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Animal Abuse

Texas Game Wardens Searching For Person Who Cut Off Lake Worth Alligator's Tail, Killing It
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.... According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s law enforcement division, the illegal act happened around Thursday on Lake Worth near the mouth of the West Fork of the Trinity River. The alligator was found dead with its tail removed, possibly by a poacher who may have wanted the meat or skin. Operation Game Thief, Texas Wildlife’s crime stoppers program, is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for tips that lead to an arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. The...
17 Year-Old Blackstone Male Charged With Killing Cat With Arrow
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A 17-year-old Blackstone male faces multiple charges in connection with the alleged killing of a cat with an arrow. The teen has been charged with the following crimes...
Ashley Scott Killed Her Puppy By Throwing It Off A 3rd Story Balcony
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A New Mexico woman has been arrested after police said she threw a puppy off her third-story apartment balcony, killing it. Ashley Scott, 28, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of extreme cruelty to animals and two counts of battery against a peace officer. A passerby saw Scott throw the puppy from the balcony of her downtown Albuquerque apartment Wednesday afternoon, according to a criminal complaint...
Amazon Driver Arrested After Stealing Dog From Family’s Yard, Tried To Sell It For $70.00
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An Amazon delivery driver stole a family’s dog in Texas and then tried to sell the pooch online for as little as $70, authorities said. Mycah Keyona Wade, 22, of Crowley, surrendered to deputies in Parker County on July 16 after Amanda and Anthony Phillips reported that their 2-year-old dachshund named RJ was stolen from their front yard in Brock over the July Fourth holiday weekend, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. Wade and her boyfriend were dropping off packages for the internet...
Man Arrested For Throwing Puppy Against A Wall Over Housebreaking "Pee" Accident
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Police arrested a Bloomington man accused of abusing a 4-month-old puppy. The investigation began on June 26 when a resident at an apartment complex in the called police. The resident reported hearing loud thuds followed by an animal crying in pain. The resident said it sounded like a dog was being thrown against the wall and crying in pain. He said it was the “worse sound he ever heard.” Police made contact with Hayden Miller, 21, the occupant of the apartment where the sound was coming...
Race Horse U-Turns, Collides With Another Head-On in Fatal Collision at Del Mar Racetrack
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Two horses died following a head-on collision during training Thursday, a day after the start of the 2019 Del Mar racing season. .... “There were three horses breaking from the starting gate," Director of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Joe Harper said. “The horse made a U-turn, that was galloping.” Charge A Bunch with jockey Geovanni Franco turned and ran head-on into Carson Valley and jockey Assael Espinoza, DMTC said. “Both [horses] suffered cervical fractures and both were dead on the...
Florida Man Arrested After Authorities Find Baby Alligator in Front Seat of Car
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Hardee County deputies said Anthony Richardson was stopped by a drug task force Thursday, the Tampa Bay Times reported. According to deputies, Richardson told them he had a live gator in the front seat moments before the vehicle was searched for drugs, the newspaper reported. Richardson told them he did not own either license and had been given the reptile by a friend. He told deputies he was planning to release the alligator into a nearby river, the television station reported. When...
Woman Throws Snake, Steals Woman's Car And Leads Cops On Chase
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Police say a Greenville woman is accused of assaulting a woman by throwing a snake at her, stealing her car and driving it through barriers downtown, WYFF reports. Police said they were called to investigate a carjacking report at 8:20 p.m. Friday. The victim told the police that a woman threw a black snake at her and stole her SUV. At around 8:30 p.m., an officer saw someone drive through barriers that were set up for a pole-vaulting event scheduled for Saturday. Officers said a woman...
World-Famous Tiger Tamer Becomes Kitty Toy
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One of the world's most famous tiger tamers has been mauled to death by his four big cats as he prepared for a show at a circus in Italy. Ettore Weber, 61, was mauled to death around 7.30pm on Thursday night at the Circo Orfei - Italy's best-known circus - in the countryside near Bari. Weber was rehearsing for his act when one of the tigers knocked him down before the other three pounced on him and mauled him to death. The tigers then 'played' with his body for around 30 minutes in front...
100+ Fighting Roosters Seized From Raided North Texas Cockfight
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Approximately 200 people were there and most took off once officers arrived. The Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people on state jail felony charges of “causes a cock to fight with another cock” and “participates in the earnings of a cockfight,” and issued 22 citations for attending a cockfight as a spectator, which is a Class C misdemeanor. Many of the birds appear to be suffering from open wounds, cuts and scrapes, missing feathers and eye issues. One rooster was...
