Shaniyah Burden "WAS" 20 Months Old When She Was Killed With 2 Others In Drive-By


Oct 13, 2008
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3 killed, 5 injured in Walterboro shooting

WALTERBORO – Three people are dead, including a 20-month-old girl, and five more are injured following a late-night shooting Monday.
"They killed a whole family," said Ella Adams of Walterboro, who is related to the victims.
The three victims are:
• Charles "Bubba Dog" Kittrell, 45, who died at the scene
Shaniyah Burden, 20 months old, who was pronounced dead at Colleton Medical Center
Christopher Powell, 21, who died at the Medical University Hospital.
Ruby Kitrell, who is Shaniya's grandmother, said the family was grilling out, playing cards and watching TV.
She said she was inside getting ready for work, when she heard a noise like a string of firecrackers being set off.
As she went toward the sound, a young man came through the door and said he was wounded. Then she heard her daughter Alicia screaming about her baby. She ran outside, saw her granddaughter, turned her over and saw that she'd been shot in the head.
She held the child in her arms until someone else came over and grabbed the baby and rushed her to the hopstial, but it was too late.
Ruby Kittrell is Charles Kitrell's sister, as well as Alicia's mother and Shaniya's grandmother.
"Whoever did this to my family, I pray they come forward and turn themselves in. I hope they have a conscience because they've torn my family apart," she said.
Accordin to family members, two people remain hospitalized while the remainder have been treated and released.
Everyone seemed to be in shock and he grabbed the baby, jumped in his Buick and floored it to the hospital.
"I snatched the baby up and started praying, saying 'Lord, don't let nothing happen to her. She ain't nothing but a baby.'" He said he thought he still had a chance to get her to the hospital in time because he heard her gasp.
"It must have been a machine gun, it sounds like. There were so many (gunshots) I couldn't count them," she said.
Someone who had heard the gunfire took Charles Kittrell and Shaniya to Colleton Medical Center.
The shootings all happened about 10 p.m. at a house on the corner of Gerideau and McDaniel streets in Walterboro, officials said.
Adams said her niece, Alicia Kittrell, 24, and Shaniyah Burden's mother, was shot as she tried to cover Shaniyah as the shots rang out and is being treated at Colleton Medical Center.
Shaniyah Burden​

Seven now charged with November drive-by that killed toddler in Walterboro
June 30 2010Seven people are now indicted in the November 9, 2009 drive-by shooting that killed 20-month-old Shaniyah Burden, 45-year-old Charles Kittrell, and 21-year-old Chrsitopher Powell.
in Walterboro.
The indictment names Danziel Chapman, Laron Bennett, Latrell Fryar, Phillip Singleton, Deshaun Holmes, Gregory Middleton, and Shaquille Drayton. They are all facing three counts of murder, and several other charges.
Walterboro police arrested Chapman two days after the shooting.
SLED agents, along with other law enforcement are in the process of arrested the seven named in this case, and 13 others as part of the criminal gang case in Colleton County.
Agents swarmed the area just after dawn on Wednesday and started making arrests.
Danziel Akeem Chapman, a.k.a “Weezy”, 20
618 Evergreen Lane, Walterboro, S.C.
1. Criminal Conspiracy, Common Law
2. Murder, §16-3-10, three (3) counts
3. Assault and Battery with Intent to Kill, §16-3-620, four (4) counts
4. Possession of a Weapon During the Commission of a Violent Crime, §16-23-490​
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