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Animal Abuse

Man Who Hacked Live Cow, Chopped Off Its Leg As Friend Chanted 'I Want Meat!' Escapes Jail Time
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An Australian man who was accused of hacking off the legs and flesh of a live cow while his friend yelled "I want meat! I want meat!" has been found guilty of stealing but escaped a conviction on animal cruelty charges. The Darwin Local Court heard this past week how the disturbing incident unfolded after 34-year-old Anthony Spencer, and his friends 24-year-old Angela Wood, 25-year-old Roy Young and 46-year-old Glen Spack Petherick, drove down to a cattle yard owned by the Australian...
Florida Man™ Arrested For Trying To Get An Alligator Drunk
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A Florida man was reportedly arrested for trying to get an alligator drunk after his pal captured the reptile. Timothy Kepke, 27, of Hobe Sound allegedly fed some beer to the animal, which also bit him, on Aug. 26 in Palm City, according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report obtained by TC Palm. Moments earlier, Kepke told police, Noah Osborne, 22, caught the gator with his bare hands, the report said. Kepke told authorities he had consumed a few beers that day...
Woman Tried To Euthanize 2 Dogs With Insulin Injections; Killing One
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A Navarre woman faces charges after admitting to injecting her two dogs with insulin in an attempt to euthanize them. One of the dogs died. According to police reports, authorities were called to Village Clean Laundromat the night of Sept. 8. The caller said a woman there was “acting off” and talking about self-euthanizing her dogs. When officers arrived, Tisha Lynn, 44, said her two dogs had gotten into a fight with another dog in the trailer park where she lives. She said that due to...
Idiot Scales Security Fencing Around Lions To Dance With Them At The Bronx Zoo
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The lions at the Bronx Zoo got a new form of enrichment. A idiotic woman trespassed inside the lion enclosure on Saturday put herself in serious danger. The woman can be seen dancing and waving her hands as if taunting the lion in a video. The Darwin Award seeker does not appear scared or concerned when the lion takes a few steps closer to her.
Florida Man’s™ Caged Dogs Were So Starved, They Resorted To Eating Each Other
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Genar Smith has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges of starving his pit bulls so extremely it provoked cannibalism within the dogs’ cage. A neighbor saw a dog in a cage being eaten by two other dogs and contacted the Lakeland police department. Upon arrival officers found six pit bulls locked in one cage. Cops did not see any food or water in the dogs’ bowls. The dogs’ ribs and hip bones were visible under their skin. The Polk County Animal control officer determined the...
3 Year-Old Colt, Emtech, Broke Both Front Legs, Tossed Jockey At Santa Anita Park
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Emtech, a 3-year-old colt trained , went down in the middle of the track at Santa Anita Park. The horse was not able to get back up Workers immediately put up a green screen to shield the foundering colt from the crowd, Emtech’s front were legs unable to bear the animal's weight. Veterinarians euthanized the horse. Emtech’s death is the 32 death since December. Link to story
Three dogs Found Tied, Caged And Left for Dead In The Desert
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A Valley man found three dogs tied up, caged, and left for dead in the desert. "At first when we got off the truck and started walking the trail, we kept hearing them all the way up there," said Adolfo Valdivia. Valdivia was hiking with his sister east of Sunrise Manor Thursday night when they heard something in the distance. "We walked all the way up there and that's where the dogs were, on the other side of the wash," said Valdivia. Over the rocks, trash, and broken glass he found one...
Buddy's On The Road To Recovery In A New Wheelchair After Being Shot Twice, Having His Hind Legs Sawed Off
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(....) WWL reports that deputies are investigating the case involving Buddy, a dog who was found shot and with his hind legs seemingly cut off by a saw blade in a Slidell mobile home park. X-rays also show bullets that indicate the dog was shot twice. A Facebook fundraiser has been created by a rescue agency to help with medical bills, and so Buddy can have a wheelchair to get around. So far, more than $11,000 has been raised; the goal was $4,000. Dante's Hope Rescue East member Renee...
Missouri Couple Seems To Misunderstand What Animal Rescue Means
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A Missouri couple operating an animal rescue are facing animal abuse charges after authorities found nearly 150 dead dogs and rescued hundreds more living in “unimaginable conditions” at properties in Missouri and Texas. Tiffany and Steven Woodington operated All Accounted For, which brought animals from Texas to Missouri, the Benton County, Mo., Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post Monday. Authorities said they found nearly 300 animals living at the operations in Texas and Missouri...
“RIP Zippy You Were A Good Little Girl” - 89 Dead Cats Found In NY Home After Eviction
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Authorities are investigating the deaths of dozens of cats found at an upstate New York home after the former owner was evicted. The remains of 89 cats had been removed from the house in Montgomery as of Friday. Montgomery town Police Chief Arnold “Butch” Amthor says conditions in the house were “horrific.” Boxes containing more dead cats were found in an open grave behind the house. A label on one box read, “RIP Zippy you were a good little girl.” The cat remains were discovered when a...
