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Woman Dead After Falling Into Meat Grinder In Pennsylvania Plant
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A worker at a Pennsylvania processing plant is dead after falling into a meat grinder Monday, according to WNEP. "This was a horrible accident," Lycoming County Coroner Charles E. Kiessling Jr. told the Williamsport Sun-Gazette. It happened at Economy Locker Storage Company in Muncy Township. The coroner says the 35-year-old female fell into the machinery around 11:30 a.m. It's not clear yet what may have caused her to fall, but Kiessling told the paper that she was standing on a stair...
Cow Hit 4 Times In One Chain-Collision
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The Springfield News-Leader reports the 21-year-old Hannah Maxwell said she didn't have time to swerve before her sport utility vehicle collided with the animal around 8:15 p.m. Thursday on Interstate 44 between the towns of Marshfield and Strafford. She recalled that, ``It happened so quickly.'' The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the crash propelled the cow into a tractor-trailer. After that, a van hit the cow, overturned and caught fire. The van's driver was taken to a hospital with...
Burgler Crushed By 900lb Safe... Wile E Coyote Not Impressed
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A suspected burglar was found crushed to death by a 900-pound safe in an Indiana [/URL]home this week, local authorities said. The Marion Police Department said they received a call on Tuesday from a man named George Hollingsworth who believed his garage was broken into. Hollingsworth told police that the door frame was damaged and the garage was so cluttered that he couldn't tell what was stolen, according to a press release. While cleaning out the garage on Wednesday to see what might...
Man Who Shot Himself In The Dick May Face Firearm Charges
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An Indiana man who yesterday accidentally shot himself in the penis and scrotum does not have a handgun license and could face criminal prosecution, police say.
School Bus Driver Overdoses, Crashes Bus With 12 Students Onboard
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What could go wrong is she could pass out and have a wreck, and that's exactly what happened. There were 12 special needs children on the bus when it happened. No children were injured, thank goodness. Byrd was transporting the children home in a snowstorm at the time. She had to be revived with Narcan, and was then charged with 12 counts of endangering the welfare of a child, driving while impaired and possession of drug paraphernalia. Officials said Byrd's driver's license was suspended...
Man Spinning Gun On Finger Accidentally Shot Himself At Daughter's Birthday Party
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Detectives said the man was spinning his gun on his finger when it went off. He shot himself in the stomach and is now in the hospital, officials said. Deputies have not shared an update on how he's doing.
Man Killed After Porta-Potty Catches On Fire
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A man was found fatally burned at Ravens Stadium on Sunday afternoon. According to the Baltimore City Fire Department, officials are on scene in the 1100 block of Russell Street, where a man was seen on fire coming from a port-a-potty.
Featured KISS Cover Band Singer Catches Fire During Show, Doesn't Miss A Beat
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Bobby Jensen is a fucking savage. Undaunted. An absolute beast. Jensen, the singer/guitarist for a KISS cover band called Hairball, showed what he's made of during a recent performance in Sioux City, Iowa, when a pyrotechnic effect made things a little hot for him, and he completely kept his cool. Decked out in full Paul Stanley regalia, Jensen became part of...
Georgia Man Arrested For DUI, Drug And Traffic Offenses After Hitting A Hearse In A Funeral Procession
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As the funeral procession for 90 year old Evelyn Mary Osborne was taking place in Lilburn GA, a drunk driver slammed into the hearse carrying her remains, causing the vehicle with two funeral directors and the casket inside to flip several times. According to a Lilburn police report, Troy Hickey ignored the police officers who were directing traffic on Friday, and is charged with DUI, drug and traffic offenses. Hickey tried to explain to an officer at the scene that he had used the...
Michigan Man Dies After Falling Into Tank Of Sulfuric Acid
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Continuing our tradition of detailing every horrible workplace accident we find, we have one that we haven't posted about before. It happened in in South Lyon on Saturday at the Michigan Seamless Tube where a 54-year-old man died after falling into a tank of sulfuric acid.
Student Brought A Live World War II Era Shell To School's Show-And-Tell
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A student unwittingly brought a World War II era shell to his Devon primary school for 'show and tell' that turned out to be live and had to be detonated by a military bomb squad. The school said it "clearly needs to review our procedures for show-and-tell".
