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Animal Abuse

Man Admits To Beheading His Roommate's Dog
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A serial killer in the making has been arrested, accused of brutally murdering a woman’s dog. Police say 21-year-old Jose Vega Meza stole the victim’s dog as she was attempting to move out of his home. The woman allegedly told police dog went missing while she was moving her belongings Saturday. Later in the evening, Vega Meza was allegedly seen by a friend of the woman loading a box into his vehicle. The friend said it looked as though Vega Meza was trying not to be seen and she...
Mom Takes A Teachable Moment: Makes Her Crotch-Fruit Kick A Puppy
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A woman in Lancaster is facing charges after a video of her kicking and stomping a dog on her front porch made rounds on social media. Ashley Gaston, 28, is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, endangering the welfare of children, and corruption of minors. An officer was dispatched for a report of a woman on her front porch kicking a dog. The officer responded to the residence and spoke with Gaston. Gaston denied kicking the dog and told the officer that the dog had bitten her son...
The Bull Doesn't Always Lose
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Gruesome video captures the moment a bull gets revenge on a matador — thrusting a horn up his anus and leaving him with a 10-inch wound to his rectum that almost killed him. French matador Juan Leal, 26, had been tormenting the beast with his red cape at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid on Saturday when he suddenly got wrong-footed with the proud animal hot on his tail. The crowd at the 12th day of the San Isidro bullfighting fair screamed in horror as the angry animal impaled Leal with...
Cop Accused Of Bestiality, Now Charged With Child Porn.
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A Louisiana police officer charged in December with 40 counts of sexually abusing a dog was arrested again Friday and charged with 31 counts of possessing child pornography. (note that article is dated 4/16) Terry Yetman, 38, of Minden, was booked into the Bossier Parish Jail with a bond of $620,000, The Shreveport Times reported. According to jail records, Yetman remained jailed Tuesday morning. The details of the new charges have not been made public, but KTBS in Shreveport reportedthat...
Homeless Man Gets Frisky With "Whore" Cat
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A man in Arizona has been arrested for allegedly having sex in the shower with his pet cat. The Mesa Police Department responded to a call of a cat in distress at a residence located close to Val Vista Drive and University Drive on Wednesday. There, a witness told authorities that 40-year-old Michael Navage, who is homeless, had taken his pet cat into the bathroom. The caller heard the cat screaming and could hear Navage shouting that 'the cat was stuck on his penis'. The caller told...
Man Raped Girlfriend's Dog Because She Wouldn't Respond To His Texts
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A Portland man was arrested Wednesday after authorities say he admitted to raping his fiancée’s dog, which later was euthanized after the sexual assault caused internal injuries. Fidel Lopez, 51, told Portland police that he and the dog, aLhasa Apso mix named Estrella, were lying in bed last November while his girlfriend was out, and he got upset when she wouldn’t respond to his calls and texts, according to a probable cause affidavit.
Pot Smoking Tipster Calls Police When He Finds Tiger In Abandoned Home In Houston
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The anonymous tipster who told cops about a 1,000-pound tiger inside a home had broken into the abandoned building to smoke marijuana and initially thought he was hallucinating when he saw the caged big cat, officials said.
Louisiana Cop Charged With 40 Counts Related To Sexual Abuse Of Animals
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A Bossier City police officer has been arrested and charged with 40 counts related to sexual abuse of animals. Terry Yetman, 38, of 1207 Villaggio Blvd., was booked into the Bossier Parish jail Wednesday night. He was still listed in custody at the medium security facility as of late Thursday afternoon. [...] According to a release from Louisiana State Police, the LSP Special Victim’s Unit began an investigation in August 2018. State police allege that during a search, evidence...
Alleged Guinea Pig Lovin' Under Investigation In Maryland
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FREDERICK, Md. - A man reportedly sexually abused a guinea pig in a shopping center parking lot in Frederick on Sunday afternoon, according to authorities. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Department told FOX 5 that the person was seen by others in a Target parking lot. He reportedly told investigators that he had just bought a guinea pig from a nearby PetSmart. [....] “We have the animal in our possession, it’s safe – it’s being cared for and receiving any medical treatment it...
Middle Schooler Mercy-Kills Tormented Squirrel, Flees Bat Whoopin
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A Carter Lake middle schooler told police that he was beaten by his mother and a man after he killed a squirrel that the man had trapped and tortured. The boy told police the man had a squirrel inside a trap. He said the man was going to torture and kill the squirrel and then tie it to the front door to scare people. The boy said he knew his mother's boyfriend, Gregory Kuchera, 54, “was going to do terrible things to the squirrel, and thought it better if the squirrel just died."...
Former Orangutan Prostitute Doing Well In Animal Sanctuary
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The horrifying story of an orangutan used in the Indonesian sex trade has been retold by the conservationists who rescued her. Pony, an endangered Bornean orangutan, was discovered in February 2003 in a brothel village at Kareng Pangi, Central Kalimantan chained to a wall and lying on a mattress. She had been ruthlessly and abhorrently exploited by local palm oil farmers who would come to the village and pay £2 to have sex with her. Having been snatched from her mother when she was a...
Featured Thomas Copland Likes It Ruff, Gets Active Sentence
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ELKO, NV – A Nevada man was recently sentenced to prison for physically and sexually abusing someone else's dog while it was briefly in his possession. Thomas Copland is a jack of all trades that likes a little rough stuff with a ruff-ruff on the side, and this proclivity for tormenting pooches with pricks and pokes just derailed his whole genius criminal enterprise. The 32-year-old Spring Creek, Nevada man...
Virginia Kennel Owner Charged With Bestiality After Police Find Videos Of Her Having Sex With Dogs
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SUFFOLK, VA — Christina Danielle Patterson, 42, was arrested on six counts of crimes against nature — bestiality/carnally know any brute animal, and six counts of animal cruelty. The investigation began on July 31, 2017, at a residence she shared with her husband, Richard Allen Patterson, 47, in the 2400 block of Freeman Mill Road. The search warrant involving Richard Patterson’s business, Imperial K-9 LLC, was executed by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. A...

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