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FRONT PAGE Videos Of Katelyn Nicole Davis Gives More Insight Into Girl’s Home Life

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Morbid, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Morbid

    Morbid Big Daddy Yum Yum Staff Member

    SILVER CREEK, GA – Videos taken by Katelyn Davis, the 12-year-old girl who live-streamed her suicide, are currently being published online and offer a real glimpse into her home life.

    All I can say about it is that if I had to live in a household like that at 12, I don’t know if I would have hanged myself, but I surely would have murdered someone.

    I have included two videos of Katelyn having an argument with her mother, which you can watch below, and it is like the breakfast scene in Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

    During this argument you hear everything Katelyn had complained about in some of her other online videos, and she was not exaggerating.

    She and her mother argue about Katelyn constantly having to watch her unruly siblings, about her mother’s drug use and bringing men over, Katelyn’s cutting and even Katelyn expressing her anger over her mother not immediately kicking out her man after an incident in a pool. It’s a goddamn train wreck.

    Look, I’m sure no one would like to have a recording of an argument of themselves and their kid put out there, especially if you didn’t know you were being recorded and the person listening didn’t have context. Lord knows I wouldn’t.

    But the thing stuck out to me the most about the following videos wasn’t how they were talking to each other, necessarily. It was that these two didn’t seem to have a mother\daughter type relationship at all. It was almost as if they were roommates or something. If you knew nothing at all about this story, I doubt you would guess Katelyn was only 12.

    For more Katelyn videos, check out the In Memory of Katelyn Nichole Davis Youtube Channel.

    This article was written by Morbid for The Dreamin Demon - the Internet's self-appointed buzzkill.

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  2. PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty Queen Bitch From Hell Bold Member!

    there have been multi generations of parents thinking they are the children and acting accordingly with their own which is an obscenity. There needs to be a productive way kids lie this can get away from the guppie breeders that spawned hem and then expect the kids to babysit them or other siblings. If you want to do the serial guy I'm such a child party thing don't have kids.
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  3. mybum62

    mybum62 Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    I had to put in earbuds to listen to Katelyn's videos with my grandkids in the room. My 9 year old granddaughter asked me why I was crying and I couldn't tell her. Someday perhaps. So terribly sad Katelyn lost the lottery when it came to her bio's. She was put in this position by her mother. Listening to the mother repeatedly saying "take your pill" and "she hasn't taken her pill yet"...as if that was going to fix being molested by her stepfather...whom the mother stayed with after she was violated...snorting and popping pills...left to take care of a home and two much younger siblings...bad relationships...being dismissed by her bio dad. She lived a life of hell. Its sad there was not enough intervention despite prior hospitalizations and cuttings. RIP Katelyn. May you finally have found the peace and acceptance you yearned for. My heart goes out to you. I hope your mother faces charges for not reporting that you were violated. I wish she could be charged with much much more. She failed you.
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  4. Forensicwx

    Forensicwx Final Roll Call 4153. STLCO 10-42 10/13 @ 1519 Bold Member!

    Annnnnnd....I stand by my original comment. From the original thread. Fuck her mom. Worthless piece of shit. I went from having zero sympathy thinking she was just an ignorant mother, to rage after listening to those fights. What a disgusting exchange that was.

    And hearing the little one repeat the words he's hearing in the fight? Heartbreaking. Screaming "CALM DOWN, CAAALLLMM DOOOWWWWNN". Sounds like a toddler trying to mediate the fight. How vile. Disgusting. Wretched things that woman exposes her kids to.

    I can only hope that CPS is waist deep in this family now, especially after hearing that and seeing the conditions that she lived in.

    I also hope that mom blames herself each and every single day she has left on this planet. Lives in her own personal hell....
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  5. thatsmallgrl

    thatsmallgrl Tiny Warrior Bold Member!

    This poor girl. I watched the two videos. I don't think I could bear to watch anything else.

    That piece of vile filth 'mother' can fuck herself with something hard and sand papery.

    I'm going to be completely honest here. I commend Katelyn for making twelve years living like that. No 12 year old should ever have to deal with what she was dealing with. She clearly didn't feel loved, she was screaming for help. Literally.

    That's entirely too much for a 12 year old psyche to take. She had been violated by one of the many men coming in and out of the house. It was clear her incubator thought she should be taking anti depressants, which no one of that age should ever have to consider. Ever. She shouldn't be held responsible for much younger children. Which by the way, was 100% evident are so used to the screaming matches, it didn't phase them a bit. Even yelling at them to calm down. I don't know how old the kid is that was yelling at them to calm down, but I can bet everything I own that if left in that house will end up just like Katelyn did.

    I very rarely actually cry at these stories. I usually just get ragey at the shit that happens in the world. But listening to her and her incubator interact was one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever heard in my whole entire life. I hate to say this, I really do. However, rather she meant to die in that tree or not, she is now free. It was probably the most peaceful thing to have ever happen to her. And that is the saddest thing I've ever had the realization of.
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  6. Dutchesse

    Dutchesse Well-Known Member

    She didn't just look older than 12, she sounds older than 12 too. Poor girl went through hell. At least she saved her siblings, in a way, but I really wish she would have hurt her mom instead of herself. God knows that evil woman doesn't deserve her life.
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  7. Buffettgirl

    Buffettgirl Trusted Member

    I respect for the fuck out of anyone that watched or listened to any of poor, sweet Katelyn's struggles. I can't. Maybe I'm weak, but no. I've seen too much of this already in life (not me, others, when I knew but couldn't DO anything about it). I cannot make myself do it. But seriously, I think that those of you that have put yourselves there are awesome. It was clearly what the young lady wanted and props to those of you that have been strong enough to honor her wishes. <3
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  8. Sudonim

    Sudonim Well-Known Member

    Listening to the little kid, the one yelling calm down, made me even more ragey towards the mother. I don't think the kid is mediating or trying to calm the fight. It sounds like they are talking to the mom and only the mom. The kid instantly turned on Katelyn right after. Parroting everything the mother was saying. Mini in the worst form.

