Let's Clear The Air A Bit

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I drank what?
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Jan 12, 2014
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(Pssst....click on his profile. And have smelling salts on hand)
*appears out of thin air*

I do not think you know to whom you speak, watch yo' self.

How you do'ed that????

Everytime I try, I just fart and that's not nearly as cool....:oops:
Bitch. Leave my girl alone!

Ummmm, I thought we was all broke up. So, I am marrying @Sejanus.

Funny, though; his number is disconnected and when I tried to break into stop by his house, it appeared he'd moved.

I am sure he is just surprising me with a new house for after our nuptials.

Also, I got this weird paper the nice men from the Sheriff's office delivered....something about 500 feet?

Oh well!

*steams wedding gown*


New phone, who dis?
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Apr 9, 2013
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HAHAHAHA! Since when have I ever given a hot fuck what those bitches think?

People having fun in an old ass irrelevant thread!!??

*clasps all the pearls*

No, really, fray. Ask me if I care. Do it.