Man Charged After Biting Police Dog
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Cops say it's a man bites dog story -- literally. A New Hampshire man who allegedly growled at and bit a police K-9 was arrested Friday, officials said. Officers from the Manchester Police Dept. were called after Matthew Williams, 35, of...
Mother Of 15 Accused Of Torturing Children, Boiling Puppies To Death As Punishment
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A mother-of-15 is accused of beating and torturing her children in a campaign of abuse in which she forced them to watch as she boiled their puppies alive. Martha Crouch and her husband, Timothy were arrested on Monday following a child abuse probe by The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) sparked by a report that the couple's children were not receiving an adequate education...
Dumped Puppy Waits In Arm Chair For Owner`s Return
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A puppy was dumped on the side of a Mississippi road with an armchair and would not leave the chair, according to WLBT. A woman called animal control after she saw someone dump the puppy, the armchair and a television on the side of the road. According to Sharon Norton, a Brookhaven animal control officer, the puppy would’t move because it was waiting for its owner to come back and was afraid to leave the chair to find food. “To the person that dumped this chair, your puppy was waiting...
Florida Couple Says Their Dogs Were Tortured, Shot, Killed
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Deputies with the Baker County Sheriff's Office are investigating a case of animal abuse that left two dogs dead, and the details might be hard for some to read. The couple who owned the two dogs -- Esa the Rottweiler and Pup-Pup the pit bull mix -- said their pets were tortured, killed and left on the side of an obscure dirt road. On Saturday, Patrick Gagliardo and his fiancée, Jill Holloway, began searching for their dogs after they appeared to have chased another animal off the...
Couple Viciously Beat Adopted Dogs To Death Within Days Of Bringing Them Home
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A Long Island man and his wife brought three lovable puppies into their Mineola home, where the husband viciously beat the pooches while his spouse did nothing — leaving two dead and another fighting for her life, according to prosecutors. Jessica Kuncman, 30, and Ellie Knoller, 29, were hit with charges stemming from the torture of their three dogs, one after the other, each beaten within days of being brought back to their Mineola home. The couple — who has been married less than a year...
Man Admits To Beheading His Roommate's Dog
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A serial killer in the making has been arrested, accused of brutally murdering a woman’s dog. Police say 21-year-old Jose Vega Meza stole the victim’s dog as she was attempting to move out of his home. The woman allegedly told police dog went missing while she was moving her belongings Saturday. Later in the evening, Vega Meza was allegedly seen by a friend of the woman loading a box into his vehicle. The friend said it looked as though Vega Meza was trying not to be seen and she thought...
Mom Takes A Teachable Moment: Makes Her Crotch-Fruit Kick A Puppy
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A woman in Lancaster is facing charges after a video of her kicking and stomping a dog on her front porch made rounds on social media. Ashley Gaston, 28, is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, endangering the welfare of children, and corruption of minors. An officer was dispatched for a report of a woman on her front porch kicking a dog. The officer responded to the residence and spoke with Gaston. Gaston denied kicking the dog and told the officer that the dog had bitten her son...
The Bull Doesn't Always Lose
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Gruesome video captures the moment a bull gets revenge on a matador — thrusting a horn up his anus and leaving him with a 10-inch wound to his rectum that almost killed him. French matador Juan Leal, 26, had been tormenting the beast with his red cape at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid on Saturday when he suddenly got wrong-footed with the proud animal hot on his tail. The crowd at the 12th day of the San Isidro bullfighting fair screamed in horror as the angry animal impaled Leal with...
Cop Accused Of Bestiality, Now Charged With Child Porn.
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A Louisiana police officer charged in December with 40 counts of sexually abusing a dog was arrested again Friday and charged with 31 counts of possessing child pornography. (note that article is dated 4/16) Terry Yetman, 38, of Minden, was booked into the Bossier Parish Jail with a bond of $620,000, The Shreveport Times reported. According to jail records, Yetman remained jailed Tuesday morning. The details of the new charges have not been made public, but KTBS in Shreveport reportedthat...
Homeless Man Gets Frisky With "Whore" Cat
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A man in Arizona has been arrested for allegedly having sex in the shower with his pet cat. The Mesa Police Department responded to a call of a cat in distress at a residence located close to Val Vista Drive and University Drive on Wednesday. There, a witness told authorities that 40-year-old Michael Navage, who is homeless, had taken his pet cat into the bathroom. The caller heard the cat screaming and could hear Navage shouting that 'the cat was stuck on his penis'. The caller told...

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