Choi Gap-Bok Escapes Prison Through his Food Slot

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Sep 24, 2012
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It's no stretch to say that yoga has many benefits. However, increasing one's ability to escape from prison from a food slot is not usually listed in the brochures or pamphets at most yoga studios.

Still, the prison escape from a yoga master in Korea is proof that the practice has practical applications beyond relaxation and exercise.

Choi Gap-bok, who had practiced yoga for 23 years, was arrested on suspicion of robbery on Sept. 12 and was put in a detention cell at the police station in the city of Daegu.

He stayed there for five days, but early morning on Sept. 17, he applied skin ointment on the upper part of his body and slipped out of the slammer by squeezing through a tiny food slot at the bottom of the cell. The entire escape only took 34 seconds, according to Rocket News 24.

The space that the 5' 4" Choi slipped through was 5.9 inches tall and 17.7 inches wide, according to the Korea Times, and he made his escape while three prison guards were sleeping.

To keep the guards off his trail, he reportedly used a technique seen in "The Shawshank Redemption" and covered pillows with blankets to make guards think that he was still in bed, reported.

Choi's daring escape has inspired journalists to call him the "Korean Houdini," but his escape may not be long-lasting.

Officials have reported numerous sightings in a mountainous area in central South Korea and have ordered massive manhunts in the region, according to the Korea Times.

Eugene Victor Tooms lives!

Oh and fuck this guy for making me feel like a fat ass. I could never escape via this method.


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Sep 19, 2008
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This really something,
First of all, in South Korea, if you escape where are you going to go? You have to go thru North Korea to get to China. That is a fate worse than death. No one goes tho NK on purpose. The Japanese hate Koreans and use them as slaves and their own people will turn them in for a loaf of bread. China is just as bad, they get used to death and then killed or sent back.

Then there is the guy in the US who slipped thru 4" high food door. How he got his skull thru that I dunno but it happened. he musta been built like this guy.


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Sep 24, 2012
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After a frantic six-day chase, police arrested the lithe 49-year-old convict on Saturday who wiggled out of a prison cell in Daegu with Houdini-like maneuvers.

Choi Gap-bok, a career thief, was caught on the rooftop of a building in Miryang, South Gyeongsang, 30 kilometers (19 miles) south of Daegu late Saturday afternoon.

A practitioner of yoga, Choi slithered out of a jail cell last Monday by squeezing through a food slot 15 centimeters tall and 45 centimeters wide before climbing out of a window of the prison in Daegu’s Dongbu Precinct.

After his grand, barefooted escape, Choi ran to a residential home near the police station and stole a credit card and car keys. Police set up checkpoints, but Choi soon ditched the car 200 meters from a checkpoint in Choyeon-ri, North Gyeongsang, and disappeared into nearby Mount Nam.

For the next two days, police mobilized their squads, eight sniffer dogs and helicopters in search of the fugitive.

Police said Choi moved through the mountain range, climbing Mount Nam and Mount Hwaak, which eventually brought him to Miryang. Because he hid in the mountains during the daytime and moved during night, he was able to evade police surveillance.

On Thursday, police were finally on track again when Choi appeared riding a bus from Miryang to the city of Changwon in South Gyeongsang. He was spotted by a soldier on the bus who recognized Choi and got off to immediately report the sighting to the police.

Meanwhile, Choi told the bus driver that he felt motion sickness and asked for the bus to be stopped. He hopped off at Dongsan-ri Station in Miryang.

Hot on his track, the police warned the towns nearby and scavenged mountains around the area.

Traces of Choi were found. In the hut of a 58-year-old farmer surnamed Lee in the village of Hanam-eup, a note was written on the backside of a ripped page from a calendar that said “I am sorry,â€￾ signed, “Framed thief Choi Gap-bok.â€￾

Lee’s relative discovered the note first, and they both initially dismissed the note as a prank and did not report it to the police until Saturday morning, when Lee found that someone had taken various items including two packs of ramen and had been fiddling with the stove.

The police began a major search around Hanam-eup, with the assistance of helicopters provided by North Gyeongsang and Busan police precincts. Some 400 police officers were mobilized on a rabbit chase in Miryang as various spottings of Choi were reported.

When he was finally arrested hiding behind a water cooler, he repeatedly claimed that he was “framed.â€￾

Afraid he might bolt again, the police escorted a barefooted Choi back to Daegu and locked him in a cell without bars next to his previous cell. This cell has a food slot that is 11 centimeters tall and 102.5 centimeters wide.

I believe him when he says he was framed.