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Child Abuse

2 Women Steal Baby Stroller from Store And Leave One Of Their Children Behind
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Two women who allegedly stole a baby stroller and left a child behind have been arrested in New Jersey. A group of three women and children entered a baby store in Middletown on Aug. 16. Authorities say one of the women went to the front of the store to grab the stroller, while the other two distracted an employee. One of the women then returned after realizing one of the children was left behind. Two of the three women have been arrested and face shoplifting and conspiracy charges...
KY High School Teacher Rapes Her Student
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A high school science teacher in Kentucky was busted for having sex with a 15-year-old boy in her car and at her home over summer break, authorities said. Kendall Burk, 23, has been removed from Grant County High School in Dry Ridge after being charged Wednesday with four counts of rape and sodomy for the alleged off-campus sexual encounters with a male student, WLWT reported. The hookups, which began in June, took place on four occasions and happened as recently as July 3. Two of the...
Oklahoma Man Who Installed Secret Cameras in "Staggering" Number of Homes Gets Life Sentence
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The defense urged Judge Amy Palumb for a five to 10-year sentence, but she said if Alden had the chance she believed he would commit the crimes again. Alden also took video up women’s skirts at restaurants, gyms and churches, prosecutors said. Several of Alden’s victims read statements in court, including teenagers who said their high school memories were “destroyed” by the violation and they would always wonder if a recording of them might be floating around the internet. An...
Mom Gushed About Daughter And Son Before Killing Them and Herself
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The Atlanta mom who allegedly killed her daughter — a former NBC 4 New York intern — and her son in their home before taking her own life gushed about both children in her final Instagram post. Marsha Edwards last posted on Instagram Wednesday, the same day all three were found dead of gunshot wounds inside the family’s Cobb County townhouse. “I’ve had the best summer, first with [Chris] in Miami, and Erin in Italy,” she wrote with a smiling selfie. “I could not ask for better children.”...
Man Molests, Attempts To Rape 12-year-old Girl While Wife In Labor At Hospital
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A man tried to rape a 12-year-old girl while his wife prepared to give birth to their unborn child at the hospital, Montgomery County Police allege in court documents obtained by ABC7. Luis Perez-Giron, 28, of Montgomery Village, is charged with two counts of third-degree sexual offense stemming from what law enforcement sources have called a "mind-boggling case." Based on court filings, Perez-Giron's wife is close friends with the victim's mother. Earlier this year, the victim's family...
Mother And Friend Seemed Unfazed As Her Foaming From The Mouth Infant Was Rescued From A Hot Car
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Two women are in the Benton County jail after leaving an infant in a hot car at a Walmart in Pea Ridge. During the investigation, police determined the infant's mother, Karlee Spear, 21, and her friend Ashlee Danley, 26, had left the infant in the car for 45 minutes to an hour to go grocery shopping. At about 2:30 p.m., Pea Ridge police got the call that an infant was inside a black Nissan Xterra at the Neighborhood Market. Lt. Michael Lisenbee with Pea Ridge police said the baby was...
Florida Soccer Coach Took A Nine-Year-Old Boy To Buy Knee Pads
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A soccer coach in Florida is facing accusations he molested a 9-year-old boy before and during practice. Authorities say 22-year-old Hugo Daniel Jimenez-Rumbos picked the boy up at his Orlando home to take him to a sporting goods store to buy knee pads before heading to a soccer field. Local news outlets report the boy told detectives the coach touched his genitals over his clothing while driving to the store and then to practice. The boy also said the man looked down the boy’s pants during...
13-Day-Old Baby Severely Beaten; Father Arrested
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A Santa Ana father was arrested on suspicion of child abuse on Monday after his 13-day-old baby suffered a savage beating, leaving him in critical condition with a skull fracture and internal injuries. Jonathan Reyes was arrested after the boy’s mother awoke to find the child badly beaten and brought him to an emergency room, the Santa Ana Police Department said in a news release. Along with a skull fracture and internal injuries, the baby suffered multiple visible injuries to his face...
Twenty Year-Old Man Shoved His Soon To Be 12 Year-Old Baby Mama
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Battle Creek officers say a 20-year-old man shoved a pregnant 12-year-old into a fence. The girl says the 20-year-old is the father of her baby, according to the Battle Creek Police Department. Police say she was walking with her brother and his girlfriend at the time of the assault. The 20-year-old suspect allegedly said to her that he was “going to make her lose this baby,” police say. The girl received minor injuries, police say. Authorities said a sexual assault investigation began...
Tonia Sones Went Inside To Shower, Fell Asleep, And Now 2 Year-Old Annabelle Has Brain Damage
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A mother who was facing trial for allegedly leaving her little girl in a hot car entered a plea Monday morning in Northumberland County. During jury selection, Tonia Sones of Delaware pleaded no contest to aggravated assault. Sones told state police her 2-year-old daughter, Annabelle, fell asleep in the car last August. She says she went inside to shower but must have fallen asleep. Six hours later, she found the little girl having a seizure. Sones' daughter suffered heatstroke and has...
