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Arroyo Grande NV Jane Doe warning PM photo

Discussion in 'Past Crimes' started by horsegirl, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. horsegirl

    horsegirl Member

    This young girl breaks my heart, who is she?


    Doe network page
    Case File 258UFNV
    Unidentified White Female

    * Discovered on October 5, 1980 on State Route 146 near Arroyo Grande Avenue, Henderson, Clark County, Nevada.
    * Estimated date of death is no more than a week prior to discovery

    Vital Statistics

    * Estimated age: 14 - 18 years old
    * Approximate Height and Weight: 5'2"; 103 lbs.
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: Light reddish/brown shoulder length hair; green/hazel eyes. Non-smoker.
    * Tattoos: A crudely made tattoo of letter "S" on inner portion of right forearm, approximately 1/2" in length.
    * Dental Information: Available. Wisdom teeth impacted. She had fillings. Dental Features: 7 & 8 are present diastema 27 present root tip.
    * Clothing: She was found nude.
    * Fingerprints: Full prints are availble in file. Prints sent to CA DOJ, FBI, and LVMPD - no matching record.

    Case History
    The victim was located on October 15, 1980 on State Route 146 near Arroyo Grande Road, Henderson, NV. Her fingerprints matched no one in the missing person system at the time.
    The victim was murdered elsewhere, her body dumped at the site. Multiple head wounds, possibly with a hammer, to back of skull and behind right ear. Seven puncture-type stab wounds to left, upper portion of back, approximately 3" in depth.
    Her body was exhumed in May 2003 to get a more accurate dental record for comparison. DNA is available.
  2. totallytoddler

    totallytoddler Active Member

    Oh God...that's right down the block from my Mom...and not that far from me. I hope they find out who she is. :pray:
  3. Insomniac

    Insomniac Active Member

    Morgue pictures are hard for me to deal with.
    Rest in peace, I hope someone is able to identify you, and that you are given justice.

    May your killer rot.
  4. witzah

    witzah Well-Known Member

    The elderly mother of a girl who disappeared from Ballarat 37 years ago will have DNA samples taken today to see if a body discovered in the United States is that of her missing daughter. Police investigating the case of missing 16-year-old Sherrlynn Mitchell will today travel to Ballarat to take samples from her mother Betty Hill. Sherrlynn's older brother Gerard, who lives in Melbourne, will also have DNA samples taken today. Ms Mitchell disappeared from Ballarat on November 22, 1973 while waiting for a bus. Her family has not seen her heard from her since. Victoria Police confirmed on Wednesday they were investigating whether the body found in a Nevada desert in 1980 was that of Sherrlynn, who disappeared from Ballarat seven years before. Belier Taskforce members and coroners from Clark County in Nevada have been working together in recent weeks to determine whether the Jane Doe found in the desert was that of the missing Ballarat teenager. Ms Mitchell's mother said Belier Taskforce officers had contacted her and her son yesterday to confirm DNA tests would be carried out today. ''I'm relieved something is being done for Sherrlynn. Even if this body in Nevada doesn't turn out to be Sherrlynn, there is no harm in trying (to find out),'' said Mrs Hill, who turns 80 next month. However, she believes her daughter may still be alive. ''I don't think she's dead ... I would have felt something if she was gone, but my motherly instincts tell me she's still alive.'' Ms Mitchell's brother Gerard was also relieved police were conducted DNA tests. ''I feel happy knowing that someone is looking for her. At least we know we've tried,'' he said.

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  5. malq

    malq Trusted Member

    Wow! won't that be something if they identify her. The next step is to determine who or what was responsible for her death. Murder never goes away does it?
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Member

    Poor thing looks like she went through alot.
  7. Valasca

    Valasca Death, horror, torture Bold Member!

    I just looked up a photo of Mitchell. Can't post it since I'm on my crackberry. From what I can see, its pretty damn close.
    My question is, what the hell happened that she couldn't contact her family for 7 years? A fight with them? Or could she have been a sex slave?
  8. Obsolete

    Obsolete Well-Known Member

    I was wondering the same thing. It kind of reminds me of Colleen Stan, the Girl in the Box.
  9. hex

    hex Member

    Hello, This will be my first post.

    31 years ago today she was found.

    We have made a lot of rule outs but, nothing containing a match.

    The fact that she was found nude suggests that the killer knew she was from some other place because the brand of clothing may have given away her location.
    Its good that we search other states to find a match. But, that number is limited and there were only so many girls reported missing in that year. I think we need to search European missing girls for this case.
    Just my suggestion.
  10. Valasca

    Valasca Death, horror, torture Bold Member!

    Hey, [MENTION=6525]hex[/MENTION]. Who do you mean when you say "WE"?
    Just curious.
  11. hex

    hex Member

    I meant investigators.
    Anyone seeking to help identify her. That's all.
  12. Valasca

    Valasca Death, horror, torture Bold Member!

    Ah. Thought maybe you were part of my coldcase group or The Doenetwork. (I'm a member there, as well.)
  13. hex

    hex Member

    I mostly lurk.
    Cold cases interest me.
    I didn't know the doenetwork had a forum?
    or maybe I'm somehow mistaken?:vollkommenauf:
  14. Valasca

    Valasca Death, horror, torture Bold Member!

    I'll PM you the info.
  15. hex

    hex Member

    I wonder if anyone else has any idea of who she might be or where to look?

    Thanks again for welcoming me Amazon.
  16. 4Cats

    4Cats Active Member

    i just looked at the Doenetwork wow.just wow.

    I wonder how many are missing but are never reported as missing :-(
  17. hex

    hex Member

    If she was hit in the head with a hammer.
    What was she stabbed with?

    My guess would be a screw driver since its they can't identify what she was stabbed with.

    Hammer, Screw Driver, maybe it was someone who was a construction worker?
    Or somebody who knew there way around tools.

    I also wish they would show what the S tattoo looks like.
  18. Valasca

    Valasca Death, horror, torture Bold Member!

    Give me some time, maybe I can find out.
  19. Valasca

    Valasca Death, horror, torture Bold Member!

  20. Alf

    Alf Sometimes Cats Know Bold Member!

    Unfortunately, too many.

    If you read the cases at the "Identified" link at the Doe Network you will be surprised how many are noted as not having been reported missing.

  21. TheZeitgeist

    TheZeitgeist Member

    The 'Doe' network sounds like a useful place. Truly you can make a difference giving the nameless their history back, crimes unsolved or not, letting the Lost back in our collective memory...of which all these people have a right, is a beautiful concept alone in an ugly subject. Rare for the context, and color me impressed.

    Oh, [MENTION=1903]Insomniac[/MENTION]...that is a hella avatar!
  22. LeaveMeBe

    LeaveMeBe Zombie Hunter

    The Doe network just breaks my heart. It's unimaginable to me that so many can be so lost without someone looking for them. :(