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Child Abuse

Arkansas Man Tries To Blow Up House To Cover Up Death Of Toddler
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Ricky Carter, 28, told a psychologist last month that he blew up the Paris home where he caused the death of a toddler because he had no other means of killing himself, according to the man's mental evaluation. "In light of the available information, I do not believe Mr. Carter's mental state was substantially impaired by a mental disease or defect at the time of the alleged offenses," clinical psychologist Melissa Dannacher wrote in her report dated Oct. 15. Dannacher also concluded...
Middle Schooler Mercy-Kills Tormented Squirrel, Flees Bat Whoopin
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A Carter Lake middle schooler told police that he was beaten by his mother and a man after he killed a squirrel that the man had trapped and tortured. The boy told police the man had a squirrel inside a trap. He said the man was going to torture and kill the squirrel and then tie it to the front door to scare people. The boy said he knew his mother's boyfriend, Gregory Kuchera, 54, “was going to do terrible things to the squirrel, and thought it better if the squirrel just died."...
Couple Finds Florida Toddler Camping Solo
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A Jacksonville man was arrested Saturday after campers found his young child wandering alone at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, authorities said. Francis Dunn, 46, faces charges of child neglect and resisting arrest A couple alerted authorities after they found the toddler alone at a camp site. The child was covered in mosquito bites, wearing a soiled diaper and appeared not to have eaten in a while. By the time deputies arrived, Dunn had returned to the campsite...
Utah Mother Pulls Pesci Pen Move On 7-Year-Old Son
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Criminal charges have been filed against Whitney Virginia Romero, 28, she is accused of stabbing her 7-year-old son with a pen and dragging him down a street. On Nov. 10, West Jordan police received multiple calls of a woman dragging her son by his shirt, which was wrapped around his neck, along 7800 South. The boy suffered several cuts and scrapes from being dragged along the sidewalk, according to police. When officers arrived at the scene, Romero ran, according to charging documents...
Featured Drunken Dallas Mom: We Are "Going To Die Together"
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DALLAS, TX - A Dallas mother faces felony charges after offering her pre-teen children bourbon, threatening them, and physically abusing her son. Isadora Ventura is a bourbon connoisseur with husband issues. And she has stabby thoughts. The last of these traits got the 28-year-old Dallas mom into hot water with the local authorities when they visited Casa...
Shamonica Page Teaches Lessons With A Belt, Aniyah Darnell Dies
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Police in Arlington, Texas arrested a man and woman in connection with the death of a 2-year-old girl, and court documents indicate the toddler suffered abuse leading up to her death. According to police, the child’s mother left her with friends in August when she fell on rough times, and Aniyah Darnell died at the hospital on Saturday, Nov. 17. According to court documents obtained by KTVT, Darnell suffered months of abuse, allegedly at the hands of Shamonica Page and Derick Roberson...
Featured Mom Of Three: "I Am Going To Go On A Murdering Spree"
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GLEN ULLIN, ND — A North Dakota mother missed out on Halloween after beating up her three-year-old, spewing threats at multiple agencies and assaulting police officers. Trista Reynolds completely lost her shit for Halloween, and boy, did she rack up the charges. According to the Morton County Sheriff's Office, the 34-year-old mother's high-speed...
Featured Arizona Mom Scores DUI For Halloween Outing
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BUCKEYE, AZ — An Arizona mother was arrested for aggravated DUI after doubling the legal Blood Alcohol Content limit while taking a group of kids trick-or-treating for Halloween. The cool parents are the ones who bother to dress up for Halloween when they take the kids trick-or-treating. It shows that they still understand the magical whimsy of being a child, and that they are still young enough at heart to get into the spirit of the holidays. And that they don't take themselves too...
China kindergarten stabbing: Woman slashes at least 14 children
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Hong Kong (CNN)A woman wielding a kitchen knife has attacked at least 14 children at a kindergarten in Chongqing in central China, local police said Friday. Chongqing City Banan District police said the children were slashed as they walked back to class after their morning exercises at Yudong New Century Kindergarten about 9.30 a.m. local time. Videos circulating on Chinese social media showed small children bleeding from severe cuts to their faces at the entrance of the kindergarten as...
