FRONT PAGE Carmita O’bryant Busted Trying To Prostitute 5mo Baby For Crystal Meth.

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Sep 25, 2013
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Carmita O’Bryant is in jail in Oklahoma and facing charges that she arranged for a man to rape her five-month-old baby in exchange for meth.

Police arrested the mom this week after they allegedly found Facebook messenger correspondence with a man named James Smith, reported. Investigators said the exchanges included an arrangement for Smith to have sex with O’Bryant’s infant, and Smith allegedly asked O’Bryant to send a naked picture of the baby to see if her offer was legitimate.

“Show me you are serious,” the message read. “Use your dirty mind and send me a pic, and then I can see what I can get you.”

O’Bryant reportedly had a long relationship with Smith and the two have other children together. O’Bryant allegedly complied with Smith’s request, KOCO reported, sending a naked picture of the infant that included images of the girl’s genitals.

It’s not entirely clear the relationship between Carmita O’Bryant and the baby she is accused of prostituting out to James Smith. A report from KFOR refers to the infant as a relative of O’Bryant, but other stories had identified the baby as O’Bryant’s daughter.

When police interviewed Carmita O’Bryant, they found other evidence of abuse, KFOR reported.

“The probable cause affidavit claims that during that interview, O’Bryant told investigators that she had sexually assaulted an 18-month-old boy while Smith ‘would watch’ and ‘masturbate,’ ” the report stated.

The arrest of Carmita O’Bryant made national news, with many commenters wondering how a mother could abuse her own daughter in such a horrific manner.​

A search on Facebook brought up no less than six accounts made by her.

Muriel Schwenck

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Feb 8, 2014
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I'm confused.

They are in a relationship, have kids together, this may or may not be their baby, and she is offering this baby to her long term bf fir meth?

It doesn't really make sense.
Being in a relationship for years may not mean he is currently her boyfriend. Apparently he does provide meth for sexual favors. So is the 18 month old she assaulted her son? And his son? And he jerked off to it? I wonder if he bred kids to molest.
Authorities have to be vague to protect the ID of the children, but it sure lets the imagination run wild.


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Nov 26, 2013
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The Lou
I can't find any fb on these two. Thank goodness they were stupid enough to use FB messenger to leave a nice trail behind.

Although other reports say LE was tipped off by DHS and the Secret Service! Dumb fucks.

Most of you probably are way more skilled than myself with Facebook, so if you're curious:

James Hampton Smith and Carmita Mae O’Bryant. Their jail server is down so I can't get DOBs but will update when I can.


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Oct 16, 2013
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At the point where you are willing to sacrifice an innocent child for some cold medicine and drain cleaner to snort/shoot/smoke or wtfever, you need to just immediately implode. There should be someway to make that happen... :(


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Dec 4, 2014
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I want to get my hands on her and strangle the shit out of this bitch

5 m o!!!!! Other babies invovled too!!

God damnit! Who the fuck would do this for meth!??? How can it be that powerful to sacrifice babies for the drug.. I dont want to find out

Kill her. Send her to General population for the rest of her life please

Both of them for that matter


How prophetic of you, Carmita.
I looked and realised that this post is from the baby raping dirtbag... She isnt going to have any friends now to share that with but atleast she got to see the back of a police car... I wonder if she shared it with someone and what 4 words she chose

If i was sharing the back of a police car with a baby raper i wouldnt let her have a chance to get 4 words out.. That's how it would be if i were in the back with her

Fuck you carmita.. Die!


I drank what?
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Jan 12, 2014
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Jesus fuck me.

This reminds me of that diseased cunt Jessica Peters who encouraged her nasty fat fucking juggalo boyfriend to rape her 4 month old baby, Ashlynn to DEATH.

These putrid bitches make my usual charming and sunny disposition go *poof*.


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May 3, 2007
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– This crusty botch of nature has been arrested for attempting to entice a man with explicit pictures of her infant in exchange for methamphetamine.

According to authorities, Carmita O’Bryant, 22, and James Smith, 31, had a conversation on Facebook in which O’Bryant told Smith that she would do anything for some meth.

Smith replied that he wanted a picture, asking if “she remembered what he had wanted before.”

“Show me you are serious,” he said. “Use your dirty mind and send me a pic, and then I can see what I can get you.”

O’Bryant responded by sending him three pictures of her 5-month-old daughter’s genitals. He then asked her if she was ready to “give that up.”

Police would also learn during their interview with O’Bryant that she had previously performed sexually assault on an 18-month-old child while Smith watched and masturbated.

The couple have had an off and on relationship for several years and share other children together. If convicted they both face charges that include sex trafficking of children, child porn, and the buying or selling of children.

This article was written by Caustic for The Dreamin Demon - the Internet's self-appointed buzzkill.

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Sugar Cookie

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Apr 21, 2017
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Jan 12, 2018

A man will spend life in prison after a jury convicted him of trying to buy a 5-month-old baby from a Seminole woman for sex.

A Pottawatomie County jury found James Smith guilty of manufacturing child pornography, child sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and more.

Smith still faces more charges in other counties.

The mother of the baby, Carmita O'Bryant, previously pled guilty and is serving 25 years in prison.