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Lindenwood University Wrestler Michael Johnson Charged With Infecting Fellow Student With Hiv

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Whisper, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia

    Michael L. Johnson​

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  2. Dutchesse

    Dutchesse Well-Known Member

    Wow, what a piece of shit. How you can live with yourself after doing that is beyond me. Hopefully he'll get 30 years to think it over.
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  3. Starbuck

    Starbuck Time Lord

    Condoms people. Whether you're gay or straight. Not perfect, but they help.
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  4. ChIbBY

    ChIbBY Member

    Way to ruin somebody's life. Funny thing is, even if he gets a 30 year sentence, he might not live long enough to serve it completely.
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  5. Steadfast

    Steadfast Active Member

    How about attempted murder? How about assault with a deadly weapon, his dick.
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  6. Rockin Ma

    Rockin Ma Chauffer specializing in geriatric transport

    They are living a long time now with the advances in medicine.
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  7. CbabyRKO

    CbabyRKO Trumperdink Mussolini Bold Member!

    HIV is definitely not the death sentence it used to be. Many people live with it daily with no outward clues as to being affected. Be that as it may this guy is an asshole who risked others lives coz he was I'm guessing embarrassed ashamed or didn't rightfully care. Either way I hope he gets the full 30yrs no breaks.
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  8. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!


    Busy boy:

    Michael Johnson on FB: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelJohnsonTiger
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TigerSaidSo
    as Tiger Mandingo on FB: https://www.facebook.com/TigerMandingo
    Another FB: https://www.facebook.com/TigerSaidSo
    Another Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mandingo197
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/tigermandingo
    Vine: http://vinebox.co/u/wprumKP0lgL
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  9. Salepo

    Salepo Well-Known Member

    Thanks,Dakota now I need mind bleach
  10. Pete Bondurant

    Pete Bondurant Trusted Member

    Burn the sodomites, lest they infect the innocent.
  11. Keepalowprofile

    Keepalowprofile She believed she could. So she did. Bold Member!


    Sentence 10 years.
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