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Opions Witch Are Like Ass Wholes ....

Discussion in 'Mail Bag' started by impqueen, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Forensicwx

    Forensicwx Final Roll Call 4153. STLCO 10-42 10/13 @ 1519 Bold Member!

    Still in prison, mama still "don't know how to speak good anglish!" I don't know where to start...." Tempory, Quilty, Belive, love Satian, Untill, loosing, Hartbraking, Jeliousy, Tempory, this one is great!
    I luv it! Come back Tard defender momma!
    I will teach u the ways the ways of the spellcheck. It is a mystical creature (achieved only by those of us who graduated Middle School) but I will help u...
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  2. krissytan

    krissytan Active Member

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  3. canadian girl

    canadian girl Member

    Aside from horrible English, writing an article all in caps does not make a person smarter, nor does it make them right. I also wonder if the person has heard of comma's, apostrophe's and the like. Making a point is one thing, making yourself look like a dumbass in the process is another.
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  4. Satanica

    Satanica Trusted Member Bold Member!

    I couldn't plow through that shit even for the comedic value. Enjoyed the hell out of impqueen's replies though.
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  5. MissGuggle

    MissGuggle The Notorious V.A.G. Bold Member!

    Did anyone else read that with a thick southern accent? o_O (no offense to you sweet southerners, I promise! Just the certain... Misspellings... Of words gave them a bit of a twang in ma' brain!)
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  6. mrcarolinablue823

    mrcarolinablue823 Trusted Member Bold Member!

    Awww darlin' we're sorta proud uv our aksent! Know why....evah been to New Jersey? Might as well start talking in Urdu. Ah cuden make sense of ennythang he said.
    Our aksent is funny and we are very sweet ladies!

    When we' were parading our crazy lady personas all over some place....I think it was Trenton... we entertained many Yankees who just couldn't get enuf of our aksent! No shit! They were mesmerized!
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