    It really irks me when parents let siblings mock one another and intervene in arguments between them and another child. If one child is in trouble, the others shouldn't be allowed to stand and yell and scream at them as if they are the parents meting out punishment. It's not normal behaviour, especially when you allow a toddler to ream out a 12 year old, one who is frequently left watching them. It undermines any authority she would have over her siblings and frankly I'm not surprised they didn't listen to her.

    With any hope the new videos surfacing will have her siblings removed and the mother hopefully slapped with some form of punishment.
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  9. Kalani Reza

    Kalani Reza Member

    I really don't think she understood the total seriousness and just the whole concept of the permanence of it all "YOU CAN'T COME BACK FROM THIS" I think it was impulsive but she for some reason kept going with it for that viral video she wanted. She wanted attention but wasn't sure exactly when to stop recording because she blindly got caught up in the moment thinking ...
    ("I'll figure out when to stop the video and still get my point across, somehow") but never did. When she said, "That oughtta do it" while she was tightening the rope... that was just weird to me because that wouldn't be something someone would say in the middle of a suicide it reminded me of like when a 7 year old is throwing a fit and they tell their mom ... "I'm gonna run away" and the mom say's "OK BYE" at that point their scared but think oh no but I did say that I was going to run away so okay I will! "However" before they go out the door they'll say "Okay I'm leaving to run away now" before they open the door in hopes that mom stopping them and of course she does however no one was there to stop her. I was a very strong headed girl at her age I see a lot of me in her in regards to and my anger and frustration and not knowing where to direct it all. Its sad because no matter how many times a kid her age hears something like "This too shall pass" they don't get it because they think no one's been there before and don't understand that feeling of despair and they think they know it all. Looking back in hindsight I'm just like wow I had boyfriends and swore it was forever but we'll know how that goes so when we'd break up I swore my world was over and I would just die literally! However I didn't and glad I didn't because now I can't even remember anything more than their names "if that". For me it was my dad died when I was 4 and my mom worked and basically had 8 of us and didn't want us so we tried to be invisible to her so she wouldn't give us away to family who were abusive to us and just made us feel like crap and unwanted meanwhile treating their kids as Gods the term stepchild had nothing on whatever it was we were treated like but she had left us with them before so we knew the chances of her doing it again was highly likely all she needed was a taker. My point is kids at any age need their parents if not both at least one cause then we start going to look for attention and love in all the wrong places!
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  10. Keepalowprofile

    Keepalowprofile She believed she could. So she did. Bold Member!

    Totally sickening.
    That mother needs to brought up on charges. Not only does she deserve to be locked up, her other children deserve to have a shot at some normalcy in their life.
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  11. Chrystan

    Chrystan Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with this. I dont think she wanted to go through with this. I think she wanted someone, most likely her mom, to show her that they gave 1/2 a fuck about her and come save her. This was the loudest fucking cry for help ever. She wanted to teach "mom" a lesson and show her how dark her world had actually become. It was totally devastating to her when nobody even noticed. She streamed the shit live for gods sake! And it still took forever for anyone to see her hanging there! She took her sweet time getting everything ready in that video and when nobody showed up when the time came, she felt like she didnt have any other choice.

    That poor girl. I wish she would have seen another way out. I completely understand how she wasnt able to though. I wish she would have killed her fucking bitch of a mother. She had all these recordings of the way her life was at home. I dont think anyone would have convicted her of shit. Hell even if they did, a little juvenile detention would have been paradise compared to her life at home. Maybe she did think of that and decided she wouldnt have been able to live with herself if she did that. She wouldnt have been able to live knowing that she killed her younger sibling's mother.

    I just hate the life some kids are born into without any kind of choice or escape. Of course she didnt see any other way. She was fucking 12 years old. Her view of adults was completely fucked up because the one person who should have taken care of her was the person who single handedly fucked her up royally. How could she trust any other adult enough to talk to them about what was happening to her? It didnt exactly work in her favor with her mom.

    Ugh! I hate that bitch sooo much. Im racking my brain trying to figure out what other options this poor child could have seen available to her but there really are none. Im really glad she is finally away from her whore mom but it sucks at the same time because her mom will never feel sorrow or grief or guilt or any of those things. Not for anyone other than herself anyway. Stupid fucking whore!
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  12. Brenni

    Brenni Dismember Bold Member!

    Homicidal/Suicidal 2 things that at that age should never cross your mind ....

    what a suck world :finger: humanity is deteriorating at a rapid speed ..
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  13. lithiumgirl

    lithiumgirl Pretty Nice Troll Bold Member!

    Probably the most sensible person in the whole house.
    I hate her mother for giving this little girl a phone at all.
    I agree ! Stupid twelve year old ... think she knows everything.
  14. Archangel_M

    Archangel_M New Member

    This is just so sad and infuriating—sad because this beautiful young woman was forced to go through such hell and had no help that she felt the only way out was death, and infuriating that her degenerate "mother" basically got away with abusing her daughter to death.
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