Liquefied Remains Of Baby Found In Bedroom Of Teen Who Starved To Death
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The liquefied remains of a tiny baby were found hidden within several plastic bags in the bedroom of an 18-year-old boy who was starved to death, a court heard A jury at Leeds Crown Court heard police officers made the disturbing discovery when searched the home of Jordan Burling, 18, in Farnley, Leeds. His grandmother, mother and sister are all accused of the manslaughter of a vulnerable adult.
Malnourished 5-month-old Died Of Heart Attack, Twin Brother Hospitalized
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A 5-month-old baby is dead and his twin brother is fighting for his life at an Oklahoma hospital. Their parents were arrested for child neglect after the two babies were found in poor conditions, weighing fewer than four pounds each. According to an affidavit, the twin boys were lying in bed Saturday morning at an Oklahoma City apartment home when one of them was found unresponsive.
Man sentenced after admitting to giving 3-year-old boy prostate exam
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LANSING, MI — A judge sentenced a man to 15 to 25 years in prison after he sodomized a toddler during, what he claimed was a prostate exam.
Whitney Bosselman Charged With The Murder After Leaving Her Son To Bake To Death In Hot Car
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A woman whose autistic son died after being left inside a hot car made some interesting Google searches in the days before his death, including, “do people cry when they’re dying,” "teen dies in minivan,” and “autistic children and reincarnation.”
Mother accused of using her 3-year-old daughter to make child porn
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HARRISBURG, PA – A mother in Ohio has been accused of sexually abusing her 3-year-old daughter four years ago. This July, 25-year-old David Carbonaro was arrested in Pennsylvania after investigators discovered him in the possession of images and video showing a 3-year-old girl in various stages of undress. One of these images included showing a woman’s hand reaching into the child’s underwear. Carbonaro would admit to police that the girl was the daughter of his ex-girlfriend he...
Featured Perris Torture Case Mom Claims Crazy, Gets Legal Rebuff
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RIVERSIDE, CA — Lawyers for Louise Turpin, facing 40 felonies for the years-long extreme abuse of her 13 children, attempted to convince a judge to move her to a diversionary mental health program and failed. In the most recent development in the so-called Perris Torture Case, the distaff half of the husband-and-wife Defendant Duo tried to skate on a raft of charges by entering a diversionary program for the insane, and was...
Featured Dylan Tate Gets Charge Upgrade: Murder and Molestation
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ANDERSON, IN — Dylan Tate, previously charged with neglect in the horrific death of his girlfriend's 18-month-old son, has received extra charges for child molestation and murder in connection with the toddler's slaying. Dylan Tate is about as violently murderous a boyfriend as any cock-hungry no-wanna-momma could want. And he'll give your little boy the Bonus Plan, too: some nice violent molesting to go with that fatal beating. That's according to prosecutors in Anderson, Indiana...
Ashley Kase Admitted To Cutting Her 20-month-old Son's Genitals With Scissors
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Ashley M. Kase admitted Monday in Berks County Court that she abused her 20-month-old son by cutting the toddler's genitals with a pair of scissors. She pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and sentenced to three to six years in state prison.
One Person In Custody After Baby Stabbed Then Baked Inside Oven
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SHAW, MS - Police in Mississippi have someone in custody after a baby was stabbed then baked inside an oven. There is not a lot of details being released as of yet, but what we do know is that police were called to a home Monday evening. Sheriff Kelvin Williams said officers would find the dead baby inside the residence. No word on the baby's age or identity, or if it was still in the oven when officers arrived. Police do have a suspect in custody at the Bolivar County Regional...
Mother Threw 1-year-old Daughter To Ground After Neighbor Refuses To Give Her Beer
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Police say a North Carolina woman has been arrested after she threw her 1-year-old child to the ground after being denied a beer. Burlington police said in a news release that the child didn't have any lasting injuries from the incident, which happened Saturday.
Couple failed to get medical help for injured baby daughter
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San Antonio police have arrested a couple who they say knew their infant daughter was injured but failed to get her any medical help. An arrest affidavit details the case against Connor Larkin, 22, and his 20-year-old wife, Lauren Larkin. It says the couple, who is from Florida, called 911 from their motel room May 6 to report that their three-month-old daughter, Ava, was unresponsive. The baby was rushed to a hospital by ambulance where a doctor determined she had numerous broken bones...

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