Alandis Patterson Pimped 18 Year Old After Getting Her Hooked On Coke & Heroin

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Apr 21, 2017
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A South Carolina man was sentenced to a long time in prison after he was found guilty of sex trafficking.

Alandis Devince Patterson, aka Vino, was sentenced in federal court to 20 years in prison, according to U.S. Attorney Beth Drake. The sentence includes a life term of supervised release, and $50,000 in restitution to the victim.

Patterson, of Simpsonville, is guilty of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking by means of force and threats of force.

Patterson, 33, exploited an 18-year-old girl, according to Drake. That included getting her hooked on cocaine and heroin, and beating her on an almost a daily basis to force her to have sex with numerous “Johns” a night, from 2013-15.

Patterson would beat the victim when he believed she wanted to leave, when she did not make enough money, or if he believed she was taking any of the money because 100 percent of the prostitution proceeds went to him, according to Drake.

While Patterson did not use heroin himself, he used the drug to control the victim, making her “into a slave” for him, Drake said. Patterson discussed the tactic with another pimp, explaining that girls were easier to control when they were addicted to drugs.

The victim was finally able to break free from the defendant when he went to jail for a short time on unrelated charges, and she was able to withdraw from heroin, according to Drake.

When Patterson got out of jail, he beat and choked the victim so severely she had to be treated in the hospital for bruises and swelling to her head and body and a possible concussion, Drake said.


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Apr 26, 2016
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I'm in favor of amputation of his arms and legs. He would have a hard time choking and beating anyone.
Plus, he would have to be nice to people if he wanted to eat and have his butt wiped.
You always leave em with one arm and hand so they can wipe their own ass.
Why make someone else suffer?

I would use a belt sander to shave his face and remove the misleading neck ink.
He clearly does not grasp respect and its meaning.

...and what kind of stupid ass name is Alandis?