Liza Kanareikina, 12 Torn Apart And Partially Eaten By Stray Dogs

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Apr 21, 2017
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A 12-year-old girl was 'torn to pieces' and partly 'eaten' by a pack of stray dogs as she walked home from school in Ukraine, it has been claimed.

Liza Kanareikina was ambushed by the animals in woodland on her daily route in the Ukrainian city of Khartsyzsk, 18 miles east of Donetsk, say police.

When she failed to return home, her parents found her mauled and dismembered body in blood-strained snow.

They found her remains ripped apart by the dogs 'as vicious as wolves', according to local reports in the rebel-held eastern Ukraine region.

One local report stated that pieces of her flesh were 'literally torn off her body, the snow around was red from blood.'