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Child Abuse

Missing Wanted Arkansas Man And Wife Abscond With Four Children
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Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer says Chad Bigley Voelkel,38, was arrested on January 3 for rape. Officials say Chad Voelkel posted a $50,000 bond and was awaiting his trial on May 23. The sheriff says DHS removed all six of the Voelkel children, but after a hearing, four of the children were returned to their mother, Stephanie Voelkel, 39, with the understanding that Chad Voelkel was not allowed to live at the home.
Who Killed The Baby? Was It The Puss That Popped Him Out Or The Prick Piping That Puss?
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Who killed 23-month old Julius Lopez? The Fresno County District Attorney’s office believes the mother’s boyfriend, Gage Hurtado is responsible for the child’s death. But during a preliminary hearing Thursday, Hurtado’s defense attorney David Mugridge raised the possibility that someone else may have...
Sheriff’s Deputy Went From A Decorated War Veteran To A Child Predator
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Polk Sheriff Grady Judd describes a former Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy as “an evil, mean, nasty human being”. According to an arrest report, for Okaloosa County Deputy Cansas Sadler, Jr. was on multiple criminal felony counts for trying to lure a 9-year-old girl to have sex. Sheriff Judd said Sadler is a retired Army Ranger and trainer. He added he was a rookie with the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Department, and was still on probation. Documents reveal the 41-year-old deputy met the...
Vaginal Intrusion Of 3-Month-Old, Mother Deemed Dangerous
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The Fall River mother accused of abusing her 3-month-old daughter was found dangerous at a June 17 hearing in Fall River District Court and released from custody before trial with the condition she stay away from children, according to. Thaysa Gagne was arraigned June 10 on charges of assault and battery of a child causing serious bodily injury, wanton or reckless endangerment of a child and witness intimidation. On Monday, Judge Kevin Finnerty found Gagne dangerous and ordered her...
Battered & Starved Boy Told Investigators “Elizabeth Don’t Feed Me”
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Elizabeth Francis and John Alvin Carter are accused of starving a 5-year-old boy so badly that he only weighed 28 pounds. Carter is the boy’s adoptive father, but documents didn’t specify the nature of Francis’ relationship to the child. According to court documents, on Dec. 21, 2018, investigators were called to Children’s Mercy Hospital on a report of child abuse and neglect. Doctors diagnosed the boy with malnutrition due to starvation, a distended stomach and a perforated bowel caused...
"I Knew It Just Wasn't Right," Pizza Delivery Man Rescues Girls From Abuse
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Mark Buede was just delivering a pizza, but when he saw something suspicious, he didn’t hesitate to call police, and Lexington police said that phone call resulted in two young girls being rescued from abuse at the hands of their father. The pizza delivery man and the three officers who investigated the case were among scores of people honored by the Lexington Police Department Tuesday night for...
1-Year-Old Girl Was Bitten And Beaten To Death By Mother's Boyfriend
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Prosecutors have filed charges in the death of a 1-year-old child on the city’s east side. Adrian Bostick has been charged with battery resulting the death of his girlfriend’s daughter on May 31, 2019. According to court documents, first responders were called to the child’s home. Police observed the child’s mother performing CPR. The child was unresponsive and had bruises, abrasions, and what appeared to be bite marks on her head and body. The child was transported to Riley Hospital in...
Gym Teacher Is Hands-on With The First Grade Girls
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A grand jury indicted John Austin Hopkins, 25, on 36 counts of gross sexual imposition. All of the charges are related to first grade girls at Clearcreek Elementary School, according to Warren County (OH) Prosecutor David Fornshell. "Over three month period, there were more than 100 incidents of inappropriate touching captured on school surveillance, Fornshell said. He said 88 students were involved. All of those incidents were presented to the grand jury. Fornshell said the grand jury...
Former Pastor Arrested And Charged With Sexual Abuse Of A Minor Relative
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"Stephen Bratton, 43, has been charged with one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child. The victim said Bratton sexually abused her starting from 2013, when she was just 13 years old. The abuse continued until in 2018, the D.A.'s Office said. The victim said they would have sex multiple times a day or several times a week. Bratton was a pastor for Grace Family Baptist Church. He recently stepped down from the ministry and is no longer a pastor there. He is currently free on a...
"Do You Know How Many Times Parents Get Accused Just Because A Kid Falls?"
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Charges were filed on Wednesday, June 12 against a Sheboygan man, 19, in the death of a 5-month-old baby girl. On May 31, around 10 a.m., Sheboygan police were called to a home near 11th Street and Indiana Avenue for a report of an infant not breathing. Authorities rushed an unresponsive 5-month-old child to Memorial Hospital -- performing CPR until she arrived at the emergency room. Life-saving measures continued, but the baby was pronounced dead shortly before 11 a.m. An autopsy was...
