Horia Cretan rescues 4 year old boy from fire (video)

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Mar 22, 2008
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Horia Cretan was in his store in the Bronx when he heard "desperate screams" from a little boy next door, he told "FOX & Friends" Thursday.

An emotional Cretan said he rushed outside, saw "waves of smoke" billowing from a fourth-floor window and used a ladder to get to the fire escape.

"He was trying to breathe out through the window," he told FOX. "He was already foaming at the mouth. He looked at me. I said, 'Whatever you do, just breathe. Don't move.'"
A firefighter handed him the limp, unconscious 4-year-old. Using a curtain as a shield from falling debris, Cretan carried the boy to safety.

"When I took him, he wasn’t breathing," Cretan said. "His head fell back and I got scared. ... Then he opened his eyes and it was beautiful."

Cretan says he resuscitated the child by giving him CPR, which he learned by watching TV.