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K-9 Ofc Timoshenko Injured While Searching For Weapons. 8 Illegal Guns Recovered.

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Echasez, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Echasez

    Echasez Hope is the thing with feathers. Bold Member!

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  2. JackBurton

    JackBurton Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    Seems like an interesting guy, couldnt find a pic of him but a google search turned this story up quickly...


    "The Brooklyn Paper notes that RX Construction Inc. owns the building, "but mortgage documents show the owner is Haskaj—a principal with Trion Construction company. Both companies are roofing contractors." So at least he knows what he's doing up there."

    Guess he hadnt had the chance to overhaul the roof of that new place.

    Wonder why the raid. Guy doesnt seem like the type out gunning folks down on the street or robbing convenience stores. Perhaps he was selling them illegally? He reportedly was arrested solely on the weapons charge, and if they brought a dog for the purpose of searching for em, it appears that was the sole reason for the raid/police interest in the man.

    New York does have some of the most restrictive and absurd gun laws in the country. One could own weapons illegally and still not be that bad of a guy. I could even understand why someone would seek them out thru illegal means given the difficulties the govt places on even decent members of society.
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  3. Just Rose

    Just Rose Active Member Bold Member!

    Hope the K 9 gets better ..
    I love Az gun laws I pack ..
    If they change the gun law here . I would not like to think about the outcome. Nope just that there will be lots of blood shed
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  4. Sejanus

    Sejanus Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    Good boy!
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