Tracey Pelletier Flees After Crash, Leaving Injured 6 Year-Old Boy Behind
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(....) Police in Nashua said the officer saw 32-year-old Tracey Pelletier using her cellphone while driving Tuesday. The officer tried to stop her, but the car accelerated. Shortly after that, the car crashed into a business. Police said Pelletier fled and was later taken into custody. They said a 6-year-old boy in the back seat was taken to a hospital for minor injuries. Pelletier was charged with a number of misdemeanors and violations, among them disobeying an officer; conduct after an...
Man Out On Bond For Sexually Abusing A Child, Arrested For Human Trafficking In East Alabama
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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Authorities say a man out on bond for sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl in Jefferson County has been arrested in St. Clair County for human trafficking. Brent Lee Higginbotham is accused of confronting a female teenager in a parking lot in the 800 block of Main Street South Saturday afternoon and blocking the door of her car. Authorities say Higginbotham made sexual comments to her and solicited her for sex. Officers from Pell City went to Higginbotham’s home...
Mesquite ISD Bus Driver Arrested For Solicitation Of A Minor
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A Mesquite ISD bus driver was arrested on Tuesday for solicitation of a minor. Mesquite police officers arrested 63-year-old Ruben Castillo. He's charged with criminal solicitation of a minor to commit sexual assault of a child. Authorities say Castillo was employed with Mesquite ISD as a bus driver for the past 11 years. (....) PD is urging any additional students who may were contacted by Castillo in an inappropriate manner to contact them at (972) 285-6336.
Police Find Smiley-Face Bag Of Meth In Toy Section Of Store
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MADAWASKA, Maine - A police department in Maine issued a warning that a small bag of methamphetamine was found in the children’s toy section of a store. The Madawaska Police Department posted on Facebook Monday that over the weekend a local store contacted them. [....] Police took the baggie, which contained odd-looking smiley faces all over, and tested it. The results came back positive for methamphetamines, according to the department. “Meth users are usually not known for making the...
Children Played Amid Trash & Roaches, Ate Pop Tarts For Meals; Mother Charged
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The Georgetown police officer was dispatched to the Military Street home Saturday when a neighbor said three young juveniles were “filthy” and outside for an extended period of time unsupervised, according to an arrest citation. The officer first noticed three mattresses outside the home with dirty stains, crawling cockroaches and dead and alive bedbugs with feces, the arrest citation states. A...
Kentucky: Step-Grandmother Put Toddler's Feet In Boiling Water; Toddler May Lose Feet
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(...) Kaylee Robinson has been left with terrible red burns and huge yellow blisters stretching from her ankles to her toes after being dipped in boiling water on August 11. Both feet have been burnt identically, with doctors and a sheriff saying these ‘sock burns’ can only have been inflicted deliberately. Jennifer Vaughn has now been charged with injuring the little girl at her home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is said to have confessed to wounding her as a punishment for misbehaving...
"Teddy Two Fingers" Convicted of Abusing 6 Elementary Students, School Sued
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Each parent, one by one, their eyes swollen and red from tears, stood before the D.C. judge and spoke about how their children had been sexually assaulted by an elementary school teacher they all trusted. One woman said the teacher, Manuel Garcia Fernandez, who taught at the Latin American Montessori Bilingual (LAMB) Public Charter School, gave her son piano lessons in the basement of his home when the boy was in the fourth and fifth grade. Her son, now 9 years old, later told her that...
Woman Tries To Take 1-Year-Old Boy From NC Park Splash Pads
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An Asheville couple was terrified after a trip to Pack Square Park when a woman tried to grab their baby, WLOS reports. The couple said on Friday, Aug, 9, they had taken their 1-year-old son to the splash pads. The father said things quickly escalated. “I tripped as I was pulling him out of her hands, and, at one point, I was above her pulling my son up and she was stabbing me in the stomach with a cane,” he said. “[My wife] got on top of the woman and pulled her fingers open to get her...
Couple Who Ran A Home For Troubled Boys Charged With Trafficking Children, Forced Labor
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Gary Wiggins, 49, and his wife Meghann Wiggins, 34, have been charged with intentionally trafficking four underage boys “through force, fraud or coercion,” making them “engage in forced labor or services,” KXAN reported. In July 2018, eight boys ages 10 to 17 were removed from the Bertram-area home following abuse allegations, the Austin Statesman reported last year. In the year since, agencies have been investigating accusations of “abuse, neglect, labor violations, fraud, licensing...
House Of A Thousand Roaches Unlivable For Girls Ages 1, 3, 4, &13
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An Idaho couple faces a number of injury to child charges after police said they found children living in a house infested with thousands of cockroaches and hundreds of spiders. Officers were dispatched to a home in Nampa, Idaho on Aug. 15 for a welfare check. A reporting party told police she had received second-hand information that the house could be infested with cockroaches. According to reports, as two officers approached the house, they could “smell a very pungent or odor of urine...

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