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James Howell-bound, Gagged & Duct Taped 4-year-old Twins

Discussion in 'Crimes Against Children' started by Sugar Cookie, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Sugar Cookie Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    An Ohio man and his girlfriend have been charged after police say they restrained, gagged and taped his 4-year-old twin boys to a wall.

    WLWT-TV reports James Howell Jr. and his girlfriend Jamie Carver have both been charged with two counts of kidnapping and child endangering. Both Howell and Carver were released on bond after a hearing on Tuesday.

    Howell's children have been placed with a foster family by Hamilton County Job and Family Services.

    Police responded to a Cincinnati apartment Sunday afternoon. Investigators say Howell and Carver had bound the children with a belt and shoe laces. Police say the boys had also been gagged with socks and duct taped to a wall in the apartment.


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  2. Crystle

    Crystle Active Member

    Sorry ass people!
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  3. Craygor

    Craygor Norse American Bold Member!

    Kidnapping? I couldn't understand how this was kidnapping until I looked up Ohio law on it. Most state's kidnapping laws as an element that require a person to force a victim to be carried to another place with intend to conceal the victim, but Ohio's says kidnapping can also be just 'restraining the liberty of the victim'. Most states consider that "False Imprisonment".
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  4. Keepalowprofile

    Keepalowprofile Chartreuse Bold Member!

    I love the look on his face.

    Hers, i want to smash it.
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  5. lithiumgirl

    lithiumgirl Pretty Nice Troll Bold Member!

    I hate it when bad things happen to little boys ... like i hate it when bad things happen to little girls too ... but for some reason its worse for me when little boys are involved.
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  6. Sejanus

    Sejanus Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    She needs that smug cunt look knocked off her face,
    along with 10 pounds of unsightly blubber.
    He needs to man up and stop being pushed around by a nippled whale.
    His face says it all.
    He has no manhood the hipster looking anus.
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  7. JackBurton

    JackBurton Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    How long were they put in that position?

    I see nothing wrong with doing this to kids for short periods of time if they have it comin. Great way to teach a good lesson, while protecting home belongings from tantrumming children
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  8. Keepalowprofile

    Keepalowprofile Chartreuse Bold Member!

    Do you have one of those t-shirt that say:
    Duct tape is silver, silence is golden.?
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