Multiple Sam's Clubs Close Without Notice In Houston, Across Nation

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Sep 3, 2013
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A newer store northeast of Houston in New Caney was also removed from the Sam's website, and its phone lines were busy. It's not yet confirmed if other stores in the Houston area are closed.

Some employees tell KHOU 11 News the stores closed without notice, and they only learned of the closure as they arrived for work early Thursday.

The news comes the same day Sam's parent company, Walmart, announced raises for some store employees.

Muriel Schwenck

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Feb 8, 2014
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But, but.
Clump was bringing jobs, jobs, jobs.

Gasp. He LIED?
Business reality. Business models fluctuate, some fail in the face of more effective competition. There is no guarantee that a person can keep the same job. If the job market is good, a good worker will find employment.
If the job market is really good, even a poor worker can find employment.
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Dead Stephanie

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Nov 26, 2017
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A warm place
Dammit all to Hell!

Where ima buy my gallon jugs of mayonnaise now? :(
Or a two year supply of anything for an everyday low price.... Too bad Sams didn’t have a bold fairy, you had to pay for that membership no matter what
Oddly enough I think this Kmart was referenced in another thread here recently. One about a kid shoplifting.
it was that kid who was shoplifting to give his kid sister a stocking and a beanie for Christmas so she would actually have something