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Mom Maria & Grandparents Robert & Rosa Isler Arrested, 9yo Found Beat & only 45 Lbs

Discussion in 'Crimes Against Children' started by Whisper, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia

    Mom Maria Isler​
    Grandpa Robert Isler​
    Grandma Rosa Isler​

  2. CbabyRKO

    CbabyRKO Trumperdink Mussolini Bold Member!

    Holy hell. My 4y/o is 45lbs & his 9y/o cousin is twice that. I'm trying to picture in my head what a 45lb 9y/o looks like and it ain't pretty. I also hate hearing about broken bones so for his Grandad to push him 6ft to the ground causing him break his collar bone and not get him help is sickening.
    I hope they are never free again. I hate that they can't die of starvation for what they did coz I really don't like sharing oxygen with scum like this. The entire family is worthless and should be shot down like a pack of rabid dogs.
    I am so thankful this darling child survived these monsters and I hope he can overcome whatever damage has been done at the hands of these filthy mongrels.
  3. Tundratot

    Tundratot Muttering crone

    He has been trying valiantly to save himself, poor kid. He told the doctor, he told his school, and his reward was a return to the home and the denial of education and medical treatment. God knows what else those bastards have also denied him because he told someone of the abuse. I wonder who finally reported his "failure to thrive".
  4. Krystal

    Krystal Trusted Member

    Now, my 8 year old isn't much more than 45 pounds, but my 6 year old, after monitoring his diet is finally down to 65 pounds. But my 8 year old has always been my little peanut, he is on the small side but is growing normally.
  5. hotcnymom

    hotcnymom Active Member

    My daughter is 4 and weighs 47!Yes she is VERY TALL she is taller than 99% of little girls her age and most boys,but according too her doctor she is perfect weight for her height,right on the button perfect.

    One of my favorite things too do is shop,cook for and then feed my babies,family and friends.These people is you want too call them that are MONSTERS.WHY WOULD THEY TRY TOO BREAK THIS POOR BOYS SPIRIT AND BODY!Hateful scumbags!
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2013
  6. MommysLosingIt

    MommysLosingIt Active Member

    My son is 4 and weighs 60 pounds. My 2.5 year old weighs 42 pounds. He weighed what my 2 year old weighs. Jesus.
  7. Momzilla

    Momzilla Badass/PTA Mom


    Let me get this straight:
    CPS removed the boy from the mom/grandparents JUST LAST MONTH. Then at some point, they obviously return him back to the mom/grandparents. Then he was removed again LAST THURSDAY?!

    Geesh, either he was in rough shape when he was returned to the mom/grandparents OR they managed to beat/starve this child down to 45lbs in a matter of a COUPLE WEEKS?!
  8. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

    That was a poorly worded AP wire story. He was removed last month. They didn't move in to arrest the adults until this month. The boy wasn't returned to them... they were just getting info from the boy so they could get evidence to arrest and charge properly.

    From the Tacoma News Tribune which was the base of and referenced in the AP wire story:
  9. Tundratot

    Tundratot Muttering crone

    I'm sure these geniuses never took him to see a doctor or for a well-baby check up. If they had, they would probably have been told he had some sort of speech or communication delay for which he could use a little therapy. My own son, who is nine (and 50 pounds), has one and he still says things like "badult" instead of "adult". Personally, I think it's cute, but that's just me.
  10. sinfulplezurz702

    sinfulplezurz702 Well-Known Member

    Then the piece of shit uncle should be charged to...
  11. VAS1326

    VAS1326 Active Member Bold Member!

    I must have a really large 9 year old lol. My son will be ten in a month and he just went to the pediatrician for a med check and he weighs 75 pounds. He is pretty average size from what I can tell in comparison to the other kids in his class. He also has issues with some words. But my son has been delayed and is making rapid progress. I cannot imagine how saying a word wrong would spark so much anger that you would beat your child in the face with a wood board. These monster's obviously have something seriously fucked up in their brains. I hope none of them EVER see the light of day again.