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Two Kids, Aged 3 and 1, Critically Injured By Inattentive Driver
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Two children were seriously injured after a car struck them in a parking lot in Gates. Gates Police Chief Jim VanBrederode said a father was pulling his children, ages 3 and 1, in a wagon when a car left the road and struck them. He said they were taken to Strong Memorial Hospital and are in critical condition. "I saw the medics grab a young toddler and take him to the first ambulance. It was really hard to watch. The father was super hysterical," she said. "And about six or seven minutes...
Man Murdered After Accidental Bump Into An Apartment Door
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Police say an accidental bump into a man’s door led to a murder at a north St. Louis County apartment complex. Court documents state that Larry Neal Jr, 31, tripped on a barbecue while walking in the apartment complex’s breezeway and bumped into a door. He started walking up the stairway when Thomas Clement, 30, opened his door with a gun in his hand. He yelled something at Neal while displaying his weapon. Police say Neal turned around and headed down to the stairwell landing...
Mother Crashes With 5-Year-Old At The Wheel
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A Shasta Lake woman was arrested Saturday night after police said she crashed her car while going 80 mph through downtown Redding with her 5-year-old son at the wheel. Katelyn Miles, 24, was allegedly driving west on Placer Street at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday when she turned right onto Pine Street and collided with a Honda Accord driven by Brian Thomas, 41, of Redding, police said. Miles was driving with her son on her lap and allowing him to steer the vehicle, Redding police said. The...
Florida Man Falls Off Roof Onto Car At Fort Myers Business
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One Fort Myers business is looking for some answers after someone fell from their roof onto a car. Modern Auto Sales on U.S. 41 says that when staff got there Sunday morning, they found one of their vehicles dented. They checked out surveillance footage and found an unexpected scene. A young man is seen either falling from or jumping from the building’s roof onto the car. Amazingly, he seems to have avoided major injury. He then gets up and walks off. Great video at link
Toddler Dies After Grandfather Drops Her Off Of Cruise Ship
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A young girl has died after slipping from her grandfather's arms on the 11th deck of a cruise ship while it was docked in Puerto Rico, according to reports. The child, who is believed to have been 18 months old, is understood to have fallen from the Freedom of the Seas ship onto the concrete port below. Local media have said preliminary reports suggest the child was being carried by her grandfather who slipped and dropped the child overboard. She was taken to hospital in San Juan...
2 Mamas Left 6 Kids Home Alone To Go To A Nightclub; 8-Month-Old Dies In Fire
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An early morning fire on Sunday killed an eight-month-old baby and injured five small children in Tennessee, while their mothers were at a nightclub, investigators said. The mothers, ages 25 and 23, went to the club on Saturday night and police were trying to determine if a babysitter was hired to watch over their children while they were gone, according to a news release from the Metro Nashville Police Department. Police said a babysitter was not present when first responders arrived at...
Teens Arrested for Alleged Street-Racing Death in San Marino
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The death of a Pasadena City College professor who was struck by a vehicle involved in a street race while jogging with his dog and girlfriend in San Marino was preventable and avoidable, Mayor Steven Huang said Friday. "This was not an accident but the result of two juveniles entering our city, racing each other resulting in the death of an innocent man," Huang told City News Service. Coroner's officials did not immediately release the victim's name, but friends identified him to...
Woman Charged After Leaving 12-Year-Old Boy She Hit, Killed With Her Car
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"Around 1:30 p.m. June 6, 26-year-old Jastasia King was traveling westbound W. Ledbetter Drive, approaching the intersection of Vista Wood Boulevard while a youth football team was at the intersection collecting donations from passing motorists. Ricky Tave, 12, stepped off the north curb and ran south across W. Ledbetter — not on the cross walk — and was struck by the King’s 2002 Nissan. King stopped after the collision, but got back in her vehicle and attempted to leave, police said.
Gas Explosion At FL Shopping Plaza Levels Building, Injuring 20
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Twenty people were injured after a vacant pizza restaurant exploded in a South Florida shopping plaza Saturday, according to police. The blast sent debris flying along a busy road in Plantation, west of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County. The restaurant was destroyed, and nearby businesses were damaged. “We thought it was thunder at first, and then we felt the building shake and things started falling. I looked outside and it was almost like the world was ending,” said Alex Carver, who...
Semi Flattens Man Dancing In The Middle Of Pennsylvania Turnpike
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Shocked witnesses say the man pulled over on the Pa. Turnpike, got out of his car and began dancing in the middle of the highway. As KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh reports, some cars were able to swerve to avoid the dancing man, identified by authorities as Cyril Sooklal, 34. But an oncoming tractor-trailer was not. The driver of westbound semi-truck slammed on the brakes but could not avoid hitting the man, KDKA reports, adding: “He fell under my truck and just dragged a couple feet down the...
