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"School Of Rock" Star Jailed For Axe Thefts
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The lead guitarist from the film “School of Rock” is facing felony charges after allegedly stealing and pawning guitars in a multi-county theft spree that the suspect blamed on a drug addiction problem. Joseph Gaydos is a defendant in four separate grand theft cases filed in connection with thefts last month of instruments in Florida’s Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties. Gaydos, 27, portrayed Zack Mooneyham, a grade school prodigy shredding on a Gibson Flying V.
Featured 'Lords of Chaos:' The Backstory
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Rebellion is a refusal to accept the mores of one's society, and an embracing of an alternate value set that is diametrically opposed to those rejected conventions. Accordingly, rebellion indirectly reflects those norms, providing a negative image of the values of a society. As societal mores vary from culture to culture, rebelliousness necessarily manifests itself differently from culture to culture as well. In a country of Puritanical origin, like the US, rebellion is often manifested...
Halloween (2018)
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If it weren't for the people involved with putting this together, Jamie Lee Curits making a return, and the fact that they are throwing out ALL the Halloween sequels, I would have given this a pass. Now I am interested. Lorem ipsum tellus praesent aenean gravida porta habitasse, magna congue posuere felis sagittis mi, hac tempus consectetur ligula vulputate orci. Dui hendrerit tempor habitant fusce turpis viverra donec quisque aenean est, vel aliquam lorem vivamus purus turpis massa...

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