Florida Woman© Caught Choking Dog In The Air By The Leash.
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TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. (FOX 13) - Tarpon Springs police arrested a woman after a video of her abusing a dog went viral. Michelle Sieber, 26, is charged with one count of animal cruelty. According to investigators, she was arrested after a video surfaced that appears to show her kicking the dog and roughly pulling the animal by its leash while walking through a parking lot. Vincent Minutello was dropping his girlfriend off Friday morning when he saw the abuse taking place and recorded it on...
The Mattress Was Taken Away Because The Starving Girl Child Was Eating It
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Melissa Lin Keister starved and beat a child living in her home, withholding food as punishment and forcing the child to sleep naked inside a square taped to a bedroom floor under the watch of a surveillance camera. The poor starving child told police she was only allowed to exit the room into other parts of the house when visitors came. These visitors were home health aides . When they left, the child said she’d be forced to remove the large shirt she wore like a nightgown and return...
Combative Woman Was Warned Not To Leave Her Dog In Hot Car
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Mallory McGrail is accused of leaving her dog in a hot car despite being warned by law enforcement not to. McGrail, 35, is charged with cruelty to animals, operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license and resisting arrest. On Thursday, McGrail came to the Rockingham County Courthouse and tried to park in a restricted area of the courthouse parking lot. Bailiffs came up to her car and saw a dog in the vehicle. Bailiffs told McGrail she couldn’t go into the courthouse and...
Today In WTAF?: People Really Are Anti-Vaxxing Their Pets
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(....) Veterinarians have been desperately reminding everyone that vaccines are safe and won’t give pets autism (seriously). But it wasn’t entirely clear if pet owners really were shying away from vaccines. The new report comes courtesy of the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, which claims to be the UK’s leading veterinary charity. Since 2011, the PDSA has carried out an annual survey of pet owners in the country, dubbed the PDSA Animal Wellbeing, or PAW, report. This year’s report...
Non Was Dragged Into The Bushes And Mounted By Naked Manoon "Bovine Lovin" Bunjin
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A perverted pensioner was fined just £8 after being caught in the nude having sex with a cow in southern Thailand. Manoon Bunjin, 68, was frogmarched to the local police station in Songkhla after he dragged ‘Non’ the calf into the bushes and sexually assaulted her last Friday afternoon. Non’s owner, was horrified after he spotted the naked man mounting the cow from behind, according to local reports. He spied on the pensioner after neighbors warned him that one of his animals had been...
2 Men Arrested In Bizarre Case Involving Child Rape, Child Porn, Bestiality, And Satanic Rituals
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LOCKLAND, Ohio (FOX19) - Two men are under arrest on child rape and porn charges as police race to identify children they suspect are being victimized in pornographic pictures posted online. Lockland police describe the case as the worst they’ve ever seen. They say they found the pornographic images, including child bestiality, on the suspects’ phones during rape investigations in Clermont and Hamilton counties. William Bustillos III, 25, is accused of raping a boy last year who was...
Donkeys Slain In Mojave Desert, Officials Offering $18,000 Reward
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Over the last three months, Bureau of Land Management officials have found the bodies of 42 donkeys covered in gunshot wounds near the California-Nevada border. They were killed illegally in the Clark Mountain Herd Area. "We will pursue every lead until we've arrested and prosecuted those responsible for these cruel, savage deaths, and we welcome the public's help to bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice," BLM deputy director for policy and programs William Perry Pendley said...
Police: "This Unfortunate Incident Was Not Intentional", K-9 Ozzy Died In Handler's Hot Patrol Car
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Police in Long Beach, California, are mourning a K-9 who died apparently of heat-related causes, in a department vehicle. The dog, Ozzy, was found by its handler when both were off duty at about 3:40 p.m. Aug. 14, the Long Beach Police Department said in a statement. "This unfortunate incident was not intentional," the statement reads. "Preliminarily, we believe this was an accident and we are taking all the necessary steps to avoid this happening in the future." The department said its...
Animal Control Tried To Take Temperature Of Dog Left In Hot Car; Thermometer Stopped Working When It Hit 107 Degrees
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A Florida woman was charged after a dog died when it was left in a hot car for several hours. The dog, a female pitbull mix, was locked inside a white Toyota Camry Thursday when the high in Pensacola, Florida was 89 and the feels like temperature was closer to 100. Crystal Marie Houk, the owner, was reportedly inconsolable as deputies checked out the backseat. Houk is charged with one count of animal cruelty. She told deputies she left the air conditioner running. But a Walmart employee...
Aaron Spaulding Force Fed Meth To Cat
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A New Mexico man arrested in June for beating his girlfriend and mistreating two pets is facing new charges. Aaron Spaulding was arrested a couple of months ago On Tuesday, officers upgraded his charges to animal cruelty after his cat tested positive for methamphetamine. Police say Spaulding choked the cat and forced it to take the drugs. A vet says the cat shows signs of neurological problems. It has since been adopted into another home.

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