Former Louisiana Sheriff Arrested For Rape And Incest
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Former longtime St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain – for months the subject of a federal corruption probe and state investigation into alleged sex crimes against juveniles – has been booked on charges of rape and incest, District Attorney Warren Montgomery announced Tuesday (June 11) at a hastily-called news conference. Strain – who served as police chief in Abita Springs before winning election as sheriff and holding onto that job for 20 years through June 2016 - was arrested by...
Newborn Rescued From Dumpster; 15-Year-Old "Mother" Cited And Released
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A newborn baby was rescued from a dumpster Tuesday morning, Stockton Police Department said in a Facebook post. Police received a call around 11:43 a.m. that a baby may have been left in a dumpster. With the weather over 100 degrees, the baby is alive thanks to Troy Cooper, 51, and his building manager John...
Helping Girls Find Those Special Places To Touch
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Ars Technica journalist Peter “Dr. Pizza” Bright was arrested and charged with attempted enticement of a minor in illegal sexual activity, according to a report published on June 7th, 2019 by the Daily Dot Bright, known via his Twitter handle Dr. Pizza, was accosted by the FBI after arranging to meet and engage in sexual activity with minors. [...]. "BRIGHT used computers and/or telephones to communicate with an undercover FBI agent about arranging to engage in sexual activity with a...
Couple Charged With Leaving Child Home Alone, Robbing Bank
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ELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS, Mo. (AP) — Court documents say a couple left their child home alone while they robbed a bank in suburban St. Louis. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 40-year-old Melissa Harrison and 33-year-old Ramon Alonzo Gregory Falls are charged with stealing or attempted stealing from a U.S. Bank in Bellefontaine Neighbors and child abuse. No attorney is listed for them in online court records. Charges say Harrison handed a teller a note Saturday demanding money and...
California Woman Stabs 6-Year-Old Girl In Face During Birthday Party
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A 6-year-old girl was stabbed in the face by a 35-year-old woman while attending a birthday party in central California on Saturday, police said. The alleged incident happened in Fresno around 5:30 p.m. The woman had become upset with the girl for unspecified reasons and allegedly stabbed her in the face with a sharp object – possibly a razor blade, witnesses told investigators. Lt. Bill Dooley said the girl received a laceration under her eye. The suspect, who police identified as...
Louisiana Sheriff's Deputy Filmed A Mother Performing Sex Act On Her 1-Year-Old Boy
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Authorities say a Louisiana sheriff's deputy filmed a mother performing a sex act on her 1-year-old boy. News outlets report St. Gabriel Police arrested Shaderick Jones on Friday on multiple charges including principal to first-degree rape. The boy's mother was arrested Saturday on a charge of first-degree rape and incest. According to WAFB-TV, she told investigators she was coerced into performing the sex act because Jones had a traffic arrest warrant against her. Jones had worked for...
Mother Injected Daughter With Insulin For Attention
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Ellen Corrine Rupp-Jones, 36, is accused of injecting unneeded insulin into her daughter in order to gain attention Child Protective Services documents allege Rupp-Jones has Munchausen syndrome by proxy. According to the affidavit, Rupp-Jones took her daughter to UT Health in Tyler and said her daughter had blood sugar problems. Rupp-Jones was told by a nurse to stay in Tyler, but Rupp-Jones ignored that advice and took her daughter to Cook Children’s hospital in Fort Worth. A test...
"High-Pitched Screams From The Baby... Did Not Last Long"
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Kasiam Tinsley who was charged with murdering his 9-month-old daughter in November 2018 has been indicted on all charges: one count of 2nd Degree Murder, two counts of Child Abuse/Neglect, one count of Malicious Wounding, one count of Child Cruelty. Tinsley was arrested late last year after his baby girl, Makayla Smith, was found unresponsive on November 13, 2018. A medical examiner...
Father Teaches Daughter Lessons With A Stove Eye
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A Polk County father disciplined his daughter by putting her hand over a hot stove top, police said. A teacher noticed the 9-year-old arrived to class with a black eye and a burn mark on her hand, according to the Bartow Police Department. Officials said the teacher reported it to law enforcement and the Department of Children and Families. Investigators said the victim’s father, Felipe Casanova, caught the child “stealing snacks at home” and wanted to “teach her a lesson." During the...
Mom Snorts Heroin, Pops A Pill, Then Goes Driving With 6-Year-Old Son
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"A York woman admitted to police she snorted heroin and took a pill before she drove her 6-year-old son on Interstate 83 in Springfield Township on Tuesday night, according to charging documents. Kristina Michelle Archer-Burton, 33, of the 700 block of Terrace Road, faces charges of DUI, endangering the welfare of children, duty of driver approaching emergency vehicle, maximum speed limits and operation of vehicle without official certificate of inspection. Archer-Burton was arraigned on...

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