An Emotional Support Dog Bit Brittany Langlois Was Standing In The Check In Line For Jetblue

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Jun 23, 2014
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Brittany Langlois was standing in the check in line for JetBlue at the Orlando Airport before her flight back home when a pit bull tore at her leg.
The line kept moving and the next thing I know I am bit,” Langlois said. “I turn around and the owner is reeling the dog back in.

Langlois was with her girlfriend Heather Cox and the couple immediately tried to find out if the pit bull was up to date on its shots. The JetBlue representative told them the dog was an emotional support dog.

“Pedro said, “I have both your reservations, yours and the other passenger, but I cannot legally give you that information,’” Langlois said.

Back in Southbridge, Langlois took pain medication and antibiotics. She had a 10-day window to start a series of painful rabies shots, but after Newscenter 5 inquired, JetBlue released a statement saying the pit bull’s owner was not a JetBlue passenger.

“The unknown individual refused to cooperate and immediately exited the terminal with the dog,” the statement said.

“We called police and we were told it wasn’t a police matter,” Cox said. “It was a JetBlue matter.”
“We called police and we were told it wasn’t a police matter,” Cox said. “It was a JetBlue matter.”

In her last conversation with a JetBlue representative, Langlois said she was told it wasn’t JetBlue’s dog that bit her so it isn’t the airline’s problem.

Even though passengers traveling with emotional support dogs have to check them in, no proof of vaccinations is needed for domestic flights. Langlois said she starts her rabies shots Tuesday.


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Aug 29, 2008
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This crap has got to stop, if it's truly an 'emotional support" animal, it needs to be licensed, if for no other reason to make it possible to find out whether it's had it's shots or not.

But until they make you show some kind of documentation, it'snot ever gonna happen. Just something that vets the animal, so that random people don't feel like they're in danger from a pit bull emotional support animal.


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Mar 9, 2014
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further more muzzled in a crowded area around people it doesn't know. Had a store with se well known store cats [they would go after dogs on their turf] had a woman come in with a dog with a vest on and what I thought was a support animal one was wiggling at and put him in the bathroom, something was off with the bitch and when i went up to her realized the vst said stay away was some kind of exotic pred type and told her to get the hell out of the store as she was trying to bait the cats to get them ripped to shreds if they had gotten near it some would have happened with a small child or anyone that didn't read it's vest


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Aug 23, 2013
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further more muzzled
We tried to muzzle our dog when he was not a puppy but not an adult either, one day when he needed it ... its lasted like four minutes ... He said something like ... What ... fuck off ... okay fine ... I'll do what ever you want ... please, stop this ... you're messing up my hair. With his whole body. We stopped ... he does what we want.

I would never take my dog to the air port ... he would hate it. Its not a like a car ... you can't open the window.
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Apr 26, 2016
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So take off your shoes at the airport.
But do feel free to wander around with an unmuzzled pitbull.

Great security!
A lawyer would make short work of this and Jetblue would be on the hook due to the employees statement.


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Feb 7, 2014
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This is so abused now it's ridiculous. There are so many people who just go online and buy a red vest for their animals and then claim whatever the hell they want when they walk around with the dog in public places.
Jul 6, 2015
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My husband's service dog has a vest with a spot for his credentials, my husbands emergency meds, and instructions in it. I think all service dogs should be required to have at least the credentials to be anywhere. My husband's service dog is a pitbull mix of some sort. We went threw an organization that rescues dogs and trains them. He's a great dog. I trust him with my husbands life. And he's great around our son. But he's also never left alone with my son. Neither is my Doberman.


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Aug 11, 2016
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I would never even suggest to my dog that he be a service dog ... like he could do it ... easily,

but he'd probably give me lip about getting paid. And I'd have to remind him that every ball in

the house is actually mine because dogs don't have money.
My wife and I tell our sons often that they don't own anything that they think they do. Minors have no property rights. If I say give it up, they have to.