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Nicholas Deelstra Is Not Only A Perv He Is Also A Dumb Ass

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Sugar Cookie, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Sugar Cookie Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    A North Logan man was booked into the Cache County Jail Friday after he admitted to using the internet to entice a teenage boy for sex, according to police.

    According to a probable cause statement, 54-year-old Nicholas Deelstra called the FBI to report he had been the victim of a scam on Craigslist.

    Deelstra told FBI officials he had solicited sexual activity with a 16-year-old boy through Craigslist, the probable cause statement said.

    “[Deelstra] reported to the FBI that [the boy] never showed up and a person claiming to be [the boy]’s father was now demanding he send money to cover car repairs because [the boy] had damaged the vehicle while trying to go meet [Deelstra],” a detective wrote in the probable cause statement.

    The FBI referred the case to Logan Police, who interviewed Deelstra Friday morning.

    Police advised Deelstra of his Miranda rights, and Deelstra agreed to speak with a detective.

    “During the course of the interview, [Deelstra] admitted [the boy] told him he was 16 years of age but he still agreed to meet up with [the boy] for sexual acts,” the detective wrote.

    Deelstra also gave Logan Police access to his smartphone, and police said they found sexually explicit messages and photos exchanged between Deelstra and the boy.


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  2. Peanut2

    Peanut2 Well-Known Member

    I'll bet the cops had a good laugh over this!
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  3. myra manes

    myra manes Trusted Member

    Where's his fucking neck?
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  4. Alf

    Alf Sometimes Cats Know Bold Member!

    That particular scam is called "the badger game". In practice, the con man manipulates the pigeon into a compromising situation then threatens to expose the pigeon unless the pigeon pays for the con man's silence.

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  5. Keepalowprofile

    Keepalowprofile Chartreuse Bold Member!

    He sure showed them he wasn't going to get victimised.
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  6. Sejanus

    Sejanus Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    Nicholas the Dickolas.
    Clever fellow going to the authorities.
    I thiink he might have gotten better traction if he had gone to the BBB over false advertising!

    Gads some people are just too retarded for words.
    You know damn well he has met some boys in the past too.
    Hope they cut his nuts off and staple them to his chin as a warning to others.

    Sounds like a lucrative scam with closet cases like this gimp skulking around
    looking for Cream of Sum Yung Guy
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  7. Alf

    Alf Sometimes Cats Know Bold Member!

    James Michener used it in the historical novel Centennial and Richard Bachman used it in Blaze. Michener's character used the threat of exposure as an adulterer to get the pigeon to pay, while Bachman's character used the threat of exposure as a homosexual, or at least as a man who had sex with men.

    This Deelstra guy, though? Seems he didn't much give a fat rat's mangy red ass about possibly being outed as a pederast.

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    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
  8. Prettypink513

    Prettypink513 Church Member Bold Member!

    His chin swallowed it
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 14, 2017, Original Post Date: Sep 14, 2017 ---
    At least not until they throw him in gen pop
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