors arraigned Weathers on charges of open murder and use of a firearm in commission of a felony,” said a press release shared with NBC News by the Wayne County prosecutor’s office. Weathers’ is due back in court in...
Couch Claims Another Young Life; Adults Arrested, Siblings Seized
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It appeared to be a case of child neglect after deputies found a 1-year-old child unresponsive, trapped behind a sofa at a rural home with a Biloxi address. The toddler had been unsupervised for an unknown period of time on Dec. 3 and was found behind a...
Carnival Mafia Orders Hit On Two Vendors, Footsoldier Michael Fowler Obeys
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Kimberly Younger, 52, allegedly ordered the deaths of two Barton County Fair vendors on July 14 while posing as a carnival mafia member named Frank Zaitchik in text messages sent to 54-year-old Michael Fowler. According to Arkansas Online, Fowler told detectives he was ordered to kill Alfred Carpenter, 78, and Pauline Carpenter, 79, as an initiation into the carnival mafia. He also was ordered to clean the inside of the trailer where the alleged murders occured and then dispose of the...
High Schooler Kills Pregnant Classmate, Disposes Of Body In Dumpster
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A 17-year-old girl who was a junior and former cheerleader was found dead Sunday morning. Her alleged killer is a 16-year-old football player for the school and is now in custody. Police wouldn't say specifically what the relationship was between the alleged killer and his victim, but a family member tells us the girl who died was 6 months pregnant. Her body was found in a dumpster. 17-year-old Breana Rouhselang was reported missing by her family around midnight Saturday. Police...
Road-Rage Ex-Nurse Slams Into Grandmother, "Cuts Her In Half"
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A former nurse from Missouri has been charged with murder after a road rage incident turned deadly and she ran her fellow driver over when she got out of her car. Elizabeth McKeown, 46, boasted to cops that she's 'tricked' victim Barbara Foster, 57, by pretending to be 'nice' to lure her out of her car. She'd then put her foot down and 'slammed into her and cut her in half.' McKeown, a mother who lost her nursing license after being caught stealing prescription painkillers, was...
Russian Man Stabs Pregnant Wife To Death Over Her Plans For His Smoking Habit
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A Russian man has been accused of stabbing his heavily pregnant wife to death after he was asked to stop smoking because his cigarettes were bad for the baby. Petr Murskov knifed Olga Murskova eight times at their home, it is claimed. The 30-year-old is said to have flown into a drunken rage late at night after his teenage stepdaughter asked him to stop smoking in the flat and reminded him the habit was harmful to babies. 'He [Murskov] went mad after being asked not to smoke and...
Carjacking Turns Deadly As New Orleans Mother Is Run Over
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A New Orleans mother died after a carjacker threw her out of her own vehicle and ran her over, as her distraught children stood by helplessly. Jeannot Plessy, 49, died on Tuesday night in Gentilly just moments after going on a date night with her Christian pastor husband David Plessy. Her distraught family had pleaded for Plessy's killer to come forward before New Orleans Police revealed on Saturday that they had arrested three teenagers over the deadly carjacking. Police said the...
Texas Mother Drowns, Decapitates Her 5-Year-Old Son
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A Texas mother drowned her 5-year-old son and decapitated him before stuffing his body in a trash can at their Houston home on Friday, police said. Lihui Liu, 43, was arrested Friday after the boy’s father discovered the 5-year-old’s headless body in a trash can in the garage of their home, the Houston Chronicle reported. Officers initially responded to a 911...
Rachel Eutse Shoots Husband For Buying The Wrong Kind Of Oatmeal
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John Maki, 29, of Fayette County, was shot in the head April 5 after smoking crack cocaine with his wife, when he complained that she bought traditional oatmeal instead of the instant variety, authorities said. Maki’s wife, Rachel Eutsey, 36, was previously charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, and child endangerment in his death. No information was immediately available on whether she will face additional charges following the death. "It's believed (the fight was) over...
Ohio Couple Charged With Murder After Missing 18-year-old Found With Gunshot Wound To Head
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Two people were charged with the murder of an 18-year-old Ohio woman who was found dead in a wooded area Sunday three weeks after she had last been seen. Samantha Guthrie’s body was found in New Franklin around midnight Sunday, Akron police spokesman Lt. Rick Edwards said. The medical examiner’s office said she died of a gunshot wound to the head, according to...