Illinois Girl, 12, Killed And Friend, 9, Suffering From Hypothermia After Snow Tunnel Collapse
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One child has died and another is suffering from hypothermia after being trapped under snow for possible as long as an hour that collapsed on them in Illinois. A 12-year-old girl did not survive and her friend, age nine, is being treated at a hospital in Arlington Heights, WGN9 reported. The girls were playing in a snow tunnel they had dug in church's parking lot when the snow fell on them, Arlington Heights Police Sergeant Charles Buczynski said. The girls were found shortly before...
Missouri Woman Arrested After 2-Year-Old Son Falls Out Of Her Car And Is Fatally Struck
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The accident was reported around 5 p.m. Friday on a road near Interstate 70 in St. Louis County, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Elijah Roby, 2, was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries, KMOV-TV reported. His mother called 911 after driving the injured boy to a nearby gas station, according to the station. Ebony Roby, of St. Louis, was arrested by St. Louis County police on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child, KSDK-TV reported. She was being held on a...
Mississippi Man Shot By Dog In Duck Hunting Mishap, Loses Leg
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EAGLE LAKE, Miss. (AP) — A former LSU lineman was shot while duck hunting in Mississippi and lost his leg, according to his friend, who says the dog did it. Matt Branch was on an annual duck and deer hunting trip near Eagle Lake in Mississippi when he was accidentally hit by a blast from his shotgun, which he had left loaded in the bed of his pickup truck, according to Micah Heckford of Baton Rouge in a report from the Clarion Ledger. Heckford says a Labrador named Tito jumped onto the...
14-Year-Old Driver Throws Eggs, Gets Chased, Causes Fatal Wreck
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HOUSTON, TX - A 14 year old kid was driving around with two of his friends (no idea where they got the vehicle). Bored shit-less at just driving around it seems they decided to start throwing eggs at other drivers on the road (you know, just to mix it up). This managed to piss off one driver of a late model Lincoln who had enough of their shit and pulled out his handgun and gave chase. This managed to scare the shit out of the teens who high-tailed it out of there as fast as an unlicensed...
Missouri Mother Pleads Guilty To Child Endangerment In Shotgun Death Of Five-Year-Old
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A mother has been sentenced to 10 years in prison over the shotgun blast death of her five-year-old son, who died when he was left at home alone with his young siblings and loaded firearms. Bobbie Jo Scott, 27, pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree child endangerment causing death on Thursday in Hartville, Missouri in connection with the July 2 death of Timothy Deatherage Jr. Scott was immediately sentenced to 10 years of prison in the Missouri Department of Corrections...
CA Felon In Hit-And-Run With Skateboarder Flees, Leaving Her In The Front Seat
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Citrus Heights police say after a woman was hit by a car and went through the windshield the driver continued driving with her still inside. Around 5:40 p.m., the Citrus Heights Police Department got a report about a car crash involving a skateboarder. Citrus Heights police later learned a driver in a sedan had hit the skateboarder, causing her to go through the car’s windshield. Instead of stopping, the man behind the wheel drove away with the skateboarder still in the passenger side...
DUI Suspect Who Was Found "Nonverbal And Unresponsive" After Hitting Cyclist Gets Charge Upgrade
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A 24-year-old cyclist hit by an allegedly drug-impaired driver in Renton Dec. 7 died of her injuries on Wednesday, according to Renton police. Now the 44-year-old driver who was arrested at the scene for vehicular assault could see his charge changed to vehicular homicide. Vern Henderson was already facing a trial for DUI in February in Seattle Municipal Court when he was found practically nonverbal behind the wheel of a damaged car at the Rainier Avenue North crash site, according to...
Indian Boy Awakens Sleeping Monkeys, Gets Chased Off Of Building; Dead At 16
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A boy in India has died from injuries after jumping off a terrace to save himself from an aggressive group of monkeys. Naman Jain, 16, sustained serious injuries on Sunday after waking a group of monkeys who were sleeping on the terrace of his house in Kasganj. Kasganj's city unit president Akhilesh Agarwal said of the tragedy: 'The 16-year -old boy had gone to the terrace of his house for some fresh air when a group of monkeys sleeping there chased him.' 'Some monkeys were already...
Deceased Bodies Of Missing Icelandic Climbers Found 30 Years After They Disappeared
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The bodies of two Icelandic mountaineers who vanished scaling the Himalayas 30 years ago were discovered in November by an American climber -- but exactly how the duo perished remains a mystery. The remains of Kristinn Runarsson and Thorsteinn Gudjonsson were discovered at the bottom of a glacier, according to the Church of Scotland. The bodies were taken to Kathmandu, Nepal, for cremation and the ashes were taken back to Iceland, according to the report. Film from a camera was...

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