Sausage Worker Sucked Into Meat Mixer And Dies
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WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT The victim - named by police as Jomar Junco - was just two weeks into the job and is thought to have suffocated A teenage sausage factory worker has been killed after being sucked into a meat mixer. The 18-year-old was just two weeks into the job when the tragedy unfolded. It's understood he did not know how to operate the machine and used it when one of his co-workers stepped out of the room. According to police spokesperson Jerwin Servano, the young worker...
Dorrae Johnson Has A Spare Torso In his Car
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A severed human torso reportedly turned up in a man's crashed car after an attempted traffic stop on Sunday. Now, Dorrae Debrice Johnson of Knoxville faces several charges including vehicular homicide. Johnson, 29, was stopped by an officer around 3:30 a.m. Sunday after he failed to stay in his lane on an interstate. Johnson yelled out the window that he had to get to his family’s house and sped off as the officer was walking towards his car, which prompted a chase, the station reported...
Kevin Bacon Hits Cop Car While Searching For "Saved By The Bell" Episode
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A motorist named Kevin Bacon was on his phone “using an Internet search engine to search for a specific episode of the 90's television sitcom ‘Saved by the Bell’” when he sideswiped a Vermont police car that had stopped to aid the driver of a disabled vehicle, cops report. According to the Vermont State Police, the 55-year-old Bacon was driving a 2016 Chevrolet Spark when he struck a Thetford Police Department cruiser around 3:45 PM yesterday on Interstate 91. The driver of the squad car...
Video: Chevy Silverado Used as Land Torpedo on I-15 in Temecula
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A dramatic collision on I-15 near Temecula, CA on Thursday morning left one woman dead and 3 others injured. Dashcam footage from another driver shows a Chevy Silverado speeding past other traffic like it was standing still, and explosively impacting a Nissan Altima in front of it, with no visible attempt at braking. Janet Genao, the 44 year-old driver of the Nissan, was killed instantly, and the pickup truck continued from there, caroming off several other vehicles before coming to rest...
Stripper With 42 Priors Drives in Blackout, Kills Three Teens, Is "Very Much Depressed"
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Before her car mowed down three teenage soccer players, a South Florida stripper had been cited for 42 traffic infractions since 2008, a troubling history that also included at least seven previous crashes, records show. Investigators say Mariam Coulibaly — driving with a suspended license — plowed her car at high speed into a sidewalk near a North Miami bus stop early Saturday, killing the three teens and sending her to Aventura Hospital with a shattered hip and other injuries. “I’m very...
Drunk SC Mom Attempts To Pass, Kills Twin 6-Year-Old Sons In Crash
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The South Carolina Highway Patrol said they've charged a mother with felony DUI in connection to a fatal crash that took the lives of her 6-year-old twin boys. According to highway patrol, the accident occurred shortly after 10 p.m. along Walhalla Highway. Troopers say a BMW traveling north was attempting to pass another vehicle when it struck a KIA driving south head on. Troopers said the BMW overturned, and slid down the highway as a result of the crash. According to highway patrol...
Woman Dead After Falling Into Meat Grinder In Pennsylvania Plant
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A worker at a Pennsylvania processing plant is dead after falling into a meat grinder Monday, according to WNEP. "This was a horrible accident," Lycoming County Coroner Charles E. Kiessling Jr. told the Williamsport Sun-Gazette. It happened at Economy Locker Storage Company in Muncy Township. The coroner says the 35-year-old female fell into the machinery around 11:30 a.m. It's not clear yet what may have caused her to fall, but Kiessling told the paper that she was standing on a stair...
Cow Hit 4 Times In One Chain-Collision
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The Springfield News-Leader reports the 21-year-old Hannah Maxwell said she didn't have time to swerve before her sport utility vehicle collided with the animal around 8:15 p.m. Thursday on Interstate 44 between the towns of Marshfield and Strafford. She recalled that, ``It happened so quickly.'' The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the crash propelled the cow into a tractor-trailer. After that, a van hit the cow, overturned and caught fire. The van's driver was taken to a hospital with...
Burgler Crushed By 900lb Safe... Wile E Coyote Not Impressed
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A suspected burglar was found crushed to death by a 900-pound safe in an Indiana [/URL]home this week, local authorities said. The Marion Police Department said they received a call on Tuesday from a man named George Hollingsworth who believed his garage was broken into. Hollingsworth told police that the door frame was damaged and the garage was so cluttered that he couldn't tell what was stolen, according to a press release. While cleaning out the garage on Wednesday to see what might...
Man Who Shot Himself In The Dick May Face Firearm Charges
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An Indiana man who yesterday accidentally shot himself in the penis and scrotum does not have a handgun license and could face criminal prosecution, police say.

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