Arkansas Man Tries To Blow Up House To Cover Up Death Of Toddler
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Ricky Carter, 28, told a psychologist last month that he blew up the Paris home where he caused the death of a toddler because he had no other means of killing himself, according to the man's mental evaluation. "In light of the available information, I do not believe Mr. Carter's mental state was substantially impaired by a mental disease or defect at the time of the alleged offenses," clinical psychologist Melissa Dannacher wrote in her report dated Oct. 15. Dannacher also concluded...
David James Bohart Kills Woman On Same Day He Gets Out Of Prison
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David James Bohart was arrested at a hotel Friday on suspicion of second-degree murder in the death of Marika L. Jones, 49. Tucson police said they found her body with stab wounds at a house two days earlier as well as a file of prison records on Bohart. He was released Monday from the Tucson state prison complex, where he served a three-year sentence for possession or use of dangerous drugs, the Arizona Department of Corrections website said. A warrant was issued for his arrest when he...
Christopher Lee Kennedy Almost Kills 16-Year-Old With Abortifacients, Strangles Newborn
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Christopher Kennedy, 38, is facing several charges including criminal homicide. Investigators said Kennedy had been involved in a sexual relationship with a girl who was 16 years old at the time. According to a criminal complaint, when the girl became pregnant, Kennedy instructed her to try to abort the pregnancy, telling her to ingest vitamins and herbal supplements known to cause fetal morbidity and premature labor. Police said the baby boy was born alive in October 2017. While the...
Featured Florida Man Executes Teen Party-Goers For No Apparent Reason
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OLGA, FL — A Florida Man has been arrested for impersonating a cop and fatally shooting two teenaged boys at a local teen party spot, for no apparent reason. Elwood Timothy Robinson, 46, is like a Good Samaritan, but different. At about 5 AM on Saturday...
Shamonica Page Teaches Lessons With A Belt, Aniyah Darnell Dies
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Police in Arlington, Texas arrested a man and woman in connection with the death of a 2-year-old girl, and court documents indicate the toddler suffered abuse leading up to her death. According to police, the child’s mother left her with friends in August when she fell on rough times, and Aniyah Darnell died at the hospital on Saturday, Nov. 17. According to court documents obtained by KTVT, Darnell suffered months of abuse, allegedly at the hands of Shamonica Page and Derick Roberson...
Featured Elderly Child Molester Gets Fatal Minute-Long Beating From Cellmate
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FORT WORTH, TX — An elderly, legally-incompetent child molester was beaten to death in front of staff in a Texas prison. David Faustino Flores doesn't like old people. He really hates child molesters. And he is quite the pugilist. Authorities at the Tarrant County jail made the mistake of putting the 42-year-old man, being...
Liquefied Remains Of Baby Found In Bedroom Of Teen Who Starved To Death
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The liquefied remains of a tiny baby were found hidden within several plastic bags in the bedroom of an 18-year-old boy who was starved to death, a court heard A jury at Leeds Crown Court heard police officers made the disturbing discovery when searched the home of Jordan Burling, 18, in Farnley, Leeds. His grandmother, mother and sister are all accused of the manslaughter of a vulnerable adult.
Featured Two Middle School Girls Planned To Murder Fellow Students So They Could Go To Hell
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BARTOW, FL — Two middle school girls have been arrested after they brought knives to school in order to kill younger students so they could kill themselves and live with Satan. The girls, ages 11 and 12, were found inside a bathroom at Bartow Middle School after school staff went looking for them when they both did not show up for class. Strangely, the girls were hiding in the bathroom with a goblet. After being brought to an office, the girls were found to be in the possession of...
Malnourished 5-month-old Died Of Heart Attack, Twin Brother Hospitalized
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A 5-month-old baby is dead and his twin brother is fighting for his life at an Oklahoma hospital. Their parents were arrested for child neglect after the two babies were found in poor conditions, weighing fewer than four pounds each. According to an affidavit, the twin boys were lying in bed Saturday morning at an Oklahoma City apartment home when one of them was found unresponsive.
Good Samaritan Killed While Attempting to Stop Sexual Assault
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An Arlington, Virginia, man is dead after he tried to stop a sexual assault he witnessed Thursday night. The suspect, who assaulted multiple people and robbed another, is in custody, police say... ...Police said Michael Nash, 27, of Arlington, was walking with a woman when he began to physically and sexually assault her. Patricio Salazar, 54, of Arlington, saw the assault and tried to help the victim. Nash then physically assaulted Salazar and left him unconscious, the